Below we have listed questions that are asked most frequently by players, we decided to create a journal for other members who are curious about the very same things. Feel free to ask us any questions you have, even if the answer is below.

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If you're having any issues in-game/in general please send us a note directly to the group.

Q: How do I get my Felvarg designed?

A: If you're designing a Felvarg that should mean you have a Genotype, this Genotype tells a story, we will link some resources below to walk you through creating your very own Felvarg.
Design Nook > Guide: What is a Genotype/Lineage?
Q: How many Felvargs can I include in a single activity image?

A: You may include up to 3 Felvargs in the same activity image to receive rewards and EXP.
Q: Can I upload my Felvarg on (other websites) as a character?

A: Yes, provided the image you use as a reference sheet is not the official import image.
Q: Where do I buy items for my Felvargs?

A: Items can be purchased from the Village Market. Members can do so by commenting in the groups monthly Cache journal.
Q: Is there a place where I can ask for help with my design/approval progress?

A: Yes, there is a comment thread in the monthly design approvals journal that allows members to ask questions directly to design nook admins.
Q: Where can I check the possible offspring of two Felvargs?

A: The lineage checker is the perfect place to check for possible offspring of two Felvargs. After checking for offspring, you can proceed to the breeding roller.
Q: How do I use reputation scrolls?

A: Choose a prompt from your chosen scrolls clan and complete its task. Once completed submit your proof and scroll to the correct thread in the updates post.
What is the difference between Activities, Seasonal Activities, and Reoccurring Activities?

A: Activities are daily activities the group can always participate in, seasonal activities are only live during the months that season is live, and reoccurring activities are activities that happen consistently through the year but have unique requirements such as beast hunting and storybook.
Q: When does X event conclude?

A: The group runs on an EST (Eastern Standard Timezone) and so our times reflect that. All deadlines shown will give the player until 11:59pm EST.
Q: What does X item to?

A: Use the groups official item database, Wikivargs, to search for exactly what each item does.
Q: Can I trade a Scrap Yard/Outcast Felvarg?

A: While retired Felvargs obtained in the Scrap Yard still hold true to their core rule, which allows users to trade or even gift the Felvarg. Felvargs obtained in the Scrap Yard can not be sold for monetary gain given they were a 'free' resouce while the monthly shop was displayed for any user to claim.
Q: What tack applies to what?

A: Use the groups official item database, Wikivargs, to search for exactly what each item does.
Q: I found an error on my request, what do I do?

A: Note the group directly or post in our Technically Difficulty Channel on Discord and we will happily help!
Q: How do I buy things from the Village Market?

A: Each month Felvargs will create a fresh journal for certain areas of the group, to purchase items for example, you would redirect to the group's Cache journal (the bank). You can locate these monthly journals by heading over to the front page and using the buttons located on the left side of the page.
Q: Can I redesign my Felvarg if the design is old or I don't like it anymore?

A: Yes, in order to redesign a Felvarg, you must first purchase a Makeover Kit from the Village Market. That allows you to redesign a Felvarg entirely from scratch. This action cannot be undone and so members should be 100% positive they want to wipe the Felvargs slate clean. (Everything on the Felvarg will be reset EXCEPT breeding slots used, these bind to an import number and cannot be reset.)
Q: Are we allowed to draw AU's(Alternate Universe) of our Felvargs and can we submit them to the group?

A: You’re more than welcome to draw AU’s of your Felvargs and they can be submitted to the miscellaneous folder in the Felvargs gallery.
Q: How do I get my own Felvarg?

A: New to the group? Welcome! We suggest taking a peek at the group's welcome guide. Guide: Getting Started
Q: Will I lose my Felvarg if I'm not active?

A: Imagine how sad that would be? Felvargs has no activity restrictions and unless you directly sell or trade away your furry friend, it will remain in your ownership always. Take a two year vacation, your Felvarg might eat you when you return but hey at least it'll be here?
Q: How do I open a bank account and view my items?

A: The Cache link is always located in the monthly Cache journals, but if you want to save the link to the bank directly here it is. Felvargs Official Cache To create a bank make your way to the monthly 'Cache' journal and the journal will walk you through creating your very own Cache.
Q: Do Felvargs age and die?

A: Felvargs are born from the great god Fenrir himself, forged by his power they do not age and die. However they can indeed die by the hand of something else, this just means they do not die of old age.
Q: I want to create my own pack, but how?

A: Guide: Creating a Pack
Q: Can Felvargs be co-owned?

A: While it is not against the rules to co-own a Felvarg with another member, we want to urge you to be certain you have things under control. Felvargs will consider both accounts as the 'main' owner and will not second guess any decisions made by either player. With this being said we will not reverse any transactions or relieve any issues from a co-own gone wrong, it is your choice entirely if you want to take the risk.
Q: What are the submission limits for activities?

A: You can submit up to 2 different activities for each main activity there is, in any 24 hour period.(2 Fishing/2 Tracking/2 Adventure/etc.) Don't worry about going over the limit, the group will tell you if you need to wait to submit more. Using side accounts to abuse the above limit, or having your friends submit them for you is not permitted.
Q: How many times can I cycle advertisements?

A: We ask you only bump your thread once every 24 hour period, if its slightly before this time we will allow it. Abusing the grace period to submit hours and hours early will get you suspended from the folder for a few days, it's meant to be a courtesy to players who may need to bump 30 minutes early because they have things to tend to elsewhere.
Q: What are reference sheets and what are their regulations?

A: Reference sheets are entirely optional, their purpose is to act as a reference sheet for both sides of your Felvarg, primarily the side that the official import image shields.
Q: What is a bank account (village cache) and what is it used for? And why?

A: A village cache is the Felvarg’s version of a bank account. Each member gets one to keep track of their items. Village caches are per member, not per Felvarg and anything in a member’s village cache can be applied to any of their Felvargs.
Q: When I leave Felvargs can I make my Felvarg into a normal wolf OC?

A: You can indeed make your Felvarg a normal wolf character, however in doing so you cannot call it a Felvarg or use the groups official import artwork.
Q: Is NSFW artwork allowed in the group?

A: Yes, the group allows NSFW creations in the group but the creations must abide Deviantart's mature filter rules as well as have a mature filter warning applied.
Q: Can my Felvarg be any sexuality? What is the lore's standpoint on this?

A: Yes, you are free to make your Felvarg be any sexuality you’d like. The lore does not have a standpoint on different sexualities.
Q: Can a Felvarg get sick? What are common health problems?

A: Yes, like any other type of animal, Felvargs can get sick or injured. While there aren’t any established common health problems, they can have issues such as obesity, blindness, lost limbs, etc.
Q: Can I sell my Felvarg for more than I got it for?

A: Yes. While we recommend members do not purchase things from sales simply to profit from them, this is something we cannot police. Selling a genotype from a sale would need to be sold for the original price purchased. Adoption center genotypes cannot be sold at any point, they can however be traded or gifted away but only after they have been designed and uploaded.
Q: Can someone else design my geno?

A: Absolutely, you can find someone offering their design services in the Design Commissions gallery folder as well as comment in the adoption center comment thread where any member or admin can choose to design your geno for you.
Q: Is there a limit to breeding?

A: Yes, there is a monthly breeding limit of 3 breedings per member. Each Felvarg does not have a monthly breeding limit though and can breed as many times per month as you’d like, so long as they have breeding slots available.
Q: Is there a certain time I have to wait to breed?

A: No, as long as your Felvarg has passed their Passage of Courtship then they may be bred whenever you’d like.
Q: What are the age milestones for Felvargs?

A: The first year of a Felvarg’s life is considered to be an infant and are entirely dependent on their mother. From a year to five years of age, they are considered juveniles and will learn valuable skills that will help them survive in the wild. From the ages of five to ten years of age, they are considered adolescence. It is during this time that they will reach sexual maturity. You can learn more about the age milestones of Felvargs in the Species Information guide.
Q: Can I sell in game items?

A: Yes, you are free to sell and purchase in game items from other members at your own risk. Felvargs will not be responsible for any sales that may not go through correctly or if any issues arise during such sales.
Q: Can I collaborate on activities, Passage of Courtships, etc.?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to collaborate on any group activities unless otherwise stated.
Q: How do I get rid of an unwanted Felvarg?

A: You can gift/sell or even trade away unwanted Felvargs, members can also drop unwanted pups off in the adoption center in exchange for Felcredits.
Q: What benefits do packs have?

A: There are a number of benefits a pack can have depending on how many pack points (pp) the pack has earned. These benefits include a +2 EXP bonus for images that include two or more pack members in them, increased odds in activities and breedings, as well as the chance to claim a territory in Ulfrheim where your pack will reign supreme.
Q: How do I earn Felcredits?

A: Felcredits are earned mainly by participating in activities such as adventuring, fishing, tracking, mountaineering, and other group activities. After completing an activity image, your image will receive an activity roll based on the specific activity you completed. While some items may result in a reward, most can be redeemed for Felcredits.
Q: Can we lease other peoples' Felvargs?

A: No, Felvargs does not allow characters to be leased. Members can make private deals with other members in return for rewards located but official admins of the group will only post rewards to the official owner of the Felvarg in question.
Q: Can I commission group activities, Passage of Courtship entries or otherwise other group images from other people/other players?

A: Yes. There is no rule against paying other artists to draw your Felvargs in any setting.
Q: How do you get the best results in Passage of Courtship (PoC's)?

A: In order to get the best results in the Passage of Courtship trials, there are two bonuses you can apply to your entries that will up the chances of you getting a higher medal. There is the stand alone bonus which is when only one Felvarg is depicted in the Passage of Courtship entries rather than two. There can also be a bonus image/literature (colored sketch at minimum or 500+ word story) added to each Passage of Courtship entry for a total of two bonus images. These bonuses give you the best chance at getting a gold medal in your PoC’s.
Q: Can I include other ARPG species in my pictures?

A: Yes. This is something the group allows for activities only. Any other images (Quests, Events, Passage of Courtship/Hieriarchy Update images, etc) should only include Felvargs.
Q: Can I do simplified/pixel/palette pictures as activities or PoC's?

A: Yes, so long as the image meets the requirements of the activity or Passage of Courtship.
Q: What animals are available as prey in tracking?

A: The list of prey animals that are available as prey in tracking can be found in the Bartering Post Master List. There you can find both large and small prey animals that are commonly found during tracking.
Q: Can I get an empty litter in breeding?

A: No, each litter bred will include 1-4 offspring. Applying a stone of unakite will increase the offspring odds to 2-5.
Q: Do some genes give penalties if I breed them? Ex. Merle x Merle

A: No, there currently are no breeding penalties other than inbreeding.
Q: Are there livestock type animals living in Ulfrheim? If so, do the Felvargs know how to domesticate them from their time with the humans?

A: The great sickness did not affect livestock and so to date they still live happily on the island. Felvargs are very capable of understanding livestock needs and can easily raise or otherwise care for them with ease.