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Official Credits

Original Owner, Founder & High Queen
Kit Lynn Smith (Kit) - Core Coder, Original Creator, Designer, Founder & Stylist
Felvargs Founder and Owner. Kit created Felvargs in 2016. What was intended to be a small side project spiraled into what is has become today. As the original creator Kit has nurtured the group from the ground up and is the key foundation to every single aspect of the group. She is responsible for the structure of the project and she equally partakes in every aspect of the games creation. The many themes the website has explored to find it's core design were a result of her own creation and the website is a reflection of that. Kit is truly passionate about Felvargs and that passion is infectious, she can often be seen causing havoc within her community and is always striving to inspire and encourage artists and writers to grow.

Michael Phelps (Earl Grey) - Core Coder, Bacon Enthusiast
Ah yes, Earl-Grey. One of Felvargs core coders! Did you know Michael founded Felvargs alongside Kit over half a decade ago? He has been working closely alongside her and is a key component in regards to Felvargs functionality. He truly values the effectiveness, productiveness and efficiency of our admin panel, and spends most of his time in the basement, I mean, in the back end where the magic truly happens. Earl-Grey is simply put.. apart of the furniture and Felvargs would not be where it is today if it wasn't for him.

Julia Englund (Eerea) - Bugge Hunter, Core Coder
The lovely, Julia! Once stylist, twice core coder! She is Felvargs very own bugge hunter, and can often be seen on the website optimizing mobile styles and debugging styling issues. Kit likes to imagine Julia walking around the website with a tool belt and ladder. She is Kit's right hand bugge hunter! The pair of them can often be seen debugging the style on pages in various platforms and browsers. Hell hath no fury like our very own Julia fighting a defiant css code!

Nithya (Bickzel) - Core Coder, Core Optimizer
Well, well, well! Felvargs very own cookie monster. Nithya, otherwise known as Bickzel, has also been with Felvargs a great many moons. Bickzel is such an important cog in Felvargs wheel. Him and Kit are often swimming within the codes and files figuring out how to optimize and improve Felvargs as a whole. Bickzel is a key component to Felvargs security and optimization and is the reason we run more and more real time on our website every day. Felvargs would not be where it is today without it's very own cookie monster!