Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

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The earth cannot keep up with the amount of rain falling, turning all of Helvalla into a muddy swamp. Cries of war ring out, the battle waits no longer. The stench of blood is strong enough to be tasted over the dampness of the lands, tainting every breath you draw with its coppery scent. Loki's army collides with the rebellion, the Felvarg's around you turning into a blur as you try your best to focus on your own opponent. But in the mere blink of an eye, they are gone, and you stand alone in the very center of the once strong hold, watching it tumble down in ruins around you. Just off to your left, you see a flash of grey, and turn to see that Hakon is standing on the rise of the hill just beyond you. You try to focus on him, but the strength of the rain makes it impossible. However, the more you focus on him, the more you feel your mind tuning with his own. Suddenly, the battle fades away, and you find yourself standing beside him on the hill. The rain as stopped, and all is calm. You turn to look at Hakon in shock, only to see that he is facing you with an all-knowing smile. "Fear not, this will only take a moment of your time," he said, his voice sounding within your head instead of through your ears. "I am Vali," he said, though you knew that had to be a lie. You knew that this was Hakon, as he had introduced himself in the forest before the war broke out. You shake your head in denial, but he only nods in return. "Loki has trapped Hakon within me. Our two souls share this body. We are Hakon, and we are Vali. Listen closely, I don't have much time," You don't want to believe him, but you find yourself leaning closer. "Hakon is confused, and in that moment of weakness, Loki has brainwashed him and tricked him into being on his side. However, I want peace, and nothing of this war. Now quickly, tell Fenrir of my news!" Just as quickly as it had appeared, the dream melted away. You were once again being pelted by rain, your next opponent rising to face you. Now in the haze of your discovery, one last question remains. Will you side with Loki, warn him of Vali's betrayal and help him win the crescent throne? Or will you do as he heeds, and tell Fenrir of the news, and fight so that the rebellion may take it's place on the throne?

Depict your Felvarg making their choice and fighting for Loki, or Fenrir, amongst the raided camp.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Title: The Tenacious, 5x Felpoints, 5x Runecoins, 1x Eye Mutation Kit
If your Felvarg has completed every phase of this chapter, you will receive the following additional reward of:
2x Chest of War, 2x Chest of Power, 2x Chest of Knowledge, 2x Chest of Peace, 1x Rare Trait:  Venturesome, 1x Tiger's Eye
 Please view the current weather bonus in the Reoccuring Activity Post.

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As the Fall Festival nears, preparations start to roll out in full force. There is hardly any area on the island that is unaffected by this busy wind, a call for all Felvarg's near and far to assist with the feast. The alpha's, of course, are not immune to this, and each and every one of them can be seen rushing around villages to assist where they could. Kotok made his way towards the Grove, a beautiful clearing just North of the Shrine of Ragnarok. A nearly perfect circle of trees lines the outer ring of the clearing, many little huts set up for the Lost Pups that make this place their home. Many come here to look for a pup down on their luck, for a new family member to bring home. Lush green and yellow grasses make a soft, comfortable area for the pups to play in, under the ever watchful eye of Gerolamo. Which is why when Kotok entered the Grove and didn't see hide nor hair of the older gentleman, panic fluttered in his chest. The pups wandered about, seemingly blissfully unaware that their keeper was missing. Aghast at the unsupervised children, and worried about the whereabouts of the grandfather Felvarg, Kotok quickly summons help. As you enter the Grove, somehow warm despite the usual autumn chill elsewhere, you see him surrounded by puppies, crawling all over his frame. He waves you closer, sending the little ones on some small errand so that you can talk in piece. He fills you in on the fact that Gerolamo is missing, leaving you to blink in question. "I can't leave the children unattended, so please, can you go find him in my stead? I'm not sure where he is, and the pups will be expecting their turkey dinner soon. They would be heartbroken if their grandfather keeper was not there with them," he says softly, careful that no prying ears would hear him. He looks up at you with big puppy eyes, and you let out a sigh. It's hard to say no to a face like that!

Depict your Felvarg searching for Gerolamo. Keep in mind that you're rather close to Hearth... and he was said to be an avid fisher in his day. Or, does your Felvarg instead get roped into helping watch the pups while someone else looks for their keeper?

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1,000 FC, 1x Cosmetic based on choice, 75% chance to find 2x Cranberries


11-02-2021 - 12-01-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST


Hallow's Eve was not just for the Felvargs, but for the beasts of the land as well. Gullinbursti was among those beings, gorging himself on the candies and offerings that were left for him in the forest. After all, he needed to prepare for the frost that was on its way. So he roamed around, eating everything that he could. It would seem that someone had slipped a Strange Potion into one of these offering piles, and in his happy-to-eat-everything mood, he consumed the vial. The next thing the beast knew, he woke up within the depths of the Caves of Vaskar, not quite knowing how he had gotten there. Dazed and confused, he stumbled around in the dark, looking for any sign of light that would speak of some exit. His head was still foggy, so he saw hope in some glowing algae that clung to the cavern walls. He followed their trail, which lead him to Glóandiberg, a wondrous cluster of tunnels within the Caves of Vaskar. The whole area glowed with an enchanting gleam, coming from the luminous stones that dotted the rocky landscape. This only confuses the beast further, and he lets out a mighty bellow at his inability to find sunlight. His steps become erratic and unpredictable, and soon the quick critter is racing to and fro, crashing into the glowing stones in hopes that they themselves would become the sun. Some cave divers have called for backup, Gullinbursti's cries echoing across the maze of tunnels and making them feel uneasy. His sharp hooves cut across the slick surface with ease, slicing into the rocky path and creating jagged holes that any little paw could slip into. He needs a guide home, removing him from the caves and into natural sunlight will surely calm him down. That is... if you can get close enough to him to coax him towards the light.

Depict your Felvarg descending into the Caves of Vaskar, locating the mighty Gullinbursti, and putting a stop to his blind rampage.

1x BADGE, 1x Geode, 5x Glowtip Mustroom, 2x Runecoins
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