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Saga, Keeper of Valhalla (#16)
Level: 5

Saga, Keeper of Valhalla (ID #16) - Kit

Name: Saga, Keeper of Valhalla
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: Kit
Breeder: Kit
Age: ???
Gender: Female
Soulmate: Adelaide
Height: 131cm
Weight: 702lbs
Build: Standard
Coat type: Curly
Genotype: ss/br/Cr/bk/Hl/Ol/Tk/Dt/Pn/Bc
Phenotype: Cream with Highlights, Overlay, Ticked, Dusted, Pinto, Bicolored
Physical Mutations: Feathered, Silken Cheeks, Mohawk, Curled Tail
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 5/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2
Pack: Ulvenshul

ACHIEVEMENTS (50) Points: 395

Warrior Bloodline Honor Ones Elders Luck Traited Up Personal Pack Freyjas Gratitude Traveler [RETIRED] There Can Only Be One Mighty Trait Tracker Beast Taming Master Friends in High Places Hoarder Lord/Lady of The Hunt Lovestruck 2017 Should Have Seen that Coming! 1 Year Anniversary Fooled Ironhoof Jörmungandr Down Under Brunn Terror of the Deep The Trio Himinnsormr Heimdallr Halkeamas Demise Hlyde Raining Rocks Kelp Me, all I can find is Seaweed Raz Falkyre Gullinbursti Felvarg of the Month Hhrutr Feltide 2020 Mielikki Hverfa Special Snowflake 2021 Spruced Up Syn The Passage to Renowned The Great Feltide Tree Conqueror of The Renowned Turkey Day 2017 Feltide 2016 Love is in the Air Eastertide 2018 Happy Halloween 2018 Eastertide 2019 Fooled 2022


Title: The Witch of the Mountain Title: Saviour of Valhalla Title: Vanquisher of Evil Title: The Fearless Title: Seer of the Night Title: The Pure Title: The Outcast Title: The Famous Title: The Protector Title: Elder Custom Title


Daughter of the Trinity Bjorn and Helvallian Aurora, Saga was born with the blood of the trinity and the heart of Valhalla. She follows in the pawsteps of both her father and mother, proving to be both noble and brave. Saga is by far the most patient Felvarg you will encounter, she is fair and kind, she casts judgement on no soul without first making her own observations. She can often be seen tending to the wildlife on the Island and more than not has her face buried deep within the Islands flora.She is of pure heart and soul, believing there to be good in even the most evil of souls. She is the pack alpha of Ulvenshul, a pack of direwolves that are said to guard passage into Valhalla. They are extremely brave, driven and loyal Felvargs, the roots of Yggdrasil running deep within their very core. Saga is no exception to this, her loyalty runs deeper than most any root in Ulfrheim and the surrounding Islands. Anyfel, even a stranger who has heard nothing but rumors and tales of Saga's existence would trust her with their very life, and in good paws would that trust be placed. (Patient | Noble | Brave | Trustworthy | Passionate | Loyal)


SSS: Unknown
SS: Fenrir #0
SSD: Unknown
Sire: Bjorn #1
SDS: Unknown
SD: Unknown
SDD: Unknown
DSS: Unknown