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Sacred Offering: Eldr (4204)

Varglotto: 10500 Felcredits
03/28/2023 - 05/19/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Full Circle, Flame Born

You stand before the void, and oh how familiar this feels. Once upon a time you stood before this very void as you considered jumping within it for the first time, aware it could mean sudden death. Here you were again, in the very same place, except this time? Well it somehow felt even closer to death than the unknown you had experienced before. Your tabs flicker as you hear Hel’s paws thunder through the cave below sobs rolling from her chest. The sobbing stops for a moment as Hel whispers an incantation between each wave of tears. Just as you shake your head to rid yourself of distractions so you can think some rocks next to your paws begin to quake. Oh what now? Hel’s incantation grows louder but is still inaudible as you hear a growl snap from her muzzle. Silence falls upon the cavern, and you’re confused. Just as you release the tension from your muscles the entire cavern begins to shake violently, you turn to flee to safety but the passage caves in on itself as the very skies above you begin to crumble right before your eyes forcing you to step backwards.

A choice? What choice? You can turn and leap into the void or die here beneath the rubble of The Spine of Odin. You turn to gaze into the void but the path beneath you equally collapses as you plummet into the void below. As you’re falling you see Hel running towards the void with her eyes closed and with one giant leap she collides into you. You both violently dance in the darkness until you’re spit out by the void and crash into Helvalla’s grips with no remorse. Things are no better here on the mountainside as the quakes continue but you quickly try to stable yourself. Hel grunts as she too pulls her figure back to all fours, “You!” She charges at you disorientated, “How long were you there?!” Hel demands your answer but she is interrupted by Sindridva.

Overhead a dragon releases a sea of fire down upon the Island causing both you and Hel to stumble backwards away from one another. The fire now separates the two of you, threatening to eat Helvalla whole. For a moment you’re relieved Hel cannot reach you but equally you take two when you notice Sindrivda in the skies circling back for round two. Hel growls in agitation and as she turns to face the dragon she sideeyes you. “Go! Find Ylva!” Hel turns her gaze back to Sindridva. She bares her teeth as the fire on her left threatens to singe her already sooted coat, “Get here you oversized limp-wing clutch.” Hel whispers menacingly. Find Ylva and do what exactly?

Hel kicks off from the ground and breaks into a sprint before leaping off a nearby mountain edge where both she and Sindridva disappear below the mountainside. You take a few steps backwards anxiously as the two appear again. Sindrivda screeches as she backflips in the air, an angry Hel is attached to her neck in a blind rage. Fire spews in every direction as smoke tapers off into the sky. One last glance showed Sindridva rocketing towards the void with Hel still attached to her face.

You shake your head, turn and sprint into the opening of a nearby cave, safe from the flames, where you are almost immediately greeted by whispers. You approach cautiously as Helvallian Felvargs and Felvargs alike gather in the large gaping cavern below, frightened and filled with terror. It was very different to the first time you had walked into this very cave, where the rebellion had prepared to take Helvalla back by storm. Despite canvasing the room there was no sign of Ylva. Wonderful.


Depict or write your Felvarg having tracked down Ylva as she enters the hollow of Maeleanott. Your Felvarg should be stood before the gigantic tree cautiously as the entrance bursts with magic.


1,500 Felcredits, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Elixir of Time, 1x Fated Feather, 1x Inferno Stone, 25% Chance for 1x Hel's Hellish Heuristic Curse


Have you completed every phase within Chapter 3? Include previous completion to be awarded 1x Exclusive Achievement, 1x Dragon Egg, 1x Magmatic Crescent Thorn (BoA)
07/06/2023 - 08/05/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Drink with a Sailor

An inky, black storm rolled over Hongerige, it's flashes of lightning touching the angry waves. Ships quickly tried to turn around and back towards the docks of Hearth, but the Hungry Wolf sloshed against their hulls with all her might. The groan of tearing wood could be heard all the way inland, ships threatening to be torn asunder as the rain pelted down relentlessly. The dock guards grew more and more nervous as the night stretched on, being mindful to count each fisherfel as they moored. Only one Felvarg remained - Noah. The stubborn alpha had refused to return home until he hauled in his net, looking like a drowned rat when he finally landed in Hearth. His ship was missing half a mast, other bits floating on the angry waves behind him as he disembarked his vessel.

The pub was packed that night, everyfel doing their best to wait out the storm. A bard played loudly in the corner, the echoing sound of music and mirth shaking the rafters. In here, it was difficult to hear the din of the storm. Was it the crash of thunder, or the booming laughter of the Felvarg five meads in down the way that shook the pub? All that sound, however, came to an abrupt halt as the double doors were flung open. Noah stood between them, soaked to the bone, glaring into the establishment as a crack of lightning outlined his form. Nofel dared to speak as the alpha made his way to the bar, his soaked body flopping on the empty stool beside yourself.

Several heartbeats later and still all was quiet, only the hammering plop plop plop of water dripping off Noah and hitting the wooden floors. Finally, he slammed his paws on the bar, a mighty growl ripping from his throat. "Oh drink and be merry, you loudy slought. Don't let my most horrible o' nights drag ye lot down," he shouted. Several Felvargs glanced side long at each other, but slowly the merriment of before returned.

With a heavy sigh, Noah turned towards you, a weary look on his aging muzzle. "Come now, have a drink with an old sailor," he muttered in a gruff voice, waving the barkeep over. "Two claps o' thunder, if ye please," You were in no place to deny him, he had clearly had a rough night and was not about to give you the option of turning him down. In front of the both of you slid full mugs, an odd odour wafting up from the odd coloured drink. Your nose wrinkled upwards in disdain, but already Noah had downed half of his. Burping loudly, he swung his head towards you and squinted his eyes, putting his face close to your own. "Wha'r' yee waitin' for, drink up!" Unable to deny the sopping wet alpha, you reluctantly turn towards your own mug, wondering just what on earth this concoction was. Not even a questioning look at the keep brought any answers, leaving you with no choice but to take a sip.


Depict or write the after effects of your Felvarg having consumed the curious concoction. Noah failed to mention a mere sip could lay out the toughest of sailors and for weeks to follow the locals whispered about what the two of you had gotten up to during your impromptu adventure.


1x Fresh Fertilizer, 1x Red Festive Christmas Present, 1x Stack of Missing Pages, 1x Helpepper, 1x Hel's Blazefury, 1x Noah's Hook Line N Sinker, and 50% chance for 1x Essence of Trickery
Beast Hunt
06/03/2023 - 07/02/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST


The effects of Sindridva’s arrival and the battle that ensued as a result can be felt across the land in many ways. As you travel the lowlands of Haldor’s Pass you notice Hermodr flying overhead in unusual patterns before suddenly descending down onto the ground. It is uncommon to see the giant eagle with his claws touching the land, something must be going on to have beckoned Hermodr from the skies. As you race over you notice the giant eagle standing in front of Inkeri, and she appeared to be pleading with the beast. Upon your approach, Inkeri turns to you. “I am glad you’re here,” Her voice was shaken with upset as she did her best to catch you up to the dire situation at paw. “The earthquakes have caused multiple caves up on the mountains to collapse,” She motioned to the mountain peaks surrounding Haldor’s Pass. “My beloved Missandei was leading a hunting party through the mountains and has not returned, I fear she is trapped.” Inkeri looked between you and the giant beast Hermodr “Please can you work with Hermodr to find her?”


Depict or write your Felvarg traversing the disheveled mountainside with Hermodr flying overhead in search of the cave-in that contains the missing Alpha Missandei. The Alpha does not need to be depicted.


1x Badge, 1x Geode, 1x Hawk, 1x Pristine Pickaxe, 1x Strange Potion, 50% Chance for 1x Hawk Eye
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June 01, 2023

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May 01, 2023

Here ye, here ye! -flips out a few note cards- I welcome you all here to help me congratulate two wonderful people tonight. First, we will congratulate Crooked-Wolf for winning 20,000 Felcredits in Varglotto! That is a lot of felcredits, think of how many accessories you could buy with that? Second, we throw our hands in the air for AlternativeEnd for taking home 1x Makeover Kit from Potluck this month! Which Felvarg will you be giving a fresh new glow-up, I wonder?

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