Who are they?

Within the many lands the Group has to offer are Alphas. Alphas are Felvargs belonging to the group with varying levels of tiered status within the world of Ulfrheim, Jormungandr, and Helvalla. These Alphas all have a vast assortment of personalities that are used to drive core stories and events within our Group. Players are free to generate their own Lore using the many Alphas the Group has to offer. Alphas feature very rare and sought after modifiers, markings, mutations, coats and lineages and therefore are very desirable. There are many ways a player can interact with the Group's Alphas such as Sacred Offering, Storybook, and Quest.

What are Alphas?
  • Alphas are the groups many mascots, they are often sought out for various reasons both storyline and lineage driven.
  • Alphas are used to introduce exclusive hereditary colors, modifiers, markings, mutations, and coats distributing them into the gene pool.
What makes Alpha's any different than any other Felvarg?
  • Alphas are lineage starters, they introduce various unique aspects to lineages and genetically visual base coat colors, coats, modifiers, mutations an similar. All things genetic originate from them.
  • Alphas cannot be claimed or captured. They are the property of the group. Alphas cannot be player owned.
  • Alphas lock lore names from being used by player owner Felvargs due to the nature of how impactful these names are to our storyline. Unusable names are all names one might find within the 'Lore' tab of our alpha guide.
  • Alphas when bred do not count towards the monthly breeding allowance each player has.
How do we know what's an Alpha and what's not an Alpha?
  • Alphas will have a banner displayed on their official import image and/or have the official Felvarg Alpha badge or comment on thier dA import.
Can I include an Alpha Felvarg in my drawing or activity?
  • Alpha Felvargs can be drawn by any member of the group, without permission. Please do not claim to own the Alpha.
  • Alphas cannot receive in game rewards/loot. We will allow Alphas to be used for special events when noted!
  • Players may use alphas freely to breadcrumb their own Felvargs storyline and lore, provided it is done respectfully.
How do I obtain a slot to one of the Alphas below?

There are multiple ways to obtain a slot from the following Alphas. The group may occasionally offer slot sales in the Emporium, however they are not always available. Alpha slots can also be given away as prizes in raffles/events and can be redeemed in exchange for Bits of Raw Meat/Chunks of Raw Meat, through locating a Mysterious Den or even obtaining an extremely exclusive Alpha Ticket. Please note that some Alpha slots may be extremely difficult or even impossible to obtain. Be mindful that players who boost our discord server will be included in a monthly raffle for a randomly rolled alpha slot.

The Lore Tier

Ulfrheim is filled with many wondrous Felvargs but few are as iconic as those Alphas who make up it’s Lore: The Beginning. From the deceitful Loki and the fierce Fenrir to the beloved Freyja, these Alphas are the heart and soul of the Felvargs world. These also include the Alphas that act as non-player characters for the groups clans and other features or host special events throughout the year.

Alpha slots from the “Lore” tier are incredibly rare and have only been offered by the group a handful of times in the past. Many of the Lore Tier Alphas feature very rare and sought after modifiers, markings, mutations, coats and lineages and therefore are very desirable. It may be incredibly difficult or impossible to gain a slot to these Alphas, if you are lucky enough to obtain one be sure to use it wisely.