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Reverence (#5129)
Level: 1

Reverence (ID 5129) - lceshadow

Name: Reverence
Nickname(s): Rev
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: lceshadow (Ice-ARPG)
Breeder: SovBloodFeather
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Soulmate: Unknown
Height: 205cm
Weight: 1000lbs
Build: Brute
Coat type: Arctic
Genotype: ss/Cr/br/bk/Ol/Sd/Sa/Se/Hl/Mk/Sb/Bt
Phenotype: Cream with Overlay, Shadow, Saddle, Siamese, Highlight, Mask, Sable, Birdcatcher
Physical Mutations: Feathered, Bobtail, Silken Cheeks, Fangs, Claws, Flopped Ears, Beard, Mohawk, Silken Rump, Curled Tail
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 1/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2
Pack: Vitrheim

Personality Traits: N/A

Felvarg Achievements
/ 25
User Achievements
-- TOTAL: 25 | Points: 0

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