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Sacred Offering: Halla (3641)

Varglotto: 26500 Felcredits
01/15/2024 - 02/16/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Eosteric Energy

Fenrir approaches the steel laced wooden door of The Broken Wheel. This very ale house nestled deep within Hearth is known as one of its oldest establishments, and it locks its doors as dusk draws on to carry out questionable activities. Mostfel would need traverse behind and knock 5 times to gain access to the brothel's many curious happenings and in a particular pattern to levy results. The Great Father however? Well rules need not apply. “We’re closed!” A female's voice could be heard in a scolding nature as she cracked the door shadily. Her tune immediately changed when she would find Fenrir standing before her unamused expression plastered on his face. Almost immediately she fumbled over the locks on the door, attempting to open it faster than her paws would allow her, “Just a moment!” She would call out not once or twice, but three times as she struggled nervously. Fenrir glanced back at you with a soft grin on his face, with it he would shake his head left and right slowly. Eventually the barkeep would reveal the dim lit room and the sound of crackling wood from a nearby fire as she pinned her ears back apologetically. “My sincerest Apologies, Sir.” Fenrir would nod in her direction before motioning you to enter first.

What appeared to be a closed establishment from the outside, once inside revealed Hearth’s nightlife. A single Felvarg rolling her figure across the bar in singsong as many otherfel roar in excitement interrupts the silence the streets of Hearth held dear. It was fleeting as the barkeep looked left and right outside before she slammed the door shut behind both you and Fenrir and the silence befell the village once more. Chaos unraveled within as drunken Felvarg down pint after pint, tables lined with poker and smoke from those with pipes danced thick in the air. Fenrir pays them no mind as he continues onward through the brothel to a door that was shielded by darkness, dimly lit in the corner. He enters first and you follow. Once inside the ambiance changes. The trinity, alongside various other alphas are in deep conversation around a round table. They all fall silent as Fenrir approaches. “It’s him.” He speaks as the whispers begin. You can only assume by him Fenrir is speaking of Oracle and clearly everyone in the room understood who Fenrir was referring to as they spoke concerns aloud.

A firm and sharp voice slices through the gossip rendering the room speechless, “Infinis.” Everyone now turns their attention to an uncharacteristic Ylva, most confused but some expressing concern between one another quietly. Fenrir narrows his eyes at Ylva, confused how she would even know such a word. She interrupted the silence, “Hel spoke of an incantation Infinis has confided upon her in seek of guidance.” Fenrir’s expression tenses as Ylva speaks Hel’s name. Freyja who was nestled beside Fenrir injects, “Infinis, this is dark magic you speak of.” Ylva turns her head to her shoulder for a moment to collect herself before she responds, “Yes but it’s a binding spell, Infinis uses esoteric energy from various elements to bind a soul.” Freyja looks to Fenrir now with concern. Fenrir breaks his gaze and returns it to Ylva, “Why has Hel shared such a thing with you?” His words have a hint of agitation. “We share everything.” Ylva brazenly responded with confidence.

Ylva now cuts through the crowd as she makes her way towards Fenrir, “If I asked Hel, I’m sure she would explore Infinis’s encantation. Perhaps this binding spell could be of use. Oracle is Oracle afterall, he will not be contained by simply asking him politely. He will use magic. Dark magic.” The room grows ever tense as Ylva continues to speak, “We must counter magic with magic, no?” Uhma who has been sitting quietly observing the conversation finally injects, “Infinis was a dark soul, Ylva, dark and so very lost.” This much was true, everyfel who knew of Infinis could confirm. Ylva nods in agreement, “Yes, and this very incantation he was exploring was done so with intention to capture and bind the soul of our very own Ulfr.” Ylva speaks as she looks to the many concerned faces in the crowd, Ulfr who had been one of them grunted irritably, “Failed attempt.” He would correct her sharply.

Ursa clears her throat to capture the attention of the room, “Failed is correct, the spell backfired and bound Infinis himself. As clever as such an incantation would be, as ever interesting as it might seem to explore it. I care not to find myself or Uhma in such a position.” Ylva shifted her gaze to the walls for a moment before speaking, “I would never ask such a thing from either of you, but Hel, I believe Hel could successfully cast such a spell.” The conversation was washed away by various voices that now cast judgment on Hel and if she can be trusted. This continued until Fenrir’s word forced silence once more, “Enough!” Immediately and without hesitation the room falls silent, each Felvarg making eye contact with Fenrir in search of guidance. “Are you not worried it might backfire on her? Or of her intentions Ylva?” Freyja would ask with concern. Ylva shook her head without hesitation. “I trust her with my life, with every life in this room. In time I hope you all will trust her as I do. Even tonight she insists she not be here for the comfort of the very people who speak ill of her.” Ylva made note to glance at those who used a spoiled tongue upon Hel just moments ago. “She is the best spellcaster we know, fail to forget it was her words who saved us all. All of you.” Ylva glares out now in judgment.

Fenrir’s looks to Freyja, then to Ylva before he nods, “Clear the room.” Obediently everyfel makes haste to the main bar, but before you can leave Fenrir calls you back. He sends Ylva to fetch Hel and asks you stay close until the two return. Infanis? You know not of this word but Fenrir begins to tell you the tale while the two of you wait patiently. Before you both as you share a hot drink Fenrir lays a book, which he then opens to reveal various elements.


Depict or write your Felvarg sitting within The Broken Wheel in Hearth with both their beverage of choice and map with the following elements etched upon it. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Death, Life, Shadow, Light, and Time.


1,500 Felcredits, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Love Potion, 1x Berry Bush, 50% Chance for 1x Flask of Risk
02/20/2024 - 03/19/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST

Windward Bound

The warm welcoming spring sun illuminates the land, painting them in bright golden hues. The peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor reach up and towards the heavy spring clouds as a cool breeze weaves between the mountainous range eagerly. Spring wasted no time setting root upon the many Islands, and just like the many years prior flora burst from the well fertilized and tended lands. Birds sing song as they dance high upon the many forest branches, their shadows swimming in the foliage below. Felvargs leave the safety of their hollows and homes, shaking the remainder of winter free from their eager to soak sun coats. Winter has finally broken, and welcome is the many shades of flora and herbs that sprout on the once barren ground. Locals take pride in helping the Island of Ulfrheim prosper each and every year. How, might onefel ask? Eagerly, most any Felvarg from Skalaness would respond.

Fleetroot. A market that lay nestled within the heart of Skalaness. Here the locals pride themselves in their crop each year and tell a tale to those walking within their pawsteps. Each year the locals of Skalaness encourage anyfel who might listen to play a vital part in Ulfrheim’s blooming success. Pouches of seeds and fertilizer line nearly every caravan in the market’s round. How much might somefel ask? Free to any Felvarg willing to travel to the peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor. The winds that whirl upon Fenrir’s Incisor are said to travel in the shape of a blanket, roaring through the Island’s center where it doubles back in Heidrun’s most dangerous passages. Each year Felvargs obtain a pouch of herbs and fertilizer from Fleetroot and traverse to the very peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor where they then release the pouch within the very breeze that carries them to their final resting place. These northern winds sweep them up with great anticipation and quickly travel south dispersing them upon the many locations in their path.

You too, must play your part. For whatever reason willing or not you have been roped into participating in this year's bounty. As the sun now rises upon the peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor you find yourself at eye level to welcome its morning glow. The northern breeze whirls around your figure as you inhale the crisp air, releasing all of the tension your body held captive. It hushed over the land and the very earth itself held its breath as you had. As you exhale the breeze rustles your fur sending a chill down your spine, almost as though it had hugged you before continuing its journey down into Valhalla effortlessly and with purpose.

You pick up the pouch of seeds and fertilizer and open it cautiously, using your mouth you grab the bottom of the pouch and in one swift felswoop you release the many fauna in the northern breeze. It is quickly swept away, but not before dancing right before your eyes. Almost as if it thanked you before eagerly soaring down the peaks. Even if it was against your will, you can not help but feel empowered by such a task, and next year's spring? Every flower you seen happily reaching for the summer sun would remind you of this very morning, where you did your part to help Ulfrheim prosper and flourish into something far more beautiful than onefel might be able to describe.


Depict or write your Felvarg as they stand on the highest peaks of Fenrir’s Incisor. Where they release a pouch of seeds into the next gust of wind that dances before their eyes. Be sure to include the seeds as they mingle with the breeze that swirls around your Felvargs figure.


1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Fresh Fertilizer, 3x Rune Coins, 1x Odin's Flask of Senses 50% chance for 1x Bag of Winds.
Beast Hunt
02/03/2024 - 03/02/2024 | 11:59:59PM IST


The once serene expanse of Haldor's Pass transforms into a scene of impending disaster as winter relinquishes its grasp on the landscape. The gradual thaw, fueled by a rise in temperature, metamorphoses the once-stable snow into a precarious mass. What was once a haven of pristine snow becomes a potential harbinger of chaos, a volatile force waiting to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting pass below. The tranquillity that defined the region is shattered by a deafening roar, echoing through the valleys and canyons, a thunderous precursor to the impending avalanche. Among the diverse array of creatures dwelling in distant lands, Felvargs prick up their ears at the ominous boom, a forewarning of imminent disaster. The very air seems charged with tension as the echoes of the impending avalanche reverberate across the vast expanse, a sound that transcends the boundaries of distance and resonates in the hearts of all who inhabit Ulfrheim.

The heart-wrenching twist in this tale of nature's fury comes with the anguished cry of Heimdallr, an ancient mammoth whose presence is both revered and integral to the ecosystem. Unbeknownst to him, the feast of berries within the pass becomes a tragic backdrop to his entrapment. As the cascading debris buries him beneath the weight of nature's wrath, Heimdallr's colossal tusks and mighty trunk protrude desperately from the entangled mess. His cries of distress, echoing through the mountains, are not merely a plea for personal salvation but a harbinger of potential doom for Ulfrheim. The urgency intensifies as the realization sets in – Heimdallr's distress calls, shaking the very foundations of the mountains, carry the ominous potential to trigger additional avalanches. The fate of Haldor's Pass and all of Ulfrheim now hangs in a precarious balance, a delicate equilibrium disrupted by the forces of nature. The residents of Ulfrheim, now face a daunting race against time. The impending danger demands a swift, coordinated, and courageous effort to rescue the trapped mammoth. The stakes are not only the salvation of a majestic creature but the prevention of catastrophic consequences that could cascade throughout the land, demanding the utmost resourcefulness from those who seek to aid the distressed beast. He must be dug out with haste, but also with a care to soothe the great mammoth to try to soften his cries. The impending doom of another avalanche lays thick in the air, the weight of the situation difficult to shoulder.


Depict or write your Felvarg attempting to dig out Heimdallr. It must be done quickly but carefully, as one more loud cry from the beast could send more of the packed snow down the side of Haldor's Pass.


1x Badge, 1x Strange Nordic Box, 1x Yellow Snowball, 3x Lily, 2x Opal Pieces, 50% Chance for 1x Pristine Pickaxe
February 1st - February 29th
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February 05, 2024

Congratulations to Crooked-Wolf for winning January's Potluck prize 1x Rune of Dominance! What is in this month's Potluck chest you ask? A rare Bottled Cloud! Have you ever wondered how we capture clouds in those bottles? Do we have trained hawks who fly up to the cloud with a bottle? Do we wait for a foggy day and run around catching them? Who knows how we make them, just worry about how YOU can get one! All it takes is a single ticket and you too can have a piece of the sky right on your shelf or open the bottle and apply it to your genotype and see how it alters the base coat! Varglotto soared up to an impressive 22,500 felcredits! Who was the winning ticket holder? None other than Beau-tifullyWritten! Congratulations, your winnings have been jealously placed in your cache! While you can purchase as many tickets as you want, it only takes one ticket to win it all! Be sure you sneak your tickets in today!

Maps have been properly rolled and fastened. Ropes were wound neatly so as not to tangle them. Coins have been polished and tucked away. Halla secures her adventuring tack to her tunic before heading to the Sacred Offering Altar tucked neatly away behind the Seat of the Alpha. Halla is quite the adventurer, I wonder what kind of goodies a Felvarg of her nature will have with her?

 Kiwi & Team Felvargs

February 01, 2024

We would like to take a moment to thank our lovely Nitro Boosters for boosting the server for the month of January. You will find that the following rewards have made their way into your cache: 1x Elixir of Time and 1000 FC. The lucky winner of the Alpha Slot Raffle is none other than Thunderwolf2113 who won a slot to the selfish and indifferent Crowe 594! Congratulations, we appreciate your continued support.

-Bird & Team Felvargs

January 03, 2024

Starting this month's Group Games winners we have BlackFurPictures who walked away with 21,500FC from Varglotto! Congratulations Lyra! Looking to net yourself a large sum of felcredits this year? Don't forget to join the monthly Varglotto, you have to have a ticket to win! Cracking open the Potluck safe to find 1x Dominant Seasonal Marking is our lucky winner Meruseitai! Congratulations, we can't wait to see which marking you choose. Wondering what is in next month's Potluck? We've started the year off strong with the incredibly rare Rune of Dominance! This rune will randomly effect a single marking on an unused genotype turning the marking into its dominant form. Who wouldn't want to get their paws on this item? 

This month we welcome Orion to Sacred Offerings! Along with her, she has brought a pawful of useful and hard-to-find goodies, you will not want to miss out. Swing by and say hello! 

Kiwi & Team Felvargs

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