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Sacred Offering: Auuna (9)

Varglotto: 11500 Felcredits
04/05/2024 - 05/03/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Keijo's Sleeve

As The Broken Wheel fell quiet you felt tension in the air. Fenrir gave a stiff, curt nod as Hel looked to him with her head held high. “Ylva has told me of an incantation you wish to speak with me about,” Hel inquired. For a heartbeat, Fenrir held an intense gaze on Hel. Surely he could trust Ylva, yet here Hel stood before him as he presented subtle conflictions of her judgment. You watch as Freyja leans ever so closer to Fenrir, giving the reassurance everyfel needed to break the silence and begin. “Let us discuss,” she spoke with a soft tone of urgency. As the Alphas crowd around one another in a tight circle, they began whispering in quick succession. With a wave of her tail, Ylva dismisses you. You take your leave to give them space, trailing to the outside of the Broken Wheel. Your mind drifts to the captivating book that was full of information that would take days of study. What could the elemental symbols mean? Your mind reeled at the possibilities, your fur standing on end at the thought of such powerful dark magic.

With a small jolt, you are pulled from your deep thoughts as Fenrir rushes to catch up to you. His expression was unreadable, his eyes didn’t dare betray what his own mind was racing about. “As I was saying before,” Fenrir began, “I ask for one more favor.” Fenrir brings out the book he had shown you prior, as well as a book from his own personal collection. “You will need to traverse to the northern regions of the Village of Skalaness and locate a library by the name of Keijo's Sleeve,” he said as gestured for you to take the books. You tilt your head, taking the books within your paws as Fenrir continues to explain. “There at Keijo’s Sleeve you will need to search for books of each of the individual elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, Life, Shadow, Light, and Time.” He pressed on the two books in your paws, “These are so that you are granted access to the library. The keeper is not one to let go of his artifacts easily, a trade of equal value is required. I am certain he would gladly add these to his collection.” You nod in understanding, it was said that the locals had high respect for the library owner. Your paws tingled at the thought of stepping paw in the very place.

Wasting no time, you head to Keijo’s Sleeve. Sticking your head in the many dimly lit alley’s, you finally come across the one that leads to the tight corridor that hosts Keijo’s Sleeve. The musty smell of books and parchment floods your nostrils, the very sight of the many shelves full of relics was inspiring, yet daunting. Before you could get any closer, a small dwarf with a long beard appeared at your paws. With a gruff clear of his throat, he narrows his eyes at you. “The names Keijo, and you?” he grunted as he busied himself with the many scrolls in his paws. Before you could utter your name, you see that he’s inspecting the two books you possessed, his ears twitching with great interest as he exclaimed, “Ah, now where does somefel like you find such books!” Before trading the books off to Keijo, you sit and explain the situation.

“You need to borrow 9 books, each for a unique element?” Keijo sat stroking his beard, pondering about lending out so many books. You nod your head eagerly and leaned forward with anticipation as the seconds drew on. “You will find them here, each tucked away in their respective spot,” he spoke in a matter of fact tone, clearly proud of his organization skills. “However, I have much to do and cannot assist,” Keijo grumbled as he quickly tucked away the two books that you had given to him. With a wave of his paw, he sends you off into his library. “Be swift, and careful!” he barked back at you as he disappeared behind a curtain down a corridor. As the soft sound of rain started to patter just outside, you stood there amongst the many towering shelves, your fur prickling uneasily. It was time to start your search for the 9 individual books.


Depict or write your Felvarg inside Keijo's Sleeve as they search the many shelves within the library for the 9 Elemental Books.


1,500 Felcredits, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 3x Token of Eastertide, 1x Path to Valhalla, 50% Chance for 1x Stack of Missing Pages
03/20/2024 - 04/15/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Cosmic Flare

In the heart of The Vale of Whispers, silence reigned supreme under the watchful gaze of the full moon. A dense fog blanketed the land, muffling the once lively sounds of nature. Birds sought refuge, critters retreated, and even the trees seemed hushed. The absence of noise was deafening, leaving only the echo of your own breath in the stillness. Feeling a creeping unease, you scanned the fog for any sign of shelter—a cave, a hut, anything. But the mist veiled everything in an impenetrable blue haze. Then, a glimmer of hope—a distant orange light beckoned like a guiding star through the fog. Pushing forward against the thickening mist, you drew nearer to the light. Yet, the fog resisted, clinging to you as if to thwart your progress. With each step, it felt like wading through molasses, but determination spurred you on until you burst through into a clear meadow.

There, amidst the gentle glow of fireflies trapped in a jar, sat Estrid, her gaze fixed upon the heavens. "Welcome, fellow starchaser," she greeted, her voice cutting through the silence like a knife. "You've come to witness the Lyrids Meteor Shower, haven't you?" Joining her side, you nodded, drawn in by the allure of the celestial spectacle. "They only grace us once every hundred years," Estrid explained, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. "So we must seize the opportunity when it arises." As the first streaks of light tore through the night sky, Estrid gasped in wonder, her voice barely a whisper. Together, you watched as the heavens erupted in a flurry of shooting stars, each one more magical than the last. In the midst of the celestial spectacle, the silence wrapped around you like a comforting blanket, heightening the sense of awe and wonder. Amidst the quietude, you found solace, united with Estrid in the shared experience of witnessing something truly extraordinary.


Depict or write your Felvarg sitting in the middle of the Vale of Whispers, gazing up at the meteor shower with Estrid. The only light comes from the stars above, and the lantern of Estrid's.


1x Strange Potion, 1x Geode, 1x Lantern, 3x Flora, 50% chance for 1x Swarm of Fireflies.
Beast Hunt
04/04/2024 - 05/02/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST


As the embrace of a tender, warm breeze envelops Ulfrheim, it heralds the eagerly awaited arrival of spring. This season, celebrated by all creatures great and small, paints the landscape with vibrant life. The locals, with their furry paws and keen senses, are the first to notice the shift. Blossoms unfurl in a mesmerising display of hues, while the air is filled with the melodious symphonies of birds. These natural orchestrations resonate far and wide, their enchanting melodies reaching even the distant, imposing Path of the Fallen.

Venturing up these mountains, the jubilant signs of spring seem to fade, giving way to the lingering grasp of winter. The air turns brisk, a stark reminder of the season's reluctance to fully relinquish its hold. Breaths become visible, merging with the chilly atmosphere, as footsteps crunch over a fine layer of snow—winter's final whisper. Yet, spring's gentle persistence is felt, inching its way up the rugged terrain. Nestled deep within these mountains, a hidden cave plays host to a slumbering giant. Brunn, a magnificent bear, lies in hibernation, oblivious to the world's awakening. This great beast, with his thick coat and peaceful snoring, remains ensconced in dreams, even as spring beckons all life to stir.

The task of rousing Brunn from his deep slumber falls upon you. With a careful selection of offerings, you hope to appeal to his awakening senses. Sweet, succulent berries and the pungent aroma of fresh fish could be some of your chosen tools, laid gently before his nose in hopes of enticing the mighty Brunn. As the scents mingle in the air, a subtle stir—a twitch of the nose—signifies the beginning of awareness. A single eye, heavy with sleep, cracks open, gazing upon the world anew. But would it be enough to rouse him fully from his slumber?


Depict or write your Felvarg attempting to wake up Brunn as he lays within a cave in the heights of the Path of the Fallen.


1x Badge, 1x Strange Nordic Box, 1x Brown Bear Pelt, 1x Paracord Rope, 1x Geode, 3x Token of Eastertide (During the month of April), 3x Berries.
April 1st - April 30th
Recent News
April 02, 2024

Everyfel please put your paws together for this month's Varglotto winner Pawbelle! They walked home netting a nice 22,500 Felcredits! If you'd like to win it big next month, all you need to do is purchase a ticket! Anyfel can win! The lucky winner of this month's Potluck is BlackFurPictures who netted the new Import Background Set: Wickerweave! Congratulations Lyra, we are excited to see who you put on this beautiful yet spooky background! What will be the Potluck for this month you ask? 1x Trait: Tinker! This trait will give your Felvarg a 15% chance to locate Rune Coins, Felpoints, Pieces, Shards, or Fragments while participating in ALL group activities! That is a rare and desirable trait so do not forget to grab your ticket to win it today, you won't want to miss it!

Aunna softly and quietly approaches the Sacred Offering Altar. Small pink flowers gently glide to the ground in her wake creating a faint trail of where she had walked. Her vibrant green cloak waves in the gentle breeze. With her ears pinned back, she averts her eyes from the crowd that had gathered around her, "....Hello." Her voice was but a whisper, barely audible by the few that were closest to her. 

 -  Kiwi & Team Felvargs

March 01, 2024

A whopping 37 tickets were handed out for Varglotto but only ONE is the winner! Holding the winning ticket number 9 is the very lucky BlackFurPitcutes! Congratulations, your pockets feel 28,500 Felcredits heavier! Feel like filling your pockets next month? First, you will need a ticket! As everyfel gathers around the potluck chest, only the winning ticket holder can take home the precious prize nestled within. Congratulations to Grimm-oire, within their paws is the winning ticket number 1 and 1x Bottled Cloud! Curious about what we might toss into Potluck this month? Oh, just the new Import Background Set: Wickerweave that we've all been drooling over since January. If you want a chance to win it, come on down. It only takes one ticket to win it! 

What's this? An alpha has made the long journey from Jormungandr to stand at the Sacred Offering Altar in Ulfrheim? What a unique occasion that you surely won't want to miss. Sol is busy getting comfortable at the Seat of the Alpha and has brought a plethora of valuable goodies from his homeland to share with you!

 -  Kiwi & Team Felvargs

March 01, 2024

We would like to give a big thank you to our Nitro Boosters for boosting the server for the month of February! You will find that the following rewards have been added to your cache: 1x Accessories, 1x Long Lost Treasure, and 1000 FC. The lucky winner of the Alpha Slot Raffle is beau-tifullywritten who won a slot to the nervous and mellow Riftu 6019! Congratulations, we appreciate your continued support!

-Bird& Team Felvargs

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