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Felvargs are incredibly large direwolves who are gifted with the capability to communicate what was once known as the human tongue, but has long since adapted into its own unique language widely used by all Felvarg who reside on Ulfrheim. Our intelligence and insight are capable of many feats; from noble rule to the engineering of great machines, from wizardry to the simplicity of farming, there is nothing a Felvarg cannot accomplish should we put our mind to it. We have had untold millennia to nourish our culture and sense of self. Over the thousands of Suns and Moons we’ve faced, our people have grown diverse and colorful in our tradition and ways. We share this with you, now, too, as you open your eyes and take your first steps into our home

Our world is vast — Ulfrheim is at our paw-tips, ready to be shaped and explored. Parts of our land are scarred from wars past, but many of our rolling hills are still in need of dedicated paws to explore them. Our farmers have gouged long lines of land for crops, and many villages big and small dot the landscape. Be careful, though, as magic crawls through every nook and cranny of the breathing earth beneath us. It seeps from the cracks and into the daily lives of those who can see it, meld it, wield it... For better, or for worse. Remember: magic itself is not evil, but those who choose to use it may be.

Felvargs come in many shapes and sizes, too, from the short-legged Dwarf to the towering Titans. We were all created uniquely by the great Fenrir himself. Some of us have the long, slender legs of a marathoner, while others are built with broad shoulders and large paws like weapons of war. There are those that adorn furs of beasts conquered, armor, or finely crafted jewelry, and there are those who prefer not to bother with such a frivolous thing as vanity. We will break down the vital aspects of our species and what it entails in the guide below.
What are they?
Build and coat effect the visual aspect of your Felvargs official import image.

Standard Build
Standard is the most common build there is to find throughout Ulfrheim. They stand sturdy and strong, bigger than any normal direwolf could even imagine to be. Their webbed paws are perfect for swimming, their deft and well toned legs can propel them quickly through even the thickest of brush. Their fur is thick and double layered, allowing most coats to be suited for any climate (excluding the shorter-furred coat typed). These traits are found throughout all other builds as well in varying degrees, but let it be known that the Standard is the “all terrain” build of the species!

  • The average height of a Standard build Felvarg is 130cm - 160cm.
  • The average weight of a Standard Felvarg is between 700 - 800 pounds.
Titan Build
The mighty Titan, the build of Fenrir himself, towers high over all others. Their massive paws carry the weight of their stature, and their shoulders lay broad and heavy. The strength of a Titan’s jaw has been known to snap metal clean in two. Their ear and tails are dwarfed by their overall bulk and, leaving them to appear smaller in size compared to other builds. A Titan’s size can mean nimble maneuvers are more difficult to execute, but with enough focus and dedication anything is possible!

  • The average height of a Titan build Felvarg is 180cm - 230cm.
  • The average weight of a Titan build Felvargs is 900 pounds - 1200 pounds.
Brute Build
Taller than Standards, yet not quite reaching the Titan's stature are Brutes. Brutes are best described as a “short-legged” Titan — they possess the thickness and muscle, but not quite the height of their fellow build. Their necks are long and thick, making them akin to bison in structure. The Brute’s snout is the broadest of all builds, with a wide brow to accompany it and a piercing gaze to top it off. Their large paws yet stocky legs make them especially sturdy on their feet!

  • The average height of a Brute build Felvarg is 165cm - 205cm.
  • The average weight of a Brute build Felvargs is 850 pounds - 1000 pounds.
Dwarf Build
As ittiest and bittiest of the species, the Dwarf is small but mighty! If the Brutes are “short-legged” Titans, then Dwarves are “short-legged” Standards. Their small size makes them perfect for more deft work, allowing them the benefit of enhanced maneuverability. In their face, they share similarities with Brutes: thicker snouts and broad foreheads are a common trait for them. Despite being considerably shorter than the other builds, they maintain a similar range of weight. There’s nothing wrong with being well rounded (literally)!

  • The average height of a Dwarf build Felvarg is between 80cm - 115cm.
  • The average weight of a Dwarf build Felvargs is 650 pounds - 800 pounds.

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Felvargs do not follow the traditional housing say, a wolf might have. While some Felvarg may choose to live it rough and find outdoors the way to go, other Felvargs choose to have the more finer things in life. When humans were erased from our islands their housing remained, and as one might expect Felvargs collectively took over each and every village. Felvarg housing can vary from huts, to caves, the forest, dens, even beneath waterfalls where hidden cove’s lay in secret. Every Felvarg has its own unique personality and thought process and so while some may prefer the social aspect of having a hut in the square of Hearth, others prefer isolation within the winding caves. Our Islands have hundreds of detailed locations and each location has its own purpose and landmark.

For example, the Village of Hearth. The Village of Hearth has a great many paths, and those paths each have their own name. Where a Felvarg chooses to live is determined by that Felvarg and that Felvarg alone. Should your Felvarg choose to live in a hut, like the huts displayed in this very guide, these huts can reside either inside a village or even just scattered around the various locations within our world. These huts are personalised by each Felvarg that takes residence in it and officially accepted by the group as a rooted lore location.

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Mating & Courtships
Finding a mate or soulmate is an extremely impactful decision for most Felvargs. Our species experiences an extreme sensitivity to all emotions, including the less desirable emotions. While some Felvargs finding a soulmate is purely to build their pack's roots, other Felvargs may very well be seeking their lifetime companion. Felvargs do not seek a mate or soulmate purely and solely for romantic reasons, it is possible for a Felvarg to platonically find their soulmate in a good friend or even someone they were not expecting. Each Felvarg is capable of finding their soulmate in any gender no matter their own. Once a Felvarg builds a bond with another Felvarg, that bond is a part of the Felvarg for life, even if both Felvargs should go their separate ways. Our species is capable of an indescribable bond that some would argue is unbreakable by even the forces that created our very world.

Even though a Felvarg may be biologically born as say, male, that Felvarg may identify as whatever gender it should so choose. The Felvargs import database will state the biological gender purely for the groups breeding functionality and nothing more.
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Eternal Lifespan
Felvargs live long, enduring lives that span across hundreds, even thousands of years. Age cannot kill a Felvarg, but the harshness of the land or a mortal wound can easily take away what Fenrir has given. Due to their longevity, a Felvarg’s maturity rate is rather slow. While they grow out their bodies at a young age, the mind of a Felvarg takes many years to fully grow into an adult mindset. A simple breakdown of what the lifespan of a Felvarg might look like can be seen below.

  • Young Life (0 to ≈5 years)
    • A Felvarg pup will spend their first few years under the wings of their caretaker/parental figure, dependent on their love and care in order to survive. During these years of life they begin to learn practical motor skills, communication, and begin to gain the experience they will need throughout their life in order to survive. These years are crucial to a Felvarg’s development.
  • Teen Life (≈6 to ≈100 years)
    • The teenage years of a Felvarg can be rough with the ups and downs of discovering one's self and their place in the world, alongside coming into their body and maturity. Growing into one’s paws can take a long while, especially when you’re facing the growing pains of the larger builds! During their teen years is often when a Felvarg finds their craft or calling in life. As the years creep on and a Felvarg learns to fend for themself, they will soon find their way in the world and begin to truly thrive.
  • Adulthood (≈100 years and beyond)
    • This is where a Felvarg will spend most, if not all of their life. Due to the fact that age cannot kill a Felvarg, a Felvarg’s lifespan from this point on is very unique to each individual. Some believe that the more attuned to the magic of the land one is, though, the easier it is to see themselves through the years.
  • Elder (???)
    • Seniority affects all Felvargs differently. As time passes, there are those that wear the years like a badge of honor. Their eyes will droop or their muzzles gray, or the aches will come more often and frequently. However, there are those that the years seem unable to touch, weathering time like water off a duck’s back. More often than not, a Felvarg’s only show of age is through the wisdom that reflects back in their eyes.
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Magical Properties
While not all Felvargs possess magical talents, they are absolutely capable of it. Our species as a whole is very intuitive and extremely diverse. There have been Felvargs who have attuned to a magical path and even explored the elements of our Island with great care. Those brave enough to take this path must be extremely committed and cautious on their journey. Felvargs are extremely sensitive creatures by nature, this translates in a great many ways. Meaning Felvargs can feel emotions more fluidly than most other creatures. They feel a greater intensity for power, pain, love, passion, remorse, hatred and similar. This characteristic trait paired with a Felvarg exploring magical properties or attuning to elements can be a dangerous mix if not met with balance and caution.
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Trades & Skills
Felvargs are extremely versatile and over the thousands of years they have resided on Ulfrheim and the surrounding villages they have learned a great many trades. From herbalists to guardians, Felvargs can perfect a trade and even learn multiple trades. Here are a few different trades we commonly see but users are not at all required to choose from this list and may instead choose a trade of their own creation both existing or completely creatively constructed.

  • Those who are skilled with their paws may choose to be a…
Blacksmith, Healer, Thief/Bandit, Pirate, Chef, Herbalist, Pottery Maker, Wood Carver, Jeweler, Painter, Assassin, Leatherworker, Armorer, Fletch, or Baker.

  • Those magically or spiritually inclined might lean towards being a…
Shaman, Warlock, Priest, Psychic, Witch, Spirit Walker, or Cleric.

  • Those who find their skills in speechcraft, companionship, or leadership might drift towards being a…
Bartender, Captain, Black Market Merchant, Storyteller, or Apothecary.

  • Those who prefer hard, earnest work might find satisfaction in being a…
Huntsman, Fishmonger, Beast Tamer, Farmer, Adventurer, Forager, Carpenter, Rancher, Mercenary, Brewsmith, Sherpa, Beekeeper, Bounty Hunter, Butcher, Guardian/Warden, Grave Keeper, Sailor, Spelunker, Stone Mason, Shepherd, Gladiator, Clay Mason, Miner, or Shipwright.

  • Those who find their powers lying more in their brains than brawns could find themselves as a...
Banker, Alchemist, Astronomer, Tinkerer, Cartographer, Archeologist, Historian, or Librarian.

… and this is only the beginning!
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Language & Communication
In the beginning, Felvargs learned how to communicate through mimicking human speech. As time passed however they began to develop their own dialect and vocabulary, and by the time Man had seen its end the species had created their own tongue entirely. The influence of human speech bleeds through even to today, though, in the cadence and flow. Before the use of tongue, Felvargs communicated entirely nonverbally. As the years waxed and waned, traditional nonverbal speech endured, leaving Felvargs with a beautiful, rich array of visual and verbal language unique to each region.

Felvargs possess great awareness of emotion. It is unproven if this lies in tandem to their magical abilities, but it is a known fact that a Felvarg can share deep emotion by proximity alone. Elders will say that feelings flow through the tendrils of power across Ulfrheim’s expansive crust, a source of which all Felvargs are connected to in one way or another. This shared experience means that while they have the capability of speech, no words are needed in order for a Felvarg to express themself. To most a howl may merely be a howl, but to another Felvarg a single howl can host a great many emotions, and can be both sensed and heard from great distances.

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