Who are we?

Welcome to Felvargs, a complex world where the direwolf reigns supreme and mankind is nothing more than a line in an old pup’s tale. Felvargs is a closed-species ARPG (Art Roleplaying Game) inspired by norse mythology, with our very own spin. Our group focuses on nurturing an environment that inspires character development, interaction, collaboration, and roleplay. Our species has four unique builds, dozens of coat types, a multitude of markings, and an extremely impressive cosmetic item selection. Our world has hundreds of locations, and our group strives for character development and community.

Learn More About Us
  • Species Information - Learn more about our species, builds, languages, terminology, dialect, laws, culture, skills and more!
  • Official Locations - Explore and discover our main island, Ulfrheim and its many core and sub locations! Read up on our lore.
  • Group Rulebook - Our game like any game has rules that must be followed while participating. Be mindful by being on our website for any reason you agree to abide by the rules we have laid out and accept any punishment the group deems fit should you break one. We advise catching up by reading the Group Pawbook.

Support | Help

Are you confused about the account creation process? Or are you struggling with how to obtain a Felvarg or play our game?

  • Submit a ticket using our ticket support system and someone from Team Felvargs will send you an email responding to your request.
  • Join our Discord server and lean on our welcoming community. We have a General Questions channel which is manned by our playerbase! Equally you can send a message to absolutely any staff in the server with a ‘Guardian’ role. They will be more than happy to assist you.

Activity Requirement

Felvargs does NOT have an activity requirement. That means you can play the game as frequently as you’d like without repercussions or risk. Need a hiatus? Hey things get busy for us all at the best of times, take all the time you need and feel free to return whenever it suits you. Your Felvargs, items and everything you earned will be safely waiting for you when you do. Stay safe, Friend!


Frequently we are asked if our game closes at the end of each month to prepare for the next month. Felvargs does not close and our game remains playable 100% of the time for you. This means it does not matter if you’re playing our game during the day, or even in the middle of the night! While it is a common ARPG behavior our group does not close.

Response Times

While our group is made up of various logged rollers, which aid in our swift and accurate response times and ensure fairness in all returns within our game, please understand these requests are still manually processed by Team Felvargs. While the average response time from our administration team is less than 5 hours, please allow up to 24 hours for a response. Times may vary during busier seasons and this estimated turnaround time is exactly that. Progressing your actions in our game is our top priority and it is why we have some of the fastest turn around times in the industry! Be mindful the more intricate aspects of our group may delay this average turn around slightly based on the actions involved.

Welcome to the World of Ulfrheim

Building a Tracker

Now What?

Getting Started

Obtaining Your First Felvarg

The easiest way to obtain your very first Felvarg is to claim one in the group's Adoption Center. The purpose of our Adoption Center is to give each of our new players a single Felvarg absolutely free so they may begin their journey in our world. There are two methods involving the Adoption Center each player may choose from, be mindful you may only choose one.

  • Adopt a pre-designed uploaded Felvarg. We advise users unfamiliar with ARPGS (Art Roleplay Groups) to choose this option. These Felvargs are already uploaded and have designs pre-approved by our design team.
  • Adopt a undesigned genotype from our Adoption Center. Be mindful this genotype is a more intricate way to obtain a Felvarg, given it will need to be designed and approved by someone from our design team.
Click Here to Visit the Adoption Center

Create Your Account With Us

Ready to create an account with us? Having an account on our website is extremely useful. It will allow you to perform actions you would traditionally need to use the Post Directory for. Be mindful each user may only have a single account registered in our game at any given time. What are some things you can do on your Felvargs account?

  • Customize Your Profile
  • Feature Your Favorite Felvargs
  • Transfer Items & Currency to Other Users
  • Buy and Sell Items
  • Host Your Trackers
  • Log Genotypes
  • Place Items/Felvargs UFT (Up for Trade)
  • Personalize Your Felvargs
  • Personalize Pack Pages
Click Here to Create an Account

We Recommend...

Obtaining Your First Felvarg & Taking your First Pawsteps Into Ulfrheim

The easiest way to obtain your very first Felvarg is to claim one in the group's Adoption Center. The purpose of our Adoption Center is to give each of our new players a single Felvarg absolutely free so they may begin their journey in our world. There are two methods involving the Adoption Center each player may choose from, be mindful you may only choose one.

  • Adopt a pre-designed free uploaded Felvarg. We advise first time users choose this option. These Felvargs are already uploaded and have designs pre-approved by our design team.
Click Here to Visit the Adoption Center
Ulfrheim Waits...
  • Create a tracker so a Team Felvargs admin can distribute your rewards! Submit a journal, or submission on deviantART so Team Felvargs knows where to give your rewards!
  • Write a story or draw an image of your Felvarg going on an adventure in one of our many locations.
  • Submit your completed entry to your Deviantart account, and then submit your entry to the correct gallery folder.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your completed entry now all you need to do is wait!
  • Join our Discord Server! It’s time to make friends. Join our server and say hello.

Common Terminology

Understanding Common Terminology

Below is a compiled list of common terminology. These terms include an array of commonly used behaviors both in our game and in the ARPG community. Learning terminology in a new game can feel intimidating. Be sure to CTRL-F if you are searching for something specific.

Time to Track!

Having a tracker is vital, it will allow us to have a safe space to distribute rewards you obtain while playing our game. You will need a tracker and a Felvarg to play our game, everything else is entirely optional.

What does a tracker track?

Your tracker can track anything you’d like it to track. From breeding slots promised, to used. Unique information about your Felvarg, and even rewards your Felvarg has found while exploring our world. The only true reason we ask you to create one is so we have a safe space, you have control over, where we place rewards.

What can effectively be a tracker?
  • A deviantART Journal
  • An Image or Literature Submission to deviantART



We strongly suggest you avoid using Sta.sh to make your tracker. Commenting on Sta.sh and Sta.sh files in general are very unreliable at this time unfortunately. You run a great risk of losing unclaimed rewards or your tracker as a whole should you choose to use this method.

What does the Website track?

We nearly track it all! Our website will allow you to keep hold of a lot of sensitive information about your Felvarg and even the rewards you locate while playing our game. Leave the heavy lifting to us!

  • Your Redeemed Items
  • Information Unique to your Felvarg
  • Completed Literature - Example
  • Completed Artwork - Example
  • Your Felvargs History
  • Your Felvargs Interactions
  • Promised Breeding Slots
  • Used Breeding Slots
  • Offspring
  • And more…..

What Is There To Do?

Lets Explore Your Options..

There are a great many things players can do in our game and each and every one of them are entirely optional. This means you can participate in as little or much of the following activities as you choose to. We will never demand you partake in our side objectives and should you choose to save your Felvargs for your own storyline and purely cosmetic reasons, that is entirely your right.

Curious what activities return what? Or what an item does? Wikivargs


Often referred to in our group as Hierarchy Updates, Felvargs can level by collecting artwork and literature that involve their Felvarg in some way. When a Felvarg is drawn or included in literature and/or roleplay they are awarded experience aka. exp, each level has an expectation of exp to reach to unlock it. Not only does leveling come with its own rewards, it also unlocks end game activities which yield items of greater rewards.


Our game is filled with activities, each one yielding rewards relevant to the task being completed. Depending which activity you do will be what determines the rewards you have a chance to return. Remember our game is RNG (Random Number Generator) based and so your fate is determined based purely on luck and luck alone.

  • Adventure

    • Explore one of our many locations in Ulfrheim to return various sporadically placed items.

  • Fishing

    • Fish in any of the copious bodies of water within Ulfrheim to return sunken treasures, and fish!

  • Tracking

    • Prowl, track and hunt down one of the many beast species in Ulfrheim to return various rare pelts and hides.

  • Mountaineering

    • Scale the mountain sides of Ulfrheim in search of items long lost and forgotten.

  • Excavating (Level Locked - 3)

    • Dig deep and traverse through the many twisting corridors inside Ulfrheim’s many caving systems in search of shiny valuable gems and crystals.

Each of the activities outlined above are what the group classifies as ‘Simple Activities’. When we reference simple activities we ask the entry if literature has a word count greater than 1,000+ words, OR if artwork be lined, colored, and have a relatively simple background or greater complexity to qualify for rewards.

  • Diving (Level Locked - 4)

    • Take a risk and dive into the depths of Hongerige in search of extremely rare loot that has been consumed by the hungry wolf.

  • Jormungandr (Level Locked - 4)

    • Fetch a boat to Jormungandr from the docks of hearth to explore its vast locations in search of rewards local to their island.

  • Helvalla (Level Locked - 3)

    • Explore Helheim’s Gate in search of the void and leap within to explore Helvalla and its many extremely valuable treasures.

Each of the activities outlined above are what the group classifies as 'Complex Activities’.When we reference complex activities we ask the entry if literature has a word count greater than 1,200+ words, OR if artwork be lined, colored, shaded and have a relatively complex background to qualify for rewards.

What Else?

Much like normal activities the group has monthly activities. There is also tasks players can complete monthly that do not require literature or art but instead other means to enter.

  • Monthly Activities

    • Each month the group offers three activities that each yield their own purpose. Storybook, Quest and Beast Hunting. These three activities often challenge the players with unique scenarios and are optional to participate in, but often reward far greater static rewards. Players can complete each of the three tasks separately to claim their unique rewards.

  • Competitions

    • Divided into four seasons spread throughout the year the group offers competitions. Competitions are for Felvargs who have a taste for player vs. player. Depending on the season the group will randomly pair two players together and offer them a challenge, and the winner takes all. Capture the Flag, Tournament, Seal Hunting, and Marathon.

  • Seasonal Events

    • Much like any world our world too experiences seasons. The group hosts multiple events annually that tie into the season present. For example during the month of December the group hosts an event called Feltide, and when winter releases the Island from its hold and spring arrives, Springtide. There are various seasonal events and should one be like players will be able to locate it using the groups front page map navigation.

  • Group Games

    • While participating in our group players can try their paw at one of our group games. There are three. Potluck, this particular game involves the player buying a ticket into a raffle for a chance at the end of the month to score an extremely rare disclosed item. Varglotto, as the name implies, is the group's lottery system. Players may purchase varglotto tickets in hopes to be drawn to win the grand Felcredit prize. Last but not least Sacred Offerings. Players may offer an item of their choosing from their cache to the monthly selected Alpha. Should the player choose an item the alpha likes, the alpha will return the favor by rewarding the user generously with an even greater reward. Each of these aspects of our game are based purely on RNG and luck, bar sacred offering, which the group advises players to visit the Alpha guide prior to participating for hints on what that alpha might like as a gift.

  • Roleplay

    • Roleplay is a great aspect of our game and as a group we encourage our players to reach out and make friends who share a passion for story building, character development and lore. There are a great many reasons players would seek out roleplay including finding a Soulmate, joining a Pack, and even just interactions with fellow players in our world.

  • Breeding

    • While it is necessary for a Felvarg to obtain its Passage of Courtship prior to breeding, once obtained Felvargs may breed to other Felvargs. Offspring returned work as a gateway for more people to join our game, and equally to create more Felvargs for yourself or your friends. Pair two Felvargs together with markings you like in an attempt to breed your own desirable aesthetics into Felvarg offspring. Breeding is often done in packs and even soulmate related environments for story reasons.

  • Collect! Collect! Collect!

    • Our group has a great many ways to collect various items with various uses. There are items such as tack, which increases the worth of items returned in our game. Achievements which are displayed on your Felvargs import sheet as a badge of honor for completing certain tasks. Titles which are a showcase of unique honors that are bestowed upon your Felvarg for unique reasons. Backgrounds, which is a large collection of 100+ Locations that can be freely interchanged by each user provided the Background has been applied or learned by that specific Felvarg, and even cosmetic items that can be applied both before and after upload.