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Tyge, The Guardian of Bardr (#5244)
Level: 6

Tyge, The Guardian of Bardr (ID 5244) - Skellicorn

Name: Tyge, The Guardian of Bardr
Nickname(s): Ty, Gee
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: Skellicorn
Breeder: Event
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Soulmate: Lunaria
Height: 216cm
Weight: 1148lbs
Build: Titan (Medium Content)
Coat type: Royal
Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk/Mm/Fd/Bt/Sun
Phenotype: Black with Maned, Faded, Birdcatcher, Sunkissed
Physical Mutations: Fangs, Long Tail, Mohawk
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 6/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2

Personality Traits: Adventurous | Strong | Caring | Trustworthy | Trusting | Loyal | Friendly | Active | Chivalrous | Brave | Competent | Cooperative | Heroic | Protective | Proud

Felvarg Achievements
/ 6
User Achievements
-- TOTAL: 79 | Points: 505

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Title: Elder Title: The Pure Title: The Tenacious Title: The Fearless Title: The Famous Title:  Timewalker Title: The Protector Title: The Seer Title: The Gentleman Title: The Sacred Tether of Titles Title: The Lightseeker Title: Scout Title: The Adventurous Custom Title Title: The Storyteller Guardian of Bardr