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Note: PG-13 names only. Restricted Alpha Names: Fenrir, Freyja, Ylva, Bjorn, Ulfr, Uhma, Hel, Loki, Odin, Hakon, Titus. Names cannot be titles unless officially applied.
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Species: @Felvargs


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Height: cm

(130cm - 160cm > Standard | 180cm - 230cm > Titan | 165cm - 205cm > Brute | 80cm - 115cm > Dwarf)

Weight: lbs

(700lbs - 800lbs > Standard | 900lbs - 1200lbs > Titan | 850lbs - 1000lbs > Brute | 650lbs - 800 lbs > Dwarf)

Build: Select if Hellhound:

Standard -or- Titan (100%/High/Medium/Low Content) -or- Brute -or- Dwarf

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As depicted on your genotype - Example: ss/cr/br/bk/Ol/Sp


As depicted on your phenotype - Example: Silver with Overlay and Splash


Albinism -or- Melanism -or- Chimera -or- Cross -or- Leucistic -or- Pearlescent -or- Fissure
If Riptide is present with Cross Threading, please follow the form of Cross (Ash/Mol/MBk)

Physical Mutations:

CTRL + Click all applicable physical mutations. Add in (Carried) manually after the physical mutations you wish not to display on the import.

While Unihorn and Luscious Locks can be passed down from Uni-Varg Alphas and Deities hereditarily, they cannot be bred further down.

Hierarchy Level: 0/6

All Felvargs start at level 0.

Passage of Courtship: 0/2

All Felvargs complete their PoCs after upload.

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You may join a pack after upload.


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