What are Titles?

Titles are unique text that can be placed before or after your Felvargs name that often describe your Felvarg, their accomplishments or their personality. Titles can be obtained by completing achievements, locating randomly within our game, or by participating in various events. Most titles are pre-determined however, some titles are unique to a single Felvarg in the form of a custom title in which the player is able to create their own title for their Felvarg. There are many to choose from and each one will help give you a custom unique flare to your Felvarg. Titles are displayed on the Felvarg's official import and there is no limit to how many your Felvarg may obtain.

Custom Titles

Custom titles are an extremely rare feat of strength, most commonly being earned by a Felvarg as a reward for achieving Level 6 or otherwise obtaining and applying an elusive Elixir of Titans.

  • Custom titles are unique, we advise users see if a custom title is already in use before applying for one.
  • Custom titles must remain PG and respectful. Each custom title is judged by our team to ensure it is player friendly, stray away from any inappropriate or otherwise offensive words. We have the right to refuse any title we feel is not appropriate for our game or otherwise is already in use.

  • Titles once obtained are not hereditary, they are earned by completing various tasks within the group. Equally they be located while participating in activities. There is no limit to how many titles a Felvarg may earn.
  • Users may optionally choose which title to display on their official import, next to their name.
  • Once applied titles are bound to your Felvarg and can no longer be traded or reapplied.
  • When choosing a custom title users should avoid common behaviors, such as but not limited to, 'Doctor, Alchemist, Chemist, King, Queen, Sir, Mr., Captain, Assassin, General'. While these words can be used, they should be used uniquely. (i.e. Queen of the Nightfall)
  • Each Felvarg may only publicly display next to their name, a single title, unless a Tether of Titles is applied.
  • Felvargs that apply a custom title cannot use any of the common titles such as 'Doctor, Alchemist, Chemist, King, Queen, Sir, Mr, Captain, Assasin, General', custom titles should be unique to your Felvarg.