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Xylia (#1581)
Level: 1

Xylia (ID #1581) - United-ARPG

Name: Xylia
Nickname(s): (pronounced Zy-lee-uh), The Executive
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: United-ARPG
Breeder: Adoption Center
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Soulmate: Unknown
Height: 140cm
Weight: 730lbs
Build: Standard
Coat type: Standard
Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk
Phenotype: Black
Physical Mutations: None
Horns: None
Hierarchy Level: 1/6
Passage of Courtship: 2/2

ACHIEVEMENTS (1) Points: 10

Felvarg of the Month


Title: The Famous


Xylia was a carefree child, raised by Xanthos, a member of the newly formed H.S.G.C. She was the first Felvarg in many eons to see a human face to face. She became a willing subject and ambassador to assist in the seamless research between these survivors of Earth's collapse and her own species, hostile and angry against mankind. Xylia developed a very assertive, bold, critical and studious personality, getting along best with Angora, Dr. Norris's daughter. The two worked well together in research and discussion; however, Xylia bonded best with Xanthos, seeing him as a close adoptive father since he was the one who had raised her. She has a great deal of patience for those willing to learn and listen, but has little patience for arrogance and pride even though somewhat prideful herself. She listens well and is skilled at gathering information and studying it. She's known to be quiet, thoughtful and hears more than many think she does. Tends to eavesdrop unintentionally. Rarely has a jovial or playful moment and is a mostly serious individual. You might see her showing a good deal of emotion and sharing her heart and thoughts with Xanthos, but don't let her catch you watching. You might actually get bit.


SSS: Unknown
SSD: Unknown
Sire: Lucian #543
SDS: Unknown
SDD: Unknown
DSS: Unknown
DSD: Unknown
DDS: Bjorn #1
DDD: Unknown


Assertive, Bold and Critical, Xylia was discovered by Jannik Lasker and his son Xanthos while they were on a reconnaissance mission. Against better judgment, Xanthos took the pup back to their base camp on New Eden and had it examined by Cardew. Results came back that the creature was clean and healthy. They soon after discovered the creature could speak. Though occasionally speaking in broken English, it was an intelligent, sentient creature. More tests were done and Cardew, through various tests, found that this was a creature aged at an excessively slow rate. It was estimated that it was at the human age of 5-10 years based on its speech. It bonded quickly with Xanthos, who it saw as a parent and he was able to gather some information from it about its life and species. It called itself a Felvarg. And as it turned out, she was as stunned by their presence as they were by hers. She told the story of her species to them, the history of the war that destroyed man on their planet. Jannik especially, being German, found the tale intriguing and shocking. It had been like the tale told on Earth. Cardew decreed that they would keep their presence hidden from the Felvarg. They would never be known by them. But Xanthos was determined to stay a part of Xylia's life. He had closely bonded with her and her with him. A decision was made. Being Nephilim Shifters as they were and as a part of the H.S.G.C, the Humanitarian Society of Genetic Continuity, Xanthos would become the first candidate for the program. Already able to shift to his secondary form, Cardew altered and tweaked gradually until Xanthos was given a new ability. The ability to become a Felvarg. He and Xylia would begin their research into the species of the planet without interfering or causing unrest.


Felvarg: 2344-Xanthos
Met him when she was just a tiny pup. Though a stranger and enemy to her species, he did not come from her planet. His people took her in and raised her, telling her of their story.
She views Xanthos as a father, and sometimes, more than that. She looks up to him and cherishes his friendship.


Xylia 1581
Soulmate: Unknown

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