Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

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"The moon showered down on the earth, illuminating every detail of the forest floor. Fireflies teased the sky like makeshift stars while crickets softly chirped in the background. The crackle of the fire was soothing and the orange glow danced within the campsite casting deep shadows beyond its borders. As Loki approached the campfire, he was swiftly greeted by his heart’s desire, Aurora. He took a moment to take note of how the light from the fire licked at the edges of her delicate figure. How her emerald eyes grabbed hold of his and took him to a place he believed to be fiction. A place of peace, of tranquility where he could surrender to his desires and be safe in her embrace.

If he could freeze this moment in time, he would. If it was a power he could possess he would summon it and use it in this very moment, and hold it for an eternity. The embrace was warm and comforting yet at the same time they could feel their world crumbling down around them. Ears pinned to the side, Aurora pressed her head into Loki’s chest. The sound of his heartbeat was reassuring and a sound she craved not to lose. The pain in her chest stung like a bramble of thorns and her breathing shortened in turn. Loki lay his head curled around Aurora’s as he fought back the stinging in his eyes with sheer determination, his last visions of the love of his life, the Felvarg he was fated to, were not going to be blurry. He closed his eyes tight, pushing the pain down into his core where it swirled out of control, urging him to sweep Aurora up and jump through the portal with her. Loki pulled his head tighter around Aurora as a violent quake jolted him back to reality. He drew a deep breath with the sudden realization that despite all his attempts at gaining control, for the first time he was truly powerless.

Despite the two sharing not a word, both of them knew with nothing more than a glance what had to be done. To most this was a curse, closing the void in-between Helvalla and Ulfrheim. To Loki and Aurora? A blessing, locking the two together on the Island side by side as fate had intended. Loki choked back the urge to grovel, begging Aurora to allow the portal to close. Let fate decide who was here, who was there, who was anywhere. He knew all too well as the kindness and heartbreak grew in her eyes that such a request would be met with further hurt. For the first time in this very vessel, Loki felt a different kind of pain. Not one that encouraged rage or fury like most of those who knew him would expect, but the kind of pain that twisted his heart within his very chest rendering him useless and defenseless. Loki bit his own tongue anxiously as he bulked out his chest in an attempt to appear proud.

Aurora beamed up at him as the two locked eyes in a moment of silence before his words sliced through it, "I'll do this, but only for you," Loki's words rendered Aurora speechless, she fought to say something, anything, but not a single word surfaced. A tear welled in Aurora's eyes as Loki stood on all fours, and with a tender embrace he drew his tongue against her flesh bitten cheek, a taste so sweet no treat could ever compare, "Come now, we know what we must do." Loki reluctantly walked past Aurora towards camp, and at first she sat still facing away from him in conflict with herself, hurt filled every cavity in her body. Once he was a few steps away she turned to see his figure pause in wait for her as a single tear fell from her muzzle to splash along a crack the previous earthquake had unearthed. With a deep breath and closed eyes for a moment to choke back further tears from surfacing, she too stood up and trotted to walk now alongside him."

Depict both Loki, and Aurora saying goodbye.


Artwork: Images must include 100% of Aurora and Loki (No Accessories Required). Outside of these requirements we are allowing complete artistic freedom.
This final chapter will be judged against some of your best work to claim the completion reward.

  • FIRST PLACE: A Trunk of Relics ($200 Value)
  • SECOND PLACE: 1x Direct Relatively Marked Offspring to Loki x Aurora
  • THIRD PLACE:  (Selected VIA Group Poll) 1x Direct Relatively Marked Offspring to Loki x Aurora
  • FOURTH PLACE: (Selected VIA Randomly Rolled) 50 Cursed Idols

For completion alone all users who meet the requirements will be awarded: 2,000 Felcredits, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Elixir of Time, 15% Chance @ 1x Enigmatic Luckstone: Standard

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In the middle of the night, Ulfrheim witnessed a storm like no other. Everyfel hunkered down in their respective huts as the sky galloped across the land. Rain pounded against windows, threatening to break them open. Clouds rumbled with anger as they raced over the land. Swift winds press against huts and trees, emitting an eerie howl as the air currents seeped into every huthold. Every boom struck terror in the hearts of the villagers as it was hard to decipher if the sound was thunder or a falling tree. The shores of hongerige thrashed in a fit of rage, throwing ships into one another, breaking piers, and pounding against the rocky shores. As the waters took what they wanted from the land, ships that had been chewed to splinters by the rocky floor were spread along the beach like confetti.

The morning air was calm and quiet, a stark contrast to last nights storm. With a deep calming breath you emerge from the crumbling hut above you only to witness Freyja, exhausted and overwhelmed, scrambling to care for those wounded by the storm. Your approach sparks hope in her heart “Thank the shrines, you are okay. Please I need your assistance,” Freyja raises a shakey paw towards the shoreline “There are reports of somfel wounded on the beach, please be a dear and bring them to me.” You give a stern nod before turning tail and with swift paws, you race towards Hongerige.

No sooner do you feel the moist sand under your paws that you spot the Felvarg in question. By a large shipwreck you see Noah, severely wounded with lacerations down his shoulders, clumps of hair matted down with sand and seawater, and a limp causing his legs to buckle underneath him as he attempts to sort through the wreckage. As you approach you see Noah pulling at a large chest tangled up in a fishing net. “I’ve been out in that storm all night,” he wears his recklessness as a badge of honor and clearly ignoring the hazardous state he is in. As you do your best to mind Freyja’s request and convince Noah to return to the village with you, he snaps back viciously “Storms like that guarantee the finest loot! I will sooner perish from these wounds than to leave this treasure for somefel else.” The alpha tugged at the ropes but the large chest barely budged. Not wanting to fail your quest you insist that the chest will remain here if Noah will just come with you. Your efforts are in vain as Noah kicks a mixture of sand and splintered wood in your direction ”Fangless!” He hisses at you “If you help me break this chest open I will split the rewards with you….say 50/50 ISH?” Noah turns to you and offers a sly smile, 50 50 ish what is that supposed to mean?

Depict or write a story of your Felvarg attempting to either dragging Noah back to Freyja, or conceading to his wishes and breaking open the chest.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Message in a Bottle, 1x Sunken Treasure, 1x Turquoise Pieces, 1x Opal Pieces, and 1x RR Reputation Chest


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The wind currents gently carry the sweet and savory smell of berries from Foresti’s back all throughout the surrounding area of Sanna’s Grasp. The aroma attracts all walks of wildlife from birds high in the sky to squirrels down on the ground and Mielikki is no exception. The great beast has traveled far following the delicious fragrance and has found herself a way onto Foresti’s back. Mielikki follows her nose to a dense berry patch and begins to overindulge herself while remaining blissfully unaware of her surroundings. A sudden shift in Foresti sends a jolt of panic down Mielikki’s spine and she makes a run for it. Quickly, back to safety, she races through the thick underbrush only to find that she is unable to escape. Mielikki is stuck on Foresti’s back. A sea of disgruntled roars can be heard echoing throughout Sanna’s grasp as Mielikki attempts to find her way off the giant turtle. The situation escalates with every passing moment as the vibrations from Mielikki’s cry for help alarm Foresti causing him to become unsettled. This unnatural movement from Foresti is foreign to Mielikki’s paws. The situation is not resolving itself and you must be resourceful if you are to soothe both beasts before things get even more perilous.

Depict your Felvarg attempting to calm the situation as both Mielikki's and Foresti's panic rises.

1x BADGE, 1x Long Lost Treasures, 5x Berries3x Crimson Iris, 50/50 Chance for 1x Peace Keeper or 1x Noah's Hook Line N' Sinker,  and 80% Chance for 1x Flask of Instincts.
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