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Sacred Offering: Ursa (788)

Varglotto: 23000 Felcredits
04/05/2024 - 05/03/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Keijo's Sleeve

As The Broken Wheel fell quiet you felt tension in the air. Fenrir gave a stiff, curt nod as Hel looked to him with her head held high. “Ylva has told me of an incantation you wish to speak with me about,” Hel inquired. For a heartbeat, Fenrir held an intense gaze on Hel. Surely he could trust Ylva, yet here Hel stood before him as he presented subtle conflictions of her judgment. You watch as Freyja leans ever so closer to Fenrir, giving the reassurance everyfel needed to break the silence and begin. “Let us discuss,” she spoke with a soft tone of urgency. As the Alphas crowd around one another in a tight circle, they began whispering in quick succession. With a wave of her tail, Ylva dismisses you. You take your leave to give them space, trailing to the outside of the Broken Wheel. Your mind drifts to the captivating book that was full of information that would take days of study. What could the elemental symbols mean? Your mind reeled at the possibilities, your fur standing on end at the thought of such powerful dark magic.

With a small jolt, you are pulled from your deep thoughts as Fenrir rushes to catch up to you. His expression was unreadable, his eyes didn’t dare betray what his own mind was racing about. “As I was saying before,” Fenrir began, “I ask for one more favor.” Fenrir brings out the book he had shown you prior, as well as a book from his own personal collection. “You will need to traverse to the northern regions of the Village of Skalaness and locate a library by the name of Keijo's Sleeve,” he said as gestured for you to take the books. You tilt your head, taking the books within your paws as Fenrir continues to explain. “There at Keijo’s Sleeve you will need to search for books of each of the individual elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, Life, Shadow, Light, and Time.” He pressed on the two books in your paws, “These are so that you are granted access to the library. The keeper is not one to let go of his artifacts easily, a trade of equal value is required. I am certain he would gladly add these to his collection.” You nod in understanding, it was said that the locals had high respect for the library owner. Your paws tingled at the thought of stepping paw in the very place.

Wasting no time, you head to Keijo’s Sleeve. Sticking your head in the many dimly lit alley’s, you finally come across the one that leads to the tight corridor that hosts Keijo’s Sleeve. The musty smell of books and parchment floods your nostrils, the very sight of the many shelves full of relics was inspiring, yet daunting. Before you could get any closer, a small dwarf with a long beard appeared at your paws. With a gruff clear of his throat, he narrows his eyes at you. “The names Keijo, and you?” he grunted as he busied himself with the many scrolls in his paws. Before you could utter your name, you see that he’s inspecting the two books you possessed, his ears twitching with great interest as he exclaimed, “Ah, now where does somefel like you find such books!” Before trading the books off to Keijo, you sit and explain the situation.

“You need to borrow 9 books, each for a unique element?” Keijo sat stroking his beard, pondering about lending out so many books. You nod your head eagerly and leaned forward with anticipation as the seconds drew on. “You will find them here, each tucked away in their respective spot,” he spoke in a matter of fact tone, clearly proud of his organization skills. “However, I have much to do and cannot assist,” Keijo grumbled as he quickly tucked away the two books that you had given to him. With a wave of his paw, he sends you off into his library. “Be swift, and careful!” he barked back at you as he disappeared behind a curtain down a corridor. As the soft sound of rain started to patter just outside, you stood there amongst the many towering shelves, your fur prickling uneasily. It was time to start your search for the 9 individual books.


Depict or write your Felvarg inside Keijo's Sleeve as they search the many shelves within the library for the 9 Elemental Books.


1,500 Felcredits, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 3x Token of Eastertide, 1x Path to Valhalla, 50% Chance for 1x Stack of Missing Pages
06/16/2024 - 07/15/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Fjord Fumble

In the mystical land of Helvalla, the time has come for the annual migration of the Fjord herds to their summer pasture. This year, the task is more challenging than ever before. The land itself is alive with the vibrant energy of the changing seasons, and the creatures within it are equally affected. The responsibility falls to Kjanu, the renowned Fjord herder, whose remarkable resemblance to the very animals he tends has become the stuff of legend. His wild hair, reminiscent of a Fjord's mane, and his calm, steady demeanour make him a trusted guide for the herd. However, even Kjanu, with all his experience and wisdom, finds himself in need of assistance this year. The herd has thrived and burgeoned after a particularly bountiful spring, and now they face the arduous journey from the Scarlett Woods to the fields around Maeleanott.

Kjanu’s task is monumental. His herd, larger than ever before, is full of spirited foals that frequently break away from the main group, causing the mares to panic. These young foals, full of energy and curiosity, often dash off into the underbrush, oblivious to the dangers that lurk within. Their antics send waves of anxiety through the herd, making the journey even more challenging. The path from the Scarlett Woods to Maeleanott is fraught with both natural and supernatural challenges. The rugged terrain, combined with the presence of Felvargs and other creatures, makes the journey perilous. Kjanu needs help in both directing the herd and keeping the foals under control, and the mares calm. The foals’ rambunctious behaviour threatens to disrupt the entire migration, making the need for skilled and fearless helpers all the more urgent.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to aid Kjanu in this epic migration. This is not a task for the faint of heart. You will need to navigate the treacherous paths of the Scarlett Woods, where the very ground seems to shift and change beneath your feet. You must learn to listen for the subtle signs of danger, to distinguish between the natural sounds of the forest and the cries of creatures in distress. Your ability to calm the frightened mares and corral the spirited foals will be tested to the utmost extreme. The journey will demand all your skills, courage, and resolve. However, the reward is worth the effort: the safe arrival of the herd at the lush fields around Maeleanott, where they can thrive throughout the summer, free from the threats that stalk them in the woods.


Depict or write your Felvarg assisting in the herd migration, be it in driving the herd forward, calming the anxious mares or trying to deal with the energy filled foals that keep breaking away. Your entry should take place in either the Scarlett Woods or around Maelenott.


1,000 Felcredits, 1x Satchel of Peaks, 3x Flora, 25% chance for 1x Fjord Pony.
Beast Hunt
07/06/2024 - 08/02/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST


The sun sits high in the summer sky, its golden rays casting a relentless heat over the land with barely a cloud to keep it company. A gentle breeze occasionally sweeps through Ulfrheim, providing its inhabitants with fleeting moments of relief from the blistering heat. The lakes of Ulfrheim, teeming with vibrant aquatic life, signal the arrival of Reynir's most profitable season—fishing season. Fisherfels flock to the docks, eager to take advantage of the fertile waters, casting their lines, nets, and cages into the shimmering lake. Crates stuffed to the brim with fish are fiercely guarded by their owners, each Felvarg keen on turning a substantial profit from the bountiful catch.

Nearby, Mielikki, having taken up residence in the area, had remained unusually dormant throughout the spring. However, the lively commotion of the bustling village pulls her from her late hibernation, the pungent scent of fish in the air reminding her of her priorities. Hungry and in search of a quick meal, Mielikki begins to wander towards Reynir’s Landing. With remarkable ease, she breaks into nearby crates, plucking the plumpest fish from their stock and satisfying her hunger.

Eyrr, a determined fisherfel who had arrived days prior to claim the prime real estate on the docks, was confident this year he would beat Noah’s record. He guards his crates fiercely, watching with growing anxiety as Mielikki wades ever closer. Panic erupts on the docks as Felvargs everywhere flee the scene, the air thick with tension and fear.

"You there!" Eyrr calls out to you, catching sight of you as you watch the chaos unfold. His voice is urgent, desperation etched in his eyes. "I have worked too hard to claim this spot this year, and I will NOT see it ruined by that beast. Be rid of her, and I will award you handsomely." His stance is resolute, standing firm in front of his precious crates of fish. "Do not let her touch a single scale on my loot." The challenge is clear, the stakes high. Will you rise to the occasion and protect Eyrr's hard-earned bounty from Mielikki's ravenous grasp? The fate of Reynir’s most profitable season hangs in the balance.


Depict or Write your Felvarg attempting to keep Eyrr's bounty away from the hungry Mielikki.


1x Badge, 1,000 Felcredits, 1x Waterlogged Goods, 1x Sunken Treasure, 1x Imbued Lure, 25% chance for 1x Gnarly Brew (Unique).
Recent News
June 08, 2024

Congratulations to AngeIyte for winning this month's Potluck netting them the rare and ever sought after Seahorse companion! Saying that I am jealous is an understatement! What will fill the void next month you ask? Well 1x Blanket of Shadows of course. Not only does this item grant you the ability to apply 3x unique physical mutations to your Felvarg but it also allows you to customize the lineart of those mutations without the use of an accessory! This item can be yours for a mere 1,000FC to obtain a Potluck Ticket! Making out like a bandit is Bird for holding the winning ticket to this month's Varglotto! They bring home 19,000FC from the whole pot. Will you be next month's winner? The only way to find out is to enter in!
Ursa's presence at the Sacred Offering altar almost casts a heavy shadow over the entire atmosphere. A cool breeze sweeps across the island as the celestial goddess herself stands firm, cloak waving in the wind. Her intense gaze sent a wave of unease through the crowd who sat ready with offerings for the Mother Equinox. 

Today we are excited to announce Endless Dreamer 7187, owned by Oddly as Felvarg of the Month for June! If you have no idea who this Felvarg is, you must be blind as she can be found almost anywhere. From the far reaches of Fenrir's Incisor to the depths of Helheim's Gate, Endless Dreamer has explored it all. Anyfel who has the pleasure of running into her quickly realizes that they have made a lifelong friend in Endless Dreamer making it obvious that they claim the title of Felvarg of the Month. Join us as we howl to the moon in honor of Endless Dreamer!

 -  Kiwi & Team Felvargs

June 03, 2024

We would like to take a moment to thank our Nitro Boosters for boosting the Discord Server for the month of May! You will find that the following rewards have been tucked away in your cache: 1x Long Lost Treasure and 1x Elixir of Time. The lucky winner to the Alpha Slot Raffle is doc-hoIIiday who won a slot to the scholarly and adventurous Oisin 1547! Congratulations, we appreciate your continued support!

 -Bird & Team Felvargs

May 07, 2024

Join us as we congratulate Luckysammy for scoring last month's Potluck allowing them to take home the elusive 1x Trait: Tinker! What will be the prize this month? We fished up the ever saught after Seahorse! This companion will help you locate a plethora of common traits while participating in starter group activities! Last Month's Varglotto climbed up to a hefty 16,500 Felcredits! The lucky winner of the whole goes to Skellicorn! Congratulations! If you want to see your cache fill up with some sweet sweet Felcredits you'll want to make sure you purchase a ticket! You must be in it to win it!

Noah approaches the Sacred Offering altar stopping only to study the water's surface. Spending most of his time in the docks of Hearth and traversing Hongerige, it is rare that he has the opportunity to fish in freshwater. The alpha casts out a net and anchors it to the dock before stepping onto the Altar. "Well hurry it up, the fish wait for nofel." He grunted at the gathering of Felvargs before him.

 -  Kiwi & Team Felvargs

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