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Helpful Tips

Each design has 3 basics that are essential when designing your Felvarg. Those 3 basics are Flesh, Eyes & Claws. There is a few factors to take into consideration when designing your basics, as certain items and hereditary behaviors can frequently unlock or effect your eyes flash and claws accordingly.

While chooseing a color for your flesh, eyes and claws is open for creativity, designers should be cautious to avoid extremely saturated colors or desaturated colors, and these can often be hit for corrections should an item not be present to unlock said colors. All free choice colors should remain natural and reasonable to the blind eye.

Below we will break down each of the 3 basics alongside the items that effect them visually.


  • Each PSD includes multiple premade eye color options you may use while designing your Felvarg. These options are merely that, optional. Members may design their own eye color entirely so long as the colors stem from the following color choices: Tea Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Silver & Lilac
  • Guidelines: Eyes

    Eyes must remain a single solid color.
    Eyes cannot have heterochromia.
    Your pupil must remain solid black to the blind eye.
    You may customize your eye to visibly show the sclera, however it must appear white in shade.
    You may color the inside of your eye from scratch, including the pupil, however the eye must remain relative. This means your pupil should not really shift position.
    You may shade and add highlights to your eye but be cautious to keep the colors relative so the eye in question does not look unnatural. Using settings within your art program like overlay or multiple can often distort colors making them appear unnatural to the color they lay upon.

    Here we have provided a safety net of colors you may choose freely, be mindful if you venture too far from these colors or natural shades you very well need an eye mutation kit.

    Eye Mutation Kit

    Good Examples

    Eye mutation kits can be purchased from the Village Market or located in game, these kits will allow the user to break various traditional rulesets that come with designing your Felvargs eye.

    Eye Mutations remove the usual color restriction from eyes, allowing the player the ability to choose color freely.
    Allows for complete and partial heterochromia.
    Allows up to 3 different major colors for the eye. Anything that has more colors may be sent back to corrections.
    Allows for the pupil to be another color other than black (excludes white).
    Allows for a subtle glow/illumination of the eyes. However, this glow can only show on the visible side of the Felvarg's face.
    Allows for a redirection of the eyes gaze. This means that gazes direction can change from the default position, such as to the right, and even show the whites of the eye.
    Eye Mutations cannot create rainbow eyes, alter the shape of the pupil or create extreme illuminations/glows.
    Eye Mutations cannot create an effect that is reserved for us by other blessings or items, they will be outlined in this guide.


    Eluna's Gift of Sight - Customize your pupil to be any shape natural or not.

    Aurora's Ethereal Iris - Apply an unrestricted eye edit and color, paired with the ability to remove the pupil completely or turn it white and trail said eye in wisp form, allowing for a glow effects to extend from the eye in various shapes.

    Love Me Knot - Completely remove the eye of a Felvarg, leaving only a socket in its place.

    Hel’s Hellish Heuristic Curse - This blessing allows for a third eye to appear between the eyes of a Felvarg. This eye may be any colour and have limitless cosmetic effects. This blessing is optionally hereditary.

    Hereditary Effects

    Vitiligo - When this markings is present on a design and in contact with the eye in any way it allows for bicolored eyes in the shade of blue where the marking comes into contact with the eye, alongside the natural chosen shade.
    Mosaic - When this marking is present it allows for the use of an Eye Mutation kit freely without one present.
    Albinism - Allows for true red/pink shade eyes naturally. The pupil must remain black, unless an eye mutation is used.
    Dominant Crackle - Applied during upload or to an uploaded Felvarg, dominant crackle will allow the Felvarg to alter its flesh (Eyes, Flesh, Paws, Claws), to match the crackle color regardless of its color choice, in doing so a single portion of the effected paws or flesh must be accompanied by a glow, and optionally players may choose to have as much or as little of the glow present.

    Blindness - Felvargs that while inbreeding are punished with 'Blindness' may choose freely to add a haze overtop of their eye, a haze is a small clouded over effect as a result to the breeding defect. This is entirely optional and requires no additional items to apply or update after upload. Be mindful absolutely any other changes to your eye would need the proper items present.

    Flesh & Claws

  • While you are designing your Felvarg, you may choose flesh, and claw color independently within some soft rulesets. We will outline them below.
  • Flesh and claw color can be natural color relevant to the base. However, be mindful that colors that are extremely saturated/unnatural can be sent back. Unnatural color choices include purples, greens, and blues, and even colors on the safe swatch set if you deviate from your base. Heavily saturated or desaturated reds, oranges, yellows and similar should be avoided.

    Flesh & Claws Guidelines

    Flesh may be patchy in color, and it may contain various colors (1-2) provided they are all natural to your base coat color.

    Be mindful that while we offer 'safe' colors, this does not mean every color on the swatch is safe. Designers should make good choices when selecting a color to choose something natural to the base. An example of this would be choosing ane extremely vibrant pink flesh and placing it upon a black coated Felvarg. Or alternatively a saturated brown on a cream or silver Felvarg.

    Fleshy areas may also create subtle flesh colored gradients outside of its usual flesh ranges/areas provided the felvarg has a marking that is considered white, or is Alibino or similar.

    The guide provided outlines a safe set of swatches and are simply good flesh color choices, you are allowed to deviate from these colors so long as what you pick remains natural similar. (Natural shades of pink, grey, silver, black, cream!) Natural colors for flesh include soft pinks, reds, browns/liver, and cream. These colors should not be overly saturated or otherwise appear unnatural for the chosen base color.
    Note: If your Felvarg has Melanism or has Brown base color, it allows the use for brown tongue and gums.

    Be mindful silver flesh is off limits unless your Felvargs base coat color is a shade of silver.

    Blue chow is a hereditary locked flesh color and is only allowed provided your Felvarg has the Mosaic marking or a direct lineage (sire or dam) that also displays blue chow. Blue chow must be chosen from the swatch below. Blue chow deviating from the swatch in hue will be sent to corrections.

    Claws should equally be a natural shade. This means claws cannot be true white or true black.

    Textures, shading and highlights are permitted in your flesh but if it causes an unnatural effect, such as a glow or glitter, it will be sent to corrections. Textures should remain natural.

    Dominant Crackle - Applied during upload or to an uploaded Felvarg, dominant crackle will allow the Felvarg to alter its flesh (Eyes, Flesh, Paws, Claws), to match the crackle color regardless of its color choice, in doing so a single portion of the effected paws or flesh must be accompanied by a glow, and optionally players may choose to have as much or as little of the glow present.


  • Whiskers are a free range optional marking that allows for freckles/whiskers near the Felvargs muzzle.
  • Guidelines: Whiskers

    Whiskers cannot be present in the grey ranges as they are an illegal marking range. They should remain true to the general placement as they imply.
    The whiskers should not appear to be scattered on the Felvarg's muzzle.
    Whiskers spots should be a shade darker than the coat color. The whiskers themselves can be lighter or darker. Avoid unnatural colors/de(saturated) colors.
    Whiskers should only be visible on the visible side of the Felvargs face and should not be displayed on the flipside.
    Whiskers too long in appearance will be hit for looking too cat like and should be avoided.


  • You may freely add a halo and color your Felvargs lineart, provided they follow the following rules.
  • Guidelines: Halo/Lineart

    Halo and coloring lineart is entirely optional and not at all required by the group. That being said using both a halo and coloring your lineart can really be positively impactful for your design and so team nook encourages your creativity.
    Halo must be black in color. Colors with a blue, red, white or similar tone will be sent to corrections.
    Try to avoid using layer modes such as screen, color dodge or similar. Using the normal layer mode works just a well provided you're using opacity as you should.
    Using an opacity lower than 50% would be ideal, higher than that could risk a glowing or bold effect which could result in corrections.
    Your halo should remain fluidly the same color and should not change color.
    When coloring your lineart we should be able to fluidly see all of your lines, including the inner filler lines. Should you choose a color that causes any lines to fade or no longer be visible to the blind eye your design will be hit for corrections.
    Should your design have a dark array of colors, sometimes using lighter lineart colors can really help to not block the design and hide your lineart.
    Lineart is not required to reflect only your Felvargs chosen base or marking colors, but can also be effected by the background your Felvarg is placed upon. Should you take this route, be sure overall your lines ready natural throughout. This means you cannot use neon green to fill the entirety of your lineart layer and any chosen colors must read fluidly relevant.

    Good examples and Guidelines on effected lineart

    Items That Effect Halo:

    Celestial Blessing - Purchase this Celestial Blessing from the Village Market to apply a physical angelic halo and unnatural white glow to a Felvarg of your choosing.