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Brutus (#3404)
Level: 0

Brutus (ID #3404) - Itachislilgirl

Name: Brutus
Health Status: Healthy
Breeder: Semi Custom
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Soulmate: Unknown
Height: 230cm
Weight: 1200lbs
Build: Titan (Low Content)
Coat type: Short
Genotype: Brown with Overlay, Splash, Accents, Points, Dusted
Phenotype: ss/cr/Br/bk/Ol/Sp/Ac/Pt/Dt
Physical Mutations: Bobtail, Fangs, Flopped Ears
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 0/6
Passage of Courtship: 0/2

ACHIEVEMENTS (27) Points: 155

Personal Pack Freyjas Gratitude Turkey Day 2017 Naughty Nice The More the Merrier 2017 Special Snowflake Love is in the Air Treat Craze Happy Halloween 2017 Trick or Treat Feltide 2017 Eastertide 2018 Happy Halloween 2018 Turkey Day 2018 Love is in the Air 2019 TP Traitor 2019 Eastertide 2019 Halkeamas Demise Happy Halloween 2019 Turkey Day 2019 Feltide 2019 Happy Halloween 2021 Turkey Day 2021 Love is in the Air 2022 Happy Halloween 2022 Love is in the Air 2023




SSS: Unknown
SS: Unknown
SSD: Unknown
Sire: Vorn #704
SDS: Unknown
SD: Unknown
SDD: Unknown
DSS: Unknown
DS: Unknown
DSD: Unknown
Dam: Aadny #485
DDS: Unknown
DD: Unknown
DDD: Unknown



Felvarg: 1931-Kai
Can often be found carrying him around town after he's wandered off.


Felvarg: 2-Ulfr
Cicero appears to be an odd blend of resentful yet respectful of Ulfr. Something boils underneath the surface every time this portion of the Trinity is brought up in conversation.
Felvarg: 1931-Kai
The little ruffian that Cicero's taken in under his wing. They're often found bickering or tussling, or both, but seem close despite their fiery interactions.
Felvarg: 1910-Pripyat
An old rival-turned-friend and his denmate. They seem to be very close.
Brutus 3404
Soulmate: Unknown