The Ravens of Ulfrheim

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Deep within the forests of Melrakki lies a cave, like many other caves in the area it was shrouded in foliage and damp moss. The only discerning feature were two plants of wood, old and rotting in the moisture, propped up just inside the opening of the cave. It was dark with no flicker of light, but upon approaching, a raven would flutter out, landing on a nearby branch beside you to caw and stare at you intently. One by one more ravens fluttered from the darkness. Most were black, but some boasted other colorations such as white, piebald, cream... they all settled on branches to stare you down, bickering between themselves. It was unnerving, but as you focused your eyes into the darkness of the cave before you, felvargs began to emerge, some more rough-looking than others. As they took up a spot around you, a savage-coated male appeared, his blue eyes staring you down. "What brings you to the den of ravens?" he asked, a smirk gracing his features. --- The Ravens of Ulfrheim is a pack of mix and match mercenaries based in the underground cave network of Melrakki. Although some of it's members can be a bit rough around the edges, they are not inherently evil. Simply a group of like-minded individuals seeking fame, riches, or adventure. Interested in joining? Head on over to our website where you can find a link to our discord server, or find us on DeviantArt.

Pack Bonuses

Loyalty Paints
While passive all pack members may apply a paint free of charge, provided it was designed, approved and applied on the packs alpha.

Pack Tack
While passive all pack members may apply a custom accessory free of charge, provided it was designed, approved and applied on the packs alpha.

Berry Berserkers
Double all berries returned while adventuring alongside another pack member

Safety Net
When facing a fellow pack mate during 1v1 interactions, the losing pack member will not sustain injuries.

Homeward Bound
Felvargs earn an additional 1 EXP when depicted in their packs official rank 10 location, so long as they are accompanied by another pack member.

Expert Mountain Climber
Your ability to climb the vast mountainsides of Ulfrheim are increased, granting all pack members a 3% chance to return more valuable goods while mountaineering.

Unite in perfect harmony, all Felvargs in the pack will receive a 3% rarity bonus while fishing & tracking.

Expert Explorers
Use your skills and knowledge as a team to master your adventuring skills, granting all pack members a 3% chance to return more valuable goods while adventuring.

Birds of a Feather
Unlock the ability for an additional pack member to participate in the monthly quest alongside 2 others, provided they are all in the same pack, all three receiving rewards.

Reduce the cost of all breeding items purchased from the village market by 15%, provided the items are being purchased and used at the time of the breeding, by the owner of the Felvarg that is breeding.

When drawn as a pack (4+ different users/Felvargs) your wisdom becomes knowledge, allowing a 25% chance for a chosen Felvarg to return an additional item.

Your ability to explore the fierce caves below Ulfrheim are increased, granting all pack members a 3% chance to return more valuable goods while excavating.

Pack Perks
All items received in collaborated pack images may be sold back to the marketplace at an increased 10% total sell price.

Provides an extremely rare chance to locate a completely common/uncommonly rolled trait when depicted next to a pack member while diving.

Provides a small chance to roll a completely random trait on offspring in a breeding, that neither parent has present.

Call of Nature
When two Felvargs from the same pack breed together, the breeding in question will have a small chance to also return a randomly rolled breeding companion.

Pack Rank: 1 (50 PP)

Rank 1
All Felvargs get an extra +1 EXP when being depicted with other packmates.
(Stacks with Unite EXP Boost)
# Packmates: 14
Pack leader: SovBloodFeather
Pack Location:

Pack Is seeking new members!
Pack Cache


Total Items 54 | 26 Unique Items
Image Name QTY Sell Value
Small Game Hunter 2 600 FC
Title: Lady 1 N/A
Primrose Tonic 2 300 FC
Rune of Experience 1 1 FC
Beaver 2 1500 FC
Title: The Gentleman 1 N/A
Scroll of Knowledge 6 1 FC
Scroll of Peace 4 1 FC
Scroll of Power 8 1 FC
Scroll of War 3 1 FC
Lovebirds 2 1000 FC
Explorer 2 600 FC
Hedgehog 1 1500 FC
Handcrafted Sword 3 1000 FC
Cloverscale 1 1000 FC
Iced Snake 1 1000 FC
Pawpaints 1 1000 FC
Bear Cub 1 1500 FC
Tabby Cat 1 1500 FC
Bat 1 1500 FC
Raven 2 1500 FC
Scar Kit 2 1000 FC
Stone of Unakite 1 1000 FC
Shamrock Shake 1 850 FC
Cluster of Unakite 1 1000 FC
Splinter of Opal 3 650 FC
Total Items 0 | 0 Unique Items
Image Name QTY Sell Value