Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

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Spring has sprung in Ulfrheim, and even on Helvalla the roots within the Helvallian grounds had sprouted. If only this bliss could remain, it was easy for one to forget the quakes that rumbled beneath our very paws as the birds and bees distracted us. Felvargs all over the new Island were eager to traverse and explore Helvalla. Now the war had subsided a lot of questions were left unanswered. Loki no longer sits upon The Crescent Throne. Whispers could be heard in the darkness as to who would take his place. Neebo had spoken about balance. What was he talking about? What balance? All you knew is the message when delivered to Fenrir caused further confusion and the quakes that shook Helvalla now began to shake Ulfrheim as well. They came with little to no warning and each one was even more brutal than the last. To make matters worse the grounds had begun to split in places causing craters to form without warning. The Great Father has called forth a meeting everyone must attend.

Fenrir stands upon the bridge that crosses overtop of the void, "This very void allows us to travel between Ulfrheim and Helvalla." His voice was deep yet proud as he paced the bridge, "It becomes increasingly difficult to move between the Islands." He was right, there were rumors somefel when trying to cross between the Islands were halted, the void not taking them either way. It was almost as if the void was closing, which caused a level of anxiety between locals and travelers alike. The giant direwolf turns now chest puffed, "We must find Aurora!" Aurora had snuck off in the night, for some reason without a word she packed a bag and disappeared in the nearby forest traveling north. Take Saga, and anyone you can trust to track her footsteps, it is imperative you locate Aurora and escort her back to camp to address the void collapsing. Locals to Helvalla spot Loki observing from a distance, it was the first time he had be seen since the war had subsided. While being cautious not to get close to the void or camp, he could be seen watching from nearby locations that offered him height, and sight. Locals casted speculation that he was attempting to reach the void and leave Helvalla, and some even discussed how they thought it would be best if he had. Naturally Ulfrheim born Felvargs felt differently.

Depict your Felvarg traversing The Briar in search of Aurora. Your Felvarg should appear to be tracking the female Felvarg. She appears to be trying to throw you off by giving mixed signals in her tracks. This means she is aware she is being tracked.

Travel north with Saga towards The Crescent Throne, just before the volcano itself sits a forest known as The Briar. This forest used to be filled with berserkers. Helvallian Felvargs who would prey on the more fortunate as they traveled through the forest and to The Crescent Throne. For nearly 100 years now the forest has been under the protection of what locals are calling The Wayward Divergent. Which is a band of Felvargs led by one, these Felvargs protect The Briar ensuring safe passage. Track down Aurora and insist she be escorted back to the void to address the quaking issue at hand.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Satchel of Peaks, 1x Wishbone, 1x Aurora's Vial of Fortune, 1x Fox Totem, 1x Scroll of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge
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It's a silent night on the Island, summer nears as the end of spring encourages the rest of the foliage to bloom. The Pass of Heidrun lies ahead, and while normally pitch black to the keenest of eyes, the spring moonlit nights lit it in a way that made it easier to navigate. While known for its dangers, Heidrun was also a great host of knowledge. Given it was not often traversed it made a wonderful place to search for unknown treasure. Unlike more heavily explored areas, far safer for wandering paws, Felvargs often used Heidrun as a place to go when one does not desire to be found. As you traverse the winding passages you see a campfire ahead, getting closer could have dire consequences, but something drives you to take a closer cautious look.

Forvitni stands before you, the deep midnight soft hues cause his coat to shimmer against the moonlit skies of Heidrun. The Alpha of Visindi himself. His voice is deep, powerful even and in every word he speaks the Alpha projects wisdom and knowledge. Sat before him is various artifacts, and journals. The crisp cool air of the night for some reason brought you here and your presence is quickly noticed by the honorable beast. Forvitni turns from his journal as he interrupts his own murmurs to himself, "Traveler," He speaks calmly, "I don't suppose you can do me a favor?" What could the great Forvitni ask of you? Knowledge was something in his clan he was most known for, so exactly what favor you ask, "As you know I've travelled a long way to be here on your homeland. It has been some time since I've walked as a twolegger, and equally since I've been to my own homeland." He was speaking of Jormungandr, the Island that lies across the hungry sea, Hongerige itself. "I don't have the heart to return, the Island has brought me so much sorrow Friend. This is my home now and I thank you for welcoming me upon it." The pain could be seen in his crimson ember eyes as he glanced up to the sky briefly, "If you could just traverse to the Isle and fetch my things, you see.. I left so abruptly and without my most prized possessions." It appears as though Forvitni left something behind, something of great value and he is asking you to retrieve it. "Inside a hut within the docks mainlands is a satchel with my clans symbol upon it, engraved by what used to be my own two hands." Forvitni took a moment to glance down upon his now brutish paws, "If you could retrieve it for me, and return it, I would be forever grateful traveler. If you could do me this one favor, I will reward you generously. My clans symbol resembles a woven book with a tree of life seal upon it. You will know it when you see it. I'm sure of it." The journey to Jormungandr is not for the weak, so do not take this task lightly. A favor owed from the great Forvitni of Visindi is a powerful favor indeed. So the prize outweighs the risk one might take.

Depict your Felvarg out at sea traversing to Jormungandr for Forvitni, or alternatively collecting and returning his satchel. Do you return it to him safely as requested? Or do you peek inside and keep the plunders you find? Be cautious in your choice as Fortvitni will not forget or forgive your decision lightly should you choose to keep it instead.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Tittertots Treasure, 1x Chest of Knowledge, 2x Scroll of Knowledge, 50% chance to obtain 1x Fornastir Background Set.

When submitting your entry, please state if you chose to return the satchel to Forvitni as requested, or if you chose to keep it instead. A BONUS reward will be included based on your decision so choose wisely.

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It’s a quiet morning as a thick fog snakes in between the buildings of Skallaness. Screams of distant critters could be heard but beyond that, the silence of the fog was heavy. As you turn a corner you are suddenly face to face with Shiva, her lantern’s light, a beacon of hope that vanquished the uneasy feeling you once had. However, the relief was short lived as Shiva grabs hold of you “Oh thank goodness, another soul. You are alive aren’t you?” She pushes your body around to give you a full once over. “Yes, you are!” a victorious proclamation. “Quick something is wrong, the pools of the shrines have been emptied, can’t you tell.” The alpha gestures to the surrounding weather “This is Syn’s doing, you’ll find him up on the highest mountain peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor. Please take this bucket of holy water and carry it to the mountain tops, pray he lets you pass.” Her eyes full of worry, “I’ll send more help.” and with that, the Alpha takes off.

Depict your Felvarg facing of against Syn in hopes to restore peace to the shrines on Fenrir's Incisor

1x BADGE, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Spiritmender's Satchel1x Shrine, and 50% Chance for 1x Import Background: Fenrir's Incisor
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