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Marko, the Pure (#38)
Level: 5

Marko, the Pure (ID #38) - goat-hound

Name: Marko, the Pure
Nickname(s): Toad
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: goat-hound
Breeder: goat-hound
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Soulmate: Fable
Height: 152cm
Weight: 784lbs
Build: Standard
Coat type: Standard
Genotype: ss/cr/Br//bk/Ps/Dm
Phenotype: Brown with Pinstripes, Domino
Physical Mutations: None
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 5/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2
Pack: Ulvenshul

ACHIEVEMENTS (45) Points: 325

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Title: Saviour of Valhalla Title: Saviour of Ulfrheim Title: The Seer Title: The Pure Title: The Famous


Marko is a shy, sweet boy. Born in the Village of Hearth to the cunning Miramis and naive Riccon, he was frequently left without parental guidance. His mother considered him to be a burden to her, weighing her down when she could be out experiencing the greater world. She saw his bumbling nature as a sign that he would never share her silver tongue nor her quick wits, and Riccon did not stand up to her whenever she felt compelled to tell Marko what a disappointment he was. Whenever Marko couldn't find the words to reply to her she would go even further, saying his gaping mouth made him look like a toad. It is perhaps no surprise that as soon as her son was weaned, Miramis sneaked away in the night, leaving her child with an inexperienced father and a heart full of guilt. He could not help but blame himself, the sense of inadequacy his mother planted in him having had enough time to be firmly rooted. As the years went on he became fixated upon the idea of making those around him happy, of living up to an image that would make his absent mother finally proud of him. Eventually he left Hearth behind himself in search of ways to prove himself. Still quite young at this time, he suffered many pitfalls in this pursuit until the two leaders of Ulvenshul -- Saga and Astrid -- took him under th