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Helpful Tips

Mutations are extremely rare modifiers, each mutation has its own effects. These effects will be broken down in detail within each respective guide. Mutations are exceptionally rare and are not hereditary, this means obtaining one is purely luck of the draw.

The mutations laid out within this guide are non-hereditary. This means they do not have a chance to pass to offspring naturally.

Unless defiance is present, these mutations cover most every marking in game. See each guide below to see exactly how each one interacts with markings.

Below we will break down each of the rare non-hereditary mutations and explain exactly what they do.


  • Albinism causes the entire coat to take on a soft white hue, shielding all markings. Allows the Felvarg to have true red/pink eyes.
  • Guidelines: Albinism

    Albinism shields all markings.
    Albinism alters the base coat to be a soft white/cream white color. Keep chosen colors under a 20 point saturation.
    Albinism may include a natural pinkish flesh like tint on the flesh areas of your import.
    Albinism is the only mutation that allows for true red/pink shade eyes. The pupil must be black, unless an eye mutation is used.
    You may add soft cream/grey gradient on the shoulder area, top of the head and near the rump and paws. As long as your gradient is subtle and soft it will pass.

    Defiance Present?

    When the defiance marking is applied or present, albinism no longers shields all markings and may optionally show markings above it provided the markings chosen are also a shade of white/cream similar to albinism.

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  • Chimera is a genetic mutation that causes two genotypes to present in the same Felvarg visually.
  • Guidelines: Chimera

    Each genotype must follow the guidelines that are laid out for each marking.
    Each genotype must visibly contain all of its active markings in some way, they cannot be hidden under the second generated genotype.
    Chimera must have a visual balance, with at least 30% or more of each design present.
    During design submission, both genotype's designs must be presented along with the finished design. Keep this in mind while designing your Felvarg, as it helps both sides understand the design/marking usage.
    Chimera may have bicolored eyes without the use of an eye mutation provided both sides of the geno are in contact with the eye.

    While some markings have a required range and will cause a chimera displaying the same marking on both sides, to be somewhat symmetrical; users should avoid lining markings up when possible. Markings such as pinto or domino for example are stray markings. A Chimera is TWO DIFFERENT genotypes/designs displaying on the same Felvarg, so both designs showing should be visually different. It is a safe balance to design each genotype separately and then erase patches from one or the other.

    You must supply BOTH sides of your chimera as well as the completed design when you submit your chimera to approvals!

    Defiance Present?

    Defiance when present on chimera will allow for two identical markings on both genotypes to align perfectly, provided they are both their own respective shades to their base coat color/the marking present adheres to its own rulesets.

    Useful Resources

    ss/cr/Br/bk/Ol // Ss/cr/br/bk/Sp
    Brown with Overlay // Silver with Splash

    Start by creating both designs on different layers. Once both designs are completed erase patches from a single side creating a patched chimeric effect.


  • Cross mixes black and its crossed color together creating a very unique base coat shield. While cross covers most all markings some can show above it however it is optional to do so.
  • Guidelines: Cross

    Cross is what happens when a black coated Felvarg crosses coats with one of our other base coat colors.
    Cross covers most markings. Optionally players may choose to show the following markings above both the base and cross: Pinto, Dusted, Ticked, Splash, Free White, Domino, Merle, Pinstripes, Points, Tipped, Mosaic, Mask, Appaloosa, Faded, Seasonal Markings, Free Black. Be mindful all markings you choose to show will need to be completely above both your base and cross color.
    Cross can have grey streaks/soft streaks visible on the cross coverage of the design natural to your cross color with a 10 point saturation allowance (Maximum).
    Legendary modifiers if present or applied effect only the black portion of a cross.
    Your genotype will tell you which black swatch and cross swatch to use while designing your cross.
    Cross should have moderately blended edges. While fur marks can be present, cross should not have completely solid marking edges.
    Should helix be present, the helix may effect either black or your base portion of a cross, but can only effect one or the other.
    Hereditary colors can effect the black portion of a cross when present in the lineage of the cross Felvarg.
    Base coat modifiers can NOT be applied to the black portion of cross.
    Midnight Black is a hereditary trigger on cross, and cannot be forced through using any items that alter base coat color!

    Defiance Present?

    Defiance when present allows you to show any and all markings above cross, regardless of the traditional allowance cross supplies. All markings present should still adhere to their usual rulesets. Equally defiance will allow your cross genotype to show markings between the base and cross color and/or above the base and cross color.

    Cross Threading / Riptide Present?

    Cross threading is a genetic marker that is triggered when offspring have originated from an Alpha known as Nightfall. When present and able to be bred, the genotype with cross threading will have displayed the Riptide(Rpt) gene, which will pass to offspring that also display cross.

    Each cross Felvarg that is bred will display the color in which the genotype is crossed with. Traditionally speaking the genotype is crossed with Black (Bk) or Midnight Black (MBk), when cross threading is present however it allows the Felvarg the ability to mutify the cross portion of a Cross genotype, making the new cross color a different base coat color combination chosen directly from the sire or dam.

    Be mindful that applicators such as Ashen, Dilute, Frost and Molten can be applied to a genotype with threading, however users may not use items to trigger specialty colors nor helix as those are purely bred.

    The most important aspect of cross threading is understanding which color you may choose when designing your Riptide Felvarg. To do this you will need to understand the base coat color rarities and how they tier with one another. We will use Silver as an example in our breakdown below. Please note that having a specialty color then knocks you back into rarity list. So having a specialty color does not allow you to freely choose between helix, molten, frost, dilute, or ashen. Instead you may choose Silver or Dusk Silver.

  • Silver
  • Molten
  • Frost
  • Dilute
  • Ashen
  • Helix
  • Specialty Color

  • With the above in mind we will list a few examples:
  • Molten Dusk Silver (Mol/DSs) - You could choose Dusk Silver, Silver, Molten Silver, or Molten Dusk Silver.
  • Frost Ashen Silver (Fro/Ash/Ss) - You could choose Silver, Frost Silver, Ashen Silver, or Frost Ashen Silver
  • Frost Dilute Dusk Silver (Fro/Lu/DSs) - You could choose Silver, Frost Silver, Dilute Silver, Frost Dilute Silver, Frost Dilute Dusk Silver, Frost Dusk Silver, or Dilute Dusk Silver
  • Helix Silver - You could choose Silver, Helix Silver, Dilute Silver, or Ashen Silver.
  • Molten Helix Silver - You could choose Silver, Helix Silver, Dilute Silver, Ashen Silver, Molten Helix Silver, Molten Ashen Silver, Molten Dilute Silver, or Molten Silver.

  • Some previously uploaded cross designs.

    Useful Resources

    Please use our Base Coat Color guide to choose the correct colors your genotype genetically displays.


  • An extremely rare genetic mutation that causes the entire coat to take on soft creamy hues, altering the color of all markings to an off white/brown shade.
  • Guidelines: Leucistic

    Leucism forces the base coat color and all markings, including free white and black, to turn a shade of soft cream/brown. Equally it forces the flesh tones to be a similar shade.
    Leucism is locked to swatch and both base coat color and markings must derive from the swatches we provide. Unless of course the defiance marking is present, at which point the user may select only the base coat color from the swatch and choose marking colors freely. Provided they are natural to the chosen base coat color.

    Defiance Present?

    Defiance when present allows the user the ability to "carry" any marking they should choose to shield from their design visually, while keeping the marking hereditary. It also allows the markings to be relative to the chosen base coat color, rather than be locked to the marking swatch provided.

    Useful Resources


  • Melanism causes the entire coat to take on thick black coat, shielding almost all markings, some can show above it however it is optional to do so.
  • Guidelines: Melanism

    Melanism can optionally display absolutely any markings in game overtop of its mutation. Note all markings adhere to their normal layering abilities when doing so.
    Should a user choose to display markings ontop of melanism, all markings are like the base, and are forced a shade of black. This includes free white! Markings must be remain a shade of black with a 15 point value or less.
    Optionally users can add soft brown strokes to the entirety of their design, provided it does not exceed roughly 15%-%20 coverage.
    Melanism allows for the users gums and tongue to turn a shade of brown.
    The swatch we provide is merely to provide safe colors, you may choose your colors relative to these colors, provided it remains true to melanism and respectful.
    Legendary Modifiers Present? (Tainted, Sunkissed, Blessed, Moonkissed?) Using the Legendary Swatches provided designers may choose to effect Dusted, Ticked and/or Flecking should they be present alongside melanism.

    Defiance Present?

    Defiance when present allows the user the ability to show any and all markings above it provided the markings are natural to the chosen base coat color and behave true to Melanism. Optionally users may add 'starmarks' freely to the design. No other markings can be optionally displayed when triggering this marking interaction. Meaning only melanism in its true form will display this exclusive marking. Starmarks must be lighter than the base and relative to the base coat color, and can be illuminated optionally and vary in size provided it looks like stars at a glance. When triggering the star marker action users may also apply soft grey strokes with up to 15% coverage alongside the brown strokes.

    Useful Resources


  • The opaque core of each strand of fur is narrower and in some cases even absent, this allows the light to travel right through it. The end result is a shimmery metallic visual that make the Felvargs coat appear iridescent. When present the Felvarg will display its born base coat swatch color, while displaying the mutation above.
  • Guidelines: Pearlescent

    Pearlescent blankets the entire Felvargs design (90%+) in a shimmery opaque sheen, displayed above the Felvargs true base coat color.
    Similar to other mutations Pearlescent covers all markings besides Free Black and Free White, making it so they are not visible. This mutation leaves the base coat color visible and the sheen layered above.
    We recommend color picking your base coat color and then using layer filters choose 'Shine' or 'Screen' , once placed lower the opacity of your metallic Pearlescence while being sure we can color pick the base below.
    Be mindful not to overly smooth or blend your sheen so that we can no longer outwardly see and color pick your base coat color with ease.
    This mutation allows for a pastel/soft pink or blue eye.

    Defiance Present?

    Should defiance be present, all markings may now display above Pearlescent provided they hold true to the markings rule, layering system and base coat color.

    Please check back in a few days for downloadable lockable layers for Pearlescent!

    Useful Resources


  • This mutation ruptures a Felvargs visual appearance, causing the right side of the Felvarg to be a solid color similar to that Felvargs base. This solid split color is chosen from any base swatch of similar or lesser value to the swatch present on the genotype.
  • Guidelines: Fissure

    Fissure requires the entire red range to be a base coat hue chosen freely from any base of lesser or greater value. The left side of the Felvarg remains true to traditional design nature.
    Base rarity example using Silver (Ss):

    Silver > Dilute Silver > Ashen Silver > Helix > Frost Silver > Molten Silver > Dusk Silver

    This means if you have a Felvarg that is Dusk Silver, your Fissure side can be chosen from any swatch listed to the left of the rarity example above.
    Fissure covers ALL markings except Free White and Free Black, leaving only a solid base color in the red required range..

    Defiance Present?

    Defiance will allow you to use absolutely any base within your base allowance listed above regardless of what your Felvarg's true base is. This means if you have Defiance and your genotype is silver, you may choose from the right instead of left. Meaning a genotype that is silver can choose say dusk silver for it's fissure base color.
    Defiance will allow you to cover Fissure with markings above the open layering system.

    Useful Resources