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Kahmu (#4650)
Level: 0

Kahmu (ID #4650) - Kit

Name: Kahmu
Nickname(s): Mus
Health Status: Healthy
Owner: Kit
Breeder: kalmansielu
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Soulmate: Unknown
Height: 160cm
Weight: 700lbs
Build: Standard
Coat type: Standard
Genotype: ss/cr/br/Bk/Hl/Sd/Mm/Sa/Td/Rr/Mk/Pt/Ske
Phenotype: Black with Highlight, Shadow, Maned, Saddle, Tipped, Roan, Mask, Points, Skeletal
Mutations: None
Physical Mutations: Feathered, Bobtail, Silken Cheeks, Fangs, Claws, Flopped Ears, Beard, Mohawk, Silken Rump, Curled Tail
Horns: Horned (c)
Hierarchy Level: 0/6
Passage of Courtship: 0/2

ACHIEVEMENTS (0) Points: 0



This girl is dark and mysterious. No one knows much about her or where she came from, but what they do know is, she's scary looking. Her outward appearance doesn't really reveal her true nature though. She's by no means a brute, but she's also not a pushover either. She enjoys the outdoors and is often seen exploring the dark parts of the world either by herself or with companions; she'll explore with either, it doesn't make much difference to her. She enjoys both the company of others and also her alone time to herself. She's a very strong felvarg and enjoys wrestling with the males when she's got the opportunity. There's really nothing girly about this lady. She's semi friendly and tends to have a slight twisted sense of humor. Not everyone can handle being around her for too terribly long. But if you can get past her rough outward appearance you'll find a loyal and devoted friend in her. She finds making friends a not so easy feet though, due to her scary appearance, which tends to make her slightly angry at times. But every once in a while there's the one who doesn't let it phase them, and get to know her. She's very tough and is a talented and skilled hunter as well as a decent fisher when she can get over herself long enough to get in the water. She's not a fan of getting her pelt wet as its fairly thick in some places so it takes a long time to dry. Due to this, she doesn't bathe as often as one likely should and tends to stay slightly dirty and smelly.




Kahmu 4650
Soulmate: Unknown

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Level Four

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Level Five

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0/6 Rare Traits
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  • Persuasion - All items found while Tracking, Fishing or Adventuring are worth 10% more than their initial value.

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  • Eye Mutation x1 - Apply a customized eye mutation directly to your Felvarg.

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Activity Forms
Adventuring Form
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Activity: Adventuring
Additional Bonus Items:

Tracking Small Prey Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Activity: Tracking (Small Prey)
Additional Bonus Items:

Tracking Large Prey Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Tracking (Large Prey)
Additional Bonus Items:

Fishing Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Fishing
Additional Bonus Items:

Mountaineering Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Mountaineering
Additional Bonus Items:

Excavating Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Excavating
Additional Bonus Items:

Diving Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Diving
Additional Bonus Items:

Jormungandr Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Jormungandr
Additional Bonus Items:

Quest Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
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Activity: Quest
Additional Bonus Items:

1v1 Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Competition: 1v1
Additional Bonus Items:

Underbelly Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Competition: Underbelly
Challenger Alpha:

Marathon Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Activity: Marathon
Additional Bonus Items:

Capture the Flag Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Activity: Capture the Flag
Additional Bonus Items:

Helvalla Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Activity: Helvalla
Additional Bonus Items:

Beast Hunting Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Completed Entry:
Additional Bonus Items:

Storybook Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Link to Storybook Hub:
Activity: Storybook
Additional Bonus Items:

Seal Hunting Form
Link to import/ID#: ID#4650 Kahmu
Link to Tracker:
Activity: Seal Hunting
Preemptive Heal: N/A -or- In Cache
Additional Bonus Items:

Faegir Clan (War)

Faegir Clan (War)

Nadhir Clan (Peace)

Nadhir Clan (Peace)

Visindi Clan (Knowledge)

Visindi Clan (Knowledge)

Setja Clan (Power)

Setja Clan (Power)

Faegir Clan (War)

Lead by the brave and powerful Nar, the Faegir clan is made up of well seasoned warriors and battlemasters big and small. Faegir has it all, brains, brawn and rustic good lucks as well as a mean knowledge for all imaginable weapons. Nar instills within his band of Felvargs that war is not to be feared, nor is it to be glorified; it is simply to be expected and it is his given duty to prepare those who will listen to what he believes is the inevitable. The warrior king opens his arms to any willing to prepare themselves for disputes to come, those who embrace the fact that war made them the beasts they are today. Nar believes he needs to prepare himself and his loyal clan for an upcoming war in which the blood curse placed upon them by the spiteful God Loki will be broken, returning them to their true human forms. Surely this is just a myth, but it is something the clan believe in strongly.
  • Gracious Fumble

    "Strength is all well and good, but a felvarg should also know how to lose graciously. Prove to me that you can be a good sport even when things do not go your way."

  • Dreams of Garlic

    Nar seems incredibly pleased to see you. "Ah, just who I was looking for!" You get the feeling he is about to ask you something... "Do you think you could bring me some garlic and something to smash it with? I have a great idea to stuff it in Bleza's bedding. It'll take her weeks to get the stench out!" You were right.

  • Warship Repair

    You see Nar investigating a ship that has crashed onto shore. He is cursing under his breath. "We need these ships to scout the island for signs of trouble! Without them, we are vulnerable. Do you think you could help me gather the parts necessary to repair them?"

  • Well Prepared

    Nar's camp seems to be buzzing. It appears he and his men are preparing for a long journey, and he is staring at what appears to be a checklist of provisions. "Ah, you there! We are headed into the mountains, but we need to stay warm. Think you could help?"

  • Rotten Beast

    "You there!" Nar shouts you over, "There is a wild serpent terrorizing my people, 3 lives lost this week alone." Nar turns and lets out a sigh of defeat, "No matter what we use to lure the beast nothing seems to work!" He slams his foot down, "Do you have something the vile beast may have a taste for?"

  • Fetch

    "Trespassers! So many trespassers! Hmmph. Oh, you again? Go make yourself useful and bring me a good walking stick so I can throw it at the next felvarg to come traipsing along."

  • Dragged Along

    "What is so great about these big events you keep speaking of? I cannot see any charm in being amongst such crowds, doing..." Nar squints and shakes his head. "Doing who knows what! Hmm. You really like them, do you? Fine. Bring me to one of these gatherings and the matter will be settled once and for all. But do not expect me to have any fun!"

  • Cloudy Delivery

    "Urgh. The rain makes my joints ache, but I need to deliver an important message. You do not mind a little cold, damp weather, do you? Travel there and report back with their response."

  • Flavorful Drink

    Nar stands beside a fire, grumbling under his breath. "All out of tea. I have no idea how I will get through my meeting with the other royals later without it. Last time I just about bit off Bleza's head. Do you happen to have time to get some? Herbal, calming... add a splash of mead and it can turn a raging bear into a bunny rabbit. Eh? No, I did not just call myself a rabbit. Get out of here!"

  • Lesson Learned

    "Isa has played his tricks on me for the last time!" Nar is in quite a fury, slamming his paw onto the table before him to punctuate his sentence. There is a determined glow in his eyes. "Find and teach that sly wretch a lesson for me."

  • Pointedly Terrifying

    Nar is overlooking his camp when you approach. "Say... does this look a little bland to you?" He doesn't give you a chance to respond before answering his own question. "I think we need some more decor around here. Something daunting that shows we mean business!"

  • Sleep Travel

    "Shh, no questions! You want to prove yourself to me, eh? There is something I have been wanting. I have heard about a potion that never fails to surprise even the most jaded souls. Green glass bottle, terrible taste. You drink it and wake up somewhere random. Have you tried one before? Bring one here, will you?"

  • A-Lotto Schemes

    "Hey! I have come up with a perfect money-making scheme. Have you heard of Varglotto? Yes, just buy 10 tickets. Trust me! You will win for sure." There is a suspicious glint in his eyes. You get the feeling he is trying to get you in trouble.

  • Cleverly Outsmarted

    "Ahh, foxes. Crafty things, do you agree? I would wager that the foxes here are much brighter than any you have hunted in Ulfrheim. Bring some of your pelts here and we can compare their colors."

  • Mischevious Shipment

    "One of my fellow royals has a shipment of goods traveling the paths of the island. They have been a thorn in my side for longer than I can remember. I would not be upset if that courier had a little accident, if you get my meaning. Nothing serious! Just a little prank. If the goods made their way here instead of to them, well, I would not exactly mind that either..."

  • Nearby Spook

    You come across Nar out in the middle of the woods, crouching behind a fallen log. "Good, you're here. Do you have an Eye Mutation, by any chance?" You look up to see Jera wandering around nearby, picking flowers peacefully. "Come on, hand it over! I just want to give her a little scare."

  • Bravery

    It takes a great deal of bravery to challenge those skilled Felvargs you hunt beside. Friend or foe, defeat or succeed your nature to continue to battle despite your failures or successes, as they do not speak for who you are as a Felvarg. Prove to me you have what it takes!

  • Foul Stench

    "I've got a great idea to trick Starkir. I just need some rotten eggs. They won't be so high and mighty when they stink, now will they? But you'll help me, right?"

  • Scouting Hawk

    Nar is looking upwards, a hawk soaring high above him. "Magnificent, aren't they? I've always wanted one as a companion... They are great for scouting up ahead. Do you know anything about hatching them?" Nar turns to you, his eyes eager for help.

  • Felcredits?

    "I snuck into Ulfrheim last night, word of a black market on the shores of Hearth drew my gaze. I located a rare item, however the winning bid was 6,000 Felcredits. What are those? Lend.. well... give them to me, friend, and I will owe you a favor."

  • Unguard!

    "Opals have got to be the nicest stones out there. Have you ever seen those fractured pieces we have around here? They are so shiny, so many different colors. I hear that Starkir's guards likes 'em too. In fact, she hoards them all when her little warrior friends find 'em. Well I want some too! I know that one of her guards carries a little pouch of them. Maybe if you best him in a match he will give you some."

  • Constant Vigilance!

    The nightfall has approached briskly, the darkness consumes the island like the eclipse did on the night of Fenrir's return. Behind you a twig snapping, you turn.. nothing..

  • Fix 'er Upper

    Nar slammed down the broken shield in frustration, splinters of wood flying every which way. "Stupid worthless piles of junk..." He mutters under his breath, before noticing that you're standing there. His lips curled upwards, motioning for you to come closer with a tilt of his head. "These things keep breaking on me. Go and gather some things to fix these up, we cannot have worthless materials like this."

  • Preparation

    Luck favors the prepared and now is the time for us to be ready! We need more weapons, go and retrieve more metal for my forges! If you get me this, I might let you fight alongside me as a true hero. Who knows, the bards may even make songs about you too! Bring 3 metal chunks of any metal to Nar.

  • Refined

    Nar can be seen hammering away within his forge as you approach, he immediately acknowledges you and steps aside, "Warrior, show me what skill you possess with this mighty creator. Prove you are worthy and I will allow you my favor."

  • Legends Never Die

    Ansuz sits upon the flickering flames, a conversation led by you results in Thurisa requesting you tell her the entire story, all eyes on you.

  • Born Leader

    You have been tasked with guiding a group of travelers through the treacherous forests of Jormungandr. How will you keep them from losing their nerve? How will you keep yourself from doing the same? You must prove yourself to be a natural born leader in order to impress the awaiting Nar.

  • Fuel the Fire

    While we do not need weapons of war anymore, it does not mean that the skills of the blacksmith have lessened. I need you to locate these items so I can make my delivery. You may locate these items yourself, or purchase/obtain them in any other way.

  • Respectful Champion

    Part of being a warrior is not only winning great battles, but learning respect and discipline to handle those that are lost. I have seen you emerge as a great champion, but now you must demonstrate these essential skills to me. I will be watching.

  • Victorious Brawl

    Nar squints suspiciously, looking down his nose at you. "I have my doubts that the warriors of Ulfrheim are up to snuff. Prove yourself worthy by besting another in one-on-one combat."

  • Raid Unmade

    "Bandits have been raiding places on the island. It is past time a stop was put to their actions. One of my helpers have fallen ill, and I need someone to watch my back during combat. Will you travel there with me to help teach them a lesson?"

  • Brute Strength

    The nights are drawing in and the chilling weather is taking hold of the summer warmth, pelts will come in handy during these times friend, bring me 3 buffalo pelts. I must be certain of their quality so you must hand select from your hoard. Be quick child, winter is coming!

  • Glory of the Ulfrheim Raider

    Raiders, child! Raiders! They are taking over the local villages we must act immediately. I've located their camp, prepare for battle and let us raid the raiders, friend. Time is of the essence we must hurry!

  • Hide and Seek

    Don't ask me why! I need these teddy bears for... something. Just go fetch them, and don't ask me questions, got it?

  • Skull for Skill

    Nothing says alpha of war quite like skulls. Bring Nar every skull you can find for him to add to his grizzly collection.

  • Setting The Trap

    "I heard some of the enemy troops will be passing through here in a few days. I got the word from a reliable source. Trust me. I want to set a trap for them, bring me back something I can work with!"

  • Stop Yolking Around

    "Would you have guessed that back in the day I used to raise chickens? An egg for every breakfast, that's what we would tell the kids! Makes you strong. Ah... but it's been a long time since I have had any time to spare. You know what it's like, don't you? Brave adventurer and all that. People to see and places to talk to!" He chuckles at his own joke. "Oh well... perhaps one day I will get to eat fresh eggs again. You never know!"

  • Supply and Demand

    Nar lurks nearby a freshly lit bonfire, brainstorming as he paces amongst the flickering sparks. He turns to you the moment he sees you approaching. "You there, stranger. You're not from around here, are you?" He squints shrewdly at you, the gears in his mind visibly turning. "I require metal bars in order to ensure my battle plans are a success. Do you have any? No? Fetch me some at once!"

  • Locate and Retrieve

    Ehwaz looks at you with an interested twinkle in his eye. "You look suitable, yes— what would you say to helping us? Fetch me some swords and we will teach you how to fight."

  • Know Your Weapon

    Ehwaz gestures you over and his ramblings are not making much sense, he requests you return the following items without a great deal of reason why. Act swiftly!

Nadhir Clan (Peace)

Lead by the gracious and humble Jera, the Nadhir clan is made up of peaceful and serene green-growers, felvargs passionate about tending to their beautiful land so that it in turn tends to them. Jera and her faithful followers believe there is no need for war, or power, or even knowledge beyond the land they live in; these sins landed her and her clan trapped in the bodies of beasts, afterall! Jera preaches kindness and equality, teaching those who will listen how to grow and nurture the world around them, or how to treat injury and ailment. Nadhir are at peace with who they have become, and live together in perfect harmony, regardless of their physical forms.
  • Berry Harvest

    "Oh, hello there! Say, would you be a dear and gather 5x Blackberries for me? I need them for a pie, but I cannot neglect my duties to find them myself."

  • Cat Herder

    "Thank goodness you're here! My prized White Cat companion has run off into the woods nearby. Will you please help me find it?"

  • String of Pearls

    Jera sighs wistfully. "I saw the prettiest pearl necklace at market the other day. If you come across one like it on your travels would you be willing to bring it to me?"

  • Travelers Tale

    "I often think about what Ulfrheim must be like. The next time you explore your favorite locations will you come back and tell me about your adventures?"

  • Winter Preperation

    We have received word that the pups in the Village of Heill are in need of warm winter cloaks. Are you willing to go to the market and buy some for them?

  • Credit From The Heart

    "Charity is a virtue too often neglected in this world. Can you prove you have a kind heart by collecting alms for the poor?"

  • Unprompted Assistance

    "The other royals are often too proud to seek assistance. Please offer your aid to one of them and report back once you've become friendly with one of their clans."

  • Scented Decorating

    "I would love some sweet-smelling flowers to decorate my home with. Will you go into the forest or travel to the market and gather some for me?"

  • Young Blessing

    "Children are a blessing, and I have heard of a special stone that can heal the sickness of young puppies. Do you think you could locate one for me?"

  • Pup Minder

    You come across Jera surrounded by a few young felvarg puppies. They are climbing and crawling all over her, but she doesn't seem to mind. When she spots you, she instantly grins. "Do you think you could watch the children for me? I have to run an errand. Maybe tell them a story or teach them something new. Good luck!"

  • Comfort

    A storm is brewing, and you find Jera pacing in a clearing. You can hear puppies whining in the distance, along with distant thunder. "Oh, thank goodness you are here! Do you think you can help me find something soft for the children to cuddle? They get awfully terrified in this weather, and I can't leave them alone for too long."

  • Tasting

    "Ah, welcome!" Kvasis calls you over excitedly from where he is sitting beside the fire with meat roasting over it. "I've just made the most delicious meal. Won't you have a seat and try it? Tell me what you think... Be honest!" You aren't one to turn down a free meal and happily oblige.

  • Quick Sip

    "I am having some guests come over, and they have requested my famous tea. However, I simply do not have the time to fetch more ingredients. Could you go out and fetch them for me? Don't share it with anyone! This is my secret recipe, Make haste!"

  • Paw Paints

    "Ahh, why is dye making so hard? Hey you there! You look like you could help a lady out! Could you gather up some berries for me? And some dirt?"

  • Paw-painting

    You hear the giggling of young puppies, and find Othila overseeing a painting lesson with the little ones! The puppies' paws are covered in paints, and there are various colors strewn about their leather canvases in all shapes and sizes. "Ah, perfect timing!" She says to you as you get closer. "We are running low on art supplies. Do you think you could bring us some more?" You are met with the pleading eyes of the young puppies. How can you say no?

  • Forged Carrier

    You come upon Jera in the smithy, looking rather confused as she gazed at the tools before her. In spotting you, she looks up with a hint of a smile. "I came to assist with fixing up some goods, but I'm afraid I don't understand any of these things. Would you be a dear and gather some things for me, and then come back here to lend me a paw?"

  • Shear Fabric

    "Wool truly is the most versitile fabric out there, I'm telling you." Jera said with a hum, looking up from the pile before her. "I wanted to make a large blanket with these patches of wool, but I seem to be a touch short. If you find any on your travels, please do bring them by!"

  • Fresh Catch

    "Fish are good for aching bones, the fresher the better! They are so full of good oils and fats, you know. You should bring some here, I'll show you what I mean." Jera tosses you a wink, a kind smile on her features. "Not that I'm calling you old, dear."

  • Birds of a Feather

    "Would you believe it? Two birds fighting over a stone." Jera scoffed, shaking her head back and forth with a small smile. "How trivial.. but it is imperative we keep the peace among all creatures here in these lands, even a couple of silly birds. Would you please bring another worthles stone back to me so that we may settle this crazy bird fight?"

  • Resurfacing Treasure

    "It seems I have... misplaced... my sunken treasure somewhere off the coast of Jormungandr. Can you retrieve it for me? Make sure that nothing has fallen out, either! You can take this map to help you locate it. Remember, X marks the spot!"

  • Offering of Kindness

    The kindness of Jera is not hard to see, and you have been able to witness it yourself. Upon hearing that she likes flowers, you decide to suprise her with the sweetest smelling one you can find. She seems touched at your gift, eyes wide as she gently touched the sprig. "Oh my... you shouldn't have. But thank you, it's so thoughtful of you." she whispered, beaming at you as she accepts your gift.

  • Family Hair-Loom

    "Woven wolf fur is thought of as a token of good luck by our warriors here. One of mine, however, has misplaced his and is despondent about it. A gift from his mother years ago, it seems. He remembers where he saw it last, are you willing to travel there and look for it?"

  • Buried Bipeds

    "I have heard that many humans perished in Ulfrheim. Do you think you could locate some of their remains as well as some items so that I can host a proper burial?"

  • Melodies

    Othila and Kvasis are trying to put a group of young puppies to bed. The puppies are still excitedly playing, and pay no mind to the adults. "Ah, this is no use! I have one last trick up my sleeve, but I need my flute and the soft glow of a lantern. You, there, do you think you can fetch those things for me?" Othila asks you.

  • Flower Power

    Jera lies in a bed of flowers off in the distance, looking distraught. Just in front of her paws is is the heart of the flower bed, its roots completely destroyed. Something or someone has clearly dug them up. Perhaps bringing the gentle mother three flowers of any type would cheer her up?

  • A Colorful Arrangement

    Othila looks up from where she seems to be arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She seems pleased to see your reaction. "It is almost complete... I just need a few more flowers to really make it pop! Do you think you could help me?"

  • Something Stewing

    The overwhelming smell of something delicious cooking brings you to Kvasis' den. A large pot sits over the fire, and Kvasis seems to be tasting from it. He frowns. "No.. no... This isn't quite right!" He turns to you. "Do you think you can help me gather some more ingredients for my stew? I'll be sure to give you a bowl in return!"

  • Berry Stuck

    You come across Jera struggling, jumping and reaching for a berry bush. Round, juicy berries dangle temptingly overhead, but they just can't quite seem to reach them! "Ugh, I can't reach these berries, I'm too short! Give me a paw, why don't you?"

  • Gift That Keeps Giving

    "Othila and I have a ritual where we deliver each other very specific items each year, but unfortunately I cannot attend it this time around. I would hate to see her disappointed by this though, so please find and deliver these items to her. She'll know what it's about!" Jera urges you on your way, waving you off with a smile.

  • A Helping Hand' er Paw

    Jera looks distraught as she sits at the base of a shrine, head bowed as breaths of wind blowed around her. Without saying a word, you sit at her side, gently leaning against her. You both sit silently for a moment, until finally Jera looks up at you with a weak smile. "The storm tore this alter apart, ripped it to pieces. It will take awhile to put back together." With a sigh she walked off, and you knew that you needed to fix this for her. Waiting until Jera was out of sight, you got back to work to fix the shrine.

  • A Night to Remember

    You find Jera scrambling around her hut, frantically trying to get various items in check as she held a list tightly between her teeth. When she noticed that you were standing in her doorway, she immediately rushed over to you with a look in her eye that could only spell out trouble. "You, I need your help. We are having the great feast in only a matter of hours and nobody informed me that we were missing items! I need these as soon as possible."

  • Guarded Remedy

    "I need to gather herbs and materials used for treating the sick, but the places that they are located tend to be particularly dangerous. Do you think you could come with me and offer protection?"

  • Feast

    "Oho, friend! Come over here a moment. I'm in a bit of a pickle, you see. We are having a celebratory feast in Village of Helli and one of the men, er-- vargs, in charge of supplies, he never showed up. I would be in your debt if you bring me something tasty to cook up before the crowd starts turning antsy. You'll be the guest of honor if you have my back here, I'll make sure of it!"

  • No Getting 'Round It!

    "Is there anything better than a good pumpkin pie? No, no, you won't convince me otherwise! I can prove it. Fetch me a nice looking pie from the market, and we'll share it together. The best that money can pie! Heh, I mean "buy"."

  • Currant Harvest

    "Friend, you have not lived until you have sampled a redcurrant. Oh, you've tried them?" She briefly pouts, but her eyes are nevertheless twinkling. "You are not made to wait long to find out why. If they're common in Ulfrheim too, would you be up for bringing me some next time you visit?"

  • Self Care

    Its always good to take care of ones self.Depict your felvarg showing Jera how they personally destress.

  • Remembrance

    Giving respect to those who have past is an essential part of the Nadhir culture. It is said that past spirits can often guard you from harm and so it is imperative that you give thanks. Depict your Felvarg helping to decorate the grave of a Felvarg who has passed.

  • Show off!

    It's important to raise the next generation right. Depict your felvarg inspiring the next generation by telling them a story or by showing off a special skill!

  • Peacekeeper Fever!

    Keeping the peace isnt always easy, depict your felvarg having to make the hard choice or maybe do something not peaceful to keep the peace.

  • Shelter Helper!

    Its spring and the critters of the forest need a home! Help Jera build them shelters by bringing back some resources.

Visindi Clan (Knowledge)

Lead by the supremely intelligent and sharp-willed Forvitni, the Visindi clan believe the key to controlling the world itself is raw knowledge. If there is something to be learned, Forvitni will find a way through whatever means necessary, supported by his faithful and strong willed followers. Visindi believe knowledge above all else is the most powerful attribute, above war, peace and power respectively. They believe themself supreme beings with a dangerous lust to learn more, and more. Forvitni plans to lead his clan to Ulfrheim where he believes his superior knowledge of the world will make him a king amongst kings, that all 'dirty natives' on the motherland will bow before his intelligence. He is not well received by the other clans.
  • Poetic Honesty

    "What do you think of Jormungandr, dear? It is a dangerous place, to be sure, but also full of beauty. I am a great lover of poetry. Will you write me a poem about the island?