Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

01-07-2022 - 01-28-2022 | 11:59:59PM IST


After the disappearance of the Mad King Loki, the lands of Helvalla still quake at random. There is no known cause, and no signs to when they will strike. The locals live in constant fear, not only of the earthquakes, but of the mysterious disappearance of Loki and all of his Hellhounds. All would be too uncomfortably quiet if not for the rumbles that vibrate under your paws. Still the throne lays unclaimed, and everyone is asking who shall be the one to sit upon it. There is a certain air of wariness that looms over Helvalla, with still so many questions left unanswered. It is during this time that Fenrir tasks you with exploring the new lands of Helvalla to see what you can find out. Your focus since finding this new land had been the rebellion, so exploring it was not yet something that you had been able to do. Despite the unease that fills you, you cannot help but feel a little excited at the prospect of learning more about these lands and all the wonders that it holds. Fenrir tells you of a spring that lays in the northern reaches of Helvalla, which flows over a mountainous peak called the Weeping Oasis. A being named Neebo resides at the crest of the Oasis, and he urges you to seek him out. There is little else that he can tell you, as just like you, he is a newcomer to these lands. He is only passing on what little he could gather from the locals, which leaves you with very little to go off of. But apparently this Neebo has the answers on what is happening to the world of Helvalla, and why its very core seems to be collapsing into itself. He warns you that Neebo may indeed be only a folk tale, given the fact that no one has actually seen him, but it's the only lead that your party has. And so you set off with what provisions you could manage to scrounge up, hoping that the earth didn't split open and swallow you whole during your travels.

Depict your Felvarg walking through the Weeping Oasis. The springs here glow softly. The water is hot to the touch and mist rise from its surface as the peaks are glazed over in snow, its waters are cloaking the whole area in a blanket of warmth. Butterflies flutter from flower to flower, glowing a wonderful shade of gold. In the middle of the spring, there is a mighty Shrine, looking altogether abandoned and worn. Step upon it if you dare, and attempt to summon Neebo, whatever or whomever that may be.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Satchel of Peaks, 5x Felpoints, 5x Runecoins, 5x Mushrooms, 1x Scroll of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge
 Please view the current weather bonus in the Reoccuring Activity Post.

01-02-2022 - 01-31-2022 | 11:59:59PM IST


The sun rises over the horizon, casting light on the white blanket of snow laden ground in hues of oranges and yellows. The whole island shines like a million little diamonds, welcoming not just a new day, but a whole new year. A new year, a new realm of possibilities. Felvargs rise from their deep slumber after a long night of festivities, the sun actually holding some heat to it for once. It seems a slow, wonderful start to this new day. Many make resolutions during this time, making promises of things to do better, or to do differently. It's a tradition that still lingers here on the island, Felvargs either making amends for wrongs or trying to adjust their lives at the fresh start of a brand new year. However, coming up with these resolutions can sometimes be even harder than sticking to them. You are faced with the very same question as everyone else; if you could change one thing, what would it be? Is there a relationship you want to work harder at, or a skill that you want to get better at? Perhaps a simple, easy to keep promise like going on more walks, or something more life changing like finally facing that one thing that looms over your head. Whatever it may be, it is your choice to make - and to work on keeping up with. So what would that resolution be, and how do you plan on not breaking it?

Depict your Felvarg attempting to follow through with their resolution, whatever it may be!

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1,000 FC, 1x Accessory, 10% chance to find 1x Makeover Kit


12-04-2021 - 01-01-2022 | 11:59:59PM IST


The preparations for holiday celebrations are in full swing all around Ulfrheim and the villages are bustling with seasonal cheer. All of the noise has awoken Heimdallr once more, driving the hungry beast to seek out his favorite snack, the elusive Gold Flecked Eel. Heading to one of his favorite fishing spots nearby, the great mammoth is surprised to see a massive ice bridge has begun to form and it is leading to one of the most promising fishing locations in the area. Unfortunately, it appears that the early winter freeze hasn’t quite frozen enough to support Heimdallr’s massive size. The ice bridge has begun to crack, leaving the beast stranded in the middle of Lake Reisa, and his panicked thrashing is causing the waves to crash dangerously against the shore and threatening to sink even the sturdiest of vessels. Best be quick about getting him out or you might just find yourselves hungry this holiday season!

Depict your Felvarg carefully performing a delicate rescue mission to save Heimdallr from the freezing waters of Lake Reisa.

1x BADGE, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Tattered Rope, 2x Redcurrants, and 50% chance of 1x Import Background Set: Lake Reisa.
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