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Sacred Offering: Freyja (1093)

Varglotto: 10000 Felcredits
11/01/2022 - 11/29/2022 | 11:59:59PM IST

The Inbetween

Months had passed since Loki and Aurora had parted ways. A tragedy so many endured as the two could be seen aimless wandering Helvalla and Ulfrheim reserved and brokenhearted. The odd quake held Helvalla tight within its grasp even still as Loki slipped through the void on occasion to capture a glimpse of Aurora. Each time it did Aurora would pause for a moment to allow the rumble beneath her paw pads to wrap around her like a hug she wished would never end. Everything had returned back to normal now, or at least this new normal everyone had tried desperately to adapt to. Felvargs traversed to and from Helvalla and Ulfrheim using the void within Helheim's Gate as if one were traversing casually through the many villages on Ulfrheim.

Imagine, living in a world where jumping into sheer darkness, the unknown, would be done so willingly and with so much trust. The alphas have taken over Hellheim's Gate now, making the once treacherous mountain path a sacred place protected by those most revered. Guides were present around the clock to navigate the cavern's many twisting corridors leading up to the void. Normal? Perhaps too normal? So normal that what happened next left a great many Felvargs jarred and filled with terror.

A day like no other, with a task like no other you find yourself traversing from Ulfrheim to Helvalla. The void despite being a usual form of transportation still gives you pause. After taking a moment to collect yourself you leap inside the void. Something changed, what is normally a split moment of darkness quickly turned into a violent storm of wind, rain, and an unbearable burst of heat so intense you can feel the tips of your fur curl and become brittle. The smell of smoke is in the air, but when you open your eyes and painfully shuffle to your paws, the darkness causes you to blink a few times rapidly as you attempt to bring anything into focus. Where are you? This void has taken you through to Helvalla and Ulfrheim a great many times but this? This is not Helvalla. This is not Ulfrheim. You look left and right, but nothing, you're surrounded by sheer darkness, ever consuming and ever daunting. You appear to be in a corridor of some sort, you call out but all you hear is your own echo which trails on unusually long until it fades into nothing. Up ahead you spot some torches upon the cavern walls, it smells damp and the light while present is hardly enough to help unveil where you are.

Still you eagerly approach the light ahead, what else could you do? Once you're there you can softly make out multiple corridors. You strain to listen but outside of the soft flickering flames you're left with complete silence. 1, 2, 5, 10, there are so many corridors that choosing just one will prove difficult. Where are you? And is back an option?


Depict or Describe your Felvarg in true darkness. Despite the darkness we should be able to visually see your Felvarg is indeed your Felvarg.

Storybook Requirements


1,000 Felcredits, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Bag of Magical Beans, 1x Elixir of Time, 75% Chance @ 1x Black Market Map (?)
11/10/2022 - 12/06/2022 | 11:59:59PM IST

Feast of Giving

Ask any Felvarg and they will tell you that the best place to be as the leaves begin to change is in the heart of Skalaness. Every year, the village comes together to celebrate a successful harvest. They say that the food is plentiful and the drinks are not half bad either! Felvargs all over Ulfrheim look forward to such a feast. However, following the fire that swallowed Skalaness 4 moons ago, the locals have found it quite difficult to recover their lost crops and as a result, spirits are at an all time low. If you stepped into Skalaness today, you would not ever think a Harvest Festival was about to take place. If there would have been food, it would have filled the streets with a delicious scent, it would have drawn a crowd into the center of town. If there were drinks, a horde of Felvargs would have been tightly gathered around the stands, cheering and congratulating each other. If there had been decorations, the town would be lit up with color and spirits, but it was barren and silent. The lack of festivities saddened Brynjar greatly. Standing in the center of the village, he could feel the great sadness that loomed over Skalaness and was determined to bring the village back to life. For the sake of Felvargs everywhere, and also maybe his own stomach, the Feast could not be canceled this year. He looked forward to this feast every year and he was sure others did as well. Suddenly an idea popped into his head, if Skalaness could not provide a feast for Ulfrheim this year, maybe Ulfrheim could provide the feast for Skalaness! Yes of course, this was sure to work, there are plenty of Felvargs out there and together they can lift the spirits of the great farmers of Skalaness. He hurried to spread the word. "Skalaness needs help, everyfel bring your best forward, whatever you have be in a single apple, an award winning pie, or even just a piece of cloth to drape over a table. Please bring food though. We will provide the feast for Skalaness and they will eat well tonight." Bynjar traveled to every Village rallying any Felvargs who would listen, hear his plea, and lend a paw.


Depict or write a story of your Felvarg bringing their item of choice to the grand feast in the Village of Skalaness.


1x Long Lost Treasure, 2x Cranberries, 1x Healing Salve, 1x Sack of Acorns.
Beast Hunt
12/04/2022 - 01/02/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST


The quakes in Helvalla may have ceased, but the damage that they have done seems to know no bounds. The island of Ulfrheim weeps, weather becoming wild and unpredictable as a show of their islands scars. The land seemed to still be recovering, a ripple effect of the massive amounts of damage that the world shaking earthquakes caused. Everyfel was praying to whomever would heed their cries, begging and hoping that the new moon would bring forth the change that they so desperately needed. And so, every Felvarg waited on baited breath as at last the new moon made its ascent. But the moon did not bring them peace, in fact she carried a storm unlike anything the island had seen before. A winter storm struck Ulfrheim, freezing everything in its path as it ravaged the lands below in the middle of the night. Felvargs awoke to the wicked howling of the wind, their idle fires no longer enough to keep the cold at bay. Farmers are left to scramble to their fields in a meagar attempt to save their crops, fisherfels raced to their lines and boats, pulling and tying everything down so that they didn't lose their entire livelihood. In a matter of hours, ice floats started to form over the fierce waves of the Hungry Wolf, pushing the chilled ice towards the shores of the Village of Hearth. Massive walls of ice boxed the villagers in, separating them from the lifeblood that was the ocean. The ice formed so rapidly upwards that it tore anything that dared stand in its path, tearing boats asunder like they were nothing but a mere stick. Splintered boards from the damaged ship stuck out of the ice wall like thorns, crashing into anything else that lay undamaged. Docks themselves were severed from their roots, splinters flying into the nearby village. Some boats had managed to stay intact, but were swallowed by the wall of ice, remaining completely encased inside. Unfortunately, the villagers of Hearth were not the only beings to be affected by this barricade of ice. Hallstein had been resting on the village's shore just as the storm hit, leaving him stranded between walls of ice on the beach. Panic fills the tusked beast as he is cut off from his home, his deep bellow making the walls around him quake. His paddle like tail slams against the beach, trying to make the walls come tumbling down, but his efforts were futile. Not caring about his own safety, he startled to run at his barrier of thick ice, slamming his massive body against it. Shards of ice and wood crumbled around him, scratching his thick skin as they fell. The torn boat planks threatened to spear the beast as he continued to careen himself against the wall, desperate to return home. Already an alarm was sent to assist the villagers, but a new one went out just as quickly. Efforts have now turned to helping bring Hallstein back to Hongerige, before he harmed himself -- or Hearth. If he managed to crash one of the ice walls down, it would collapse on Hearth, flattening it into the frozen ground without warning.


Depict your Felvarg trying to safely break down part of the ice in order to allow Hallstein to return to the ocean. Be careful, shards of ruined boats stick out every which way, some too unstable to even support the weight of a Felvarg.


1x EXCLUSIVE BADGE, 1x Chest of Pilfered Goods, 1x Harpoon, 1-3x Frostgil, and a 50% Chance for 1x Shrine.
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December 01, 2022

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December 01, 2022

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