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Owned by: DingoEtc
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Sacred Offering: Rhye (592)

Varglotto: 19500 Felcredits
08/29/2023 - 09/25/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST


Sanctuary? Mostfel wondered what this word meant when Aurora howled the word out during the confrontation between Nar and the Helvallian locals. While most locals were aware of what Sanctuary was, those not local to Helvalla would be left to guess. Sanctuary had not been declared for so long the word was nearly foreign even to those who did know of it. A great many years ago Helvalla was under the protection of a pack known as Eostrilaris, led by its most revered Alpha, Eptara. Eptara was worshiped and Eostrilaris was feared by all those who threatened Helvalla. Eptara deemed her pack as the passageway to peace, and during these times Helvalla was said to be under a blanket of Sanctuary. Safe from all those who wished it harm. A throne was built in her honor which later would be deemed the Crescent Throne and during her reign Eptara was said to have frequented the seat of which her followers had built with their own paw.

The trouble was next to no Felvarg Helvallian bred had ever seen Eptara in the flesh, and her pack? Nomads that never shared they were a part of Eostrilaris. This made some of the locals deem this story to be nothing more than fairytale, yet those who challenged Helvalla, or Eptara and Eostrilaris would be ‘taken care of’ as Eptara had threatened during her reign of Sanctuary. These were times of peace and for Helvallians of olde they speak of these times as the times before worry set. One day rumors spread of Eptara perishing and with it Eostrilaris. Locals wasted no time fighting for the throne and it quickly became apparent to Helvallians it was no lie. Without a trace Eptara and Eostrilaris faded into the past, and a monument was created in their honor by those who reminisced about them. Eptara’s Way they called it, and still to this day they pay tribute to the great statue and mourn those lost with poppies in their wake.

There are a great many theories as to where Eptara and Eostrilaris went, but these were nothing more than whispers of dark magic and death. Dark times washed over Helvalla and a raging war for who would lead would soon follow in the shape of bloodshed for a hungrier than Hongerige taste of power and royalty. A great many Felvargs sat upon The Crescent Throne, ranging from months to even days before perishing or being forcefully removed. This claim for power was quickly silenced when Loki entered Helvalla and the Hellhounds that flooded it fell within his pawsteps in search of a greater power. Loki made promises he would soon find he could not keep. The throne would eventually choose him, as the need to rid Ulfrheim of its inhabitants washed over his rational state of mind. The peaceful Island soon was an army built on revenge and spite.

With Sanctuary now declared Felvargs from all known clans, Ulfrheim, and Jormungandr would soon be offered the choice to follow. The trouble is, without a direct invitation from Odin himself, onefel could not simply walk within the village and deem themselves a part of Sanctuary. Odin made one thing clear, while he would honor Sanctuary and find balance within Helvalla, he would have no part in the Throne and to lead Helvalla? He cared not to do so.

Waves crash upon the ship as it lulls most of the passengers into a rest, one final rest as the Islands that were spoken of were nearly in view to the east through the encroaching fog. Whispers between Hel and Ylva catch your attention as you’re passing in the night in search of fresh water. A word in particular slices through the silence as Ylva’s tone is filled with concern, “Then who would sit the Throne?” Throne? What was she talking about? Hel catches a glint of your eyes as she welcomes you into the conversation, “Well come in then,” Hel looks to Ylva then back to you, “Unless you prefer to eavesdrop instead.” You bite your tongue, but Ylva quickly welcomes you, “Odin refuses to sit the Throne, but if not him then who?” Have you given it much thought? Both Ylva and Hel look at you now, curiously waiting for you to answer. Through all the chaos it didn't dawn on you that somefel would take the Throne within Helvalla. Until now most assumed it would be Nightfall but after the floods she was yet to be located. Brewing revenge more than likely in depths darker than mostfel would travel willingly.

By sunrise the ship would dock upon the Island silhouette it approached and if it were Ulfrheim there would be no doubt that Fenrir and the others would already be alerted to the ship approaching, where they would be waiting with more questions than you, Hel, or Ylva could stomach. The thought was enough to make the three of you seasick. With eyebrows furrowed you couldn’t help but wonder how Ylva planned to tell Fenrir or The Trinity about her and Hel. Yikes.


Depict or write your Felvarg standing upon the ship's highest point with Hearth’s Docks in sight. The sunrise peeking over the horizon will offer visual through the light and encroaching mist. Remaining stars will soar overhead reflecting off the water's mirror as hope shines through for the first time in a long time.


1,500 Felcredits, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Satchel of Peaks, 1x Pouch of Pearl Dust, 1x Cursed Helvallian Blade, 50% Chance for 1x Mr. Puffin

How did this blade end up in your things? Curiously you tuck it away for later.


Including Hel and Ylva will give you a 75% chance to return 1x Soulmate Trait
09/15/2023 - 10/15/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Between the Fray

The leaves sway past one another sending a cascade of sun rays dancing across Melrakki’s forest floor. Your ears perk forward to listen to the hammering of a woodpecker overhead, digging for its next meal. The soil beneath your paws is soft and well worn, a result of the years of travel these very paths have seen. Truth be told there was nothing that seemed out of the ordinary as you made your way through the green veiled forest towards Skalaness, and as you found yourself feeling comforted by your familiar surroundings, a rumbling growl followed by what sounded like a jaw snapping shut so abruptly causes you to freeze in observation taking a defensive stance. Birds overhead suddenly take flight filling the canopy above in disarray and panic. It doesn’t take you long to canvas the surrounding and determine where the commotion was deriving from, just to your left two Felvargs scrap within the underbrush.

The once calming sunrays dancing upon the forest floor are now littered with flecks of fur and dirt. You cautiously approach to peer into the altercation behind a curtain of branches and bushes. It’s Einar, and the Felvarg he is fighting with is one you do not recognise. Solid black in color, with blue flecks throughout its figure. Its lip is bleeding, likely due to Einar and it appears visually in pain and wounded. The two break free of a tangle, each visually bracing themselves for another punch, you can’t help but notice their chests expand and collapse rapidly as though both were exhausted. Einar breaks the silence that befell the forest as the two refuse to break eye contact, “Let The Great Father see you traversing these forests, filth!” Each word is filled with malice and sting. The soot coated Felvarg twitches its lip as the word filth rolls off Einar’s tongue teeth barred in agitation.

Without hesitation Einar lunges forward again, the sudden impact between both Felvargs causes you to step backwards briskly, the snap of a branch beneath your paws causing both Einar and the figure to peer in your direction. You lower your head cautiously as the silence is broken by the dark figure bolting off into the woods. Einar turns angrily and snaps at the air in its direction then lets out a low growl of frustration. This causes you to step forward and when Einar sees it is you he is less than impressed, “You, now look what you’ve done.” He seems visibly irritated that due to your distraction his opponent fled successfully. With his paw Einar rubs away blood that trickled down from his left ear before walking off back turned to you, nose pressed to the ground in track. You are left dazed and confused about the entire altercation but something on the forest floor catches your eye. What’s this? A shard from Einar’s unihorn. It appears to be glowing and warm to the touch as you hold it within the center of both of your paws. Interesting.


Depict or write your Felvarg as they discover the glowing shard from Einar's horn in Melrakki. Einar would be descending into the woods and must be visible.


1x Handcrafted Sword, 1,000 Felcredits, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 5x Berries, 1x Oracle's Bloodcursed Cleaver, and 1x Raffle Ticket for 1x Unihorn Applicator


Once quest concludes the group will randomly roll a singular winner to be awarded an exclusive Unihorn Applicator, at which point they may apply it to an uploaded Felvarg of their choosing for a cosmetic quirk.
Beast Hunt
09/04/2023 - 10/02/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST


Through the ashes of disaster, new life spawns. The forests of Uflrheim are beginning to rebuild, all but one. The woodland surrounding the Shrine of Ragnarok has refused to grow back despite the best efforts of its locals. Everyfel who found themselves drawn to the blackened land, would find themselves mourning not only the lives lost during battle, but the land that seemed to have given up hope and life. The locals fear that the forest is running out of time to reseed before winter takes hold of the already barren forest, dooming that last breath the forest holds helpless. Several alphas had begun to congregate around the shrines in hopes to lend aid to the sacred woods, restoring it to it's former bittersweet but foliage consumed glory.

You stand in the clearing yourself, paws already blackened with soot. The smell of charred cedar mixed with the floating dust from the earth making it difficult to breathe as your nose crinkles in irritation. There is a somber note in the air, your ears slicking back as you try to take it all in. Even though you have seen these burnt patches before, something in the atmosphere today makes your chest ache. As the alphas debated on how best to encourage regrowth, a hush quickly blanketed the crowd when none other than Sweyn approached with her curled tail laid snugly around her side. Appearing so publicly was a rarity but a blessing given her affinity for the clairvoyant arts. “Debate if you wish, but to utilize the beast Eir would be most wise.” Her tone was devoid of all emotion but commanding as if challenging anyfel to dare question her words. Eir, the name is familiar, elders roar stories of old in relation to the beast that most anypup will have heard. An elusive but passive beast whos backside nurtured a variety of foliage with properties unlike anyfel had ever seen. If it were to fall from his blessed growth, new growth would burst forth from the fallen vegetation, forcing life into even the most deadest of paths. But he was no more than a slumber time story, and quickly Sewyn noticed the disbelief on everyfel’s face. Her brow furrowed as a response to their skepticism but she continued to scan the landscape before her “The land has seen yet another tragedy and for that it suffers once again.“ Sewyn gently places a rather large pouch of curious dust upon a tree stump in front of everyfel in the discussion. The satchel is stitched in the shape of flora and ferns. “It is said Eir is attracted to land, when all hope on those lands are lost. So there is no doubt the beast is closeby. Shy as he is it will take more than you calling him forward to get his attention.” Sweyn was right, even if Eir did exist he would not be drawn out by name alone. You approach cautiously to inspect the satchel but Sweyn places a single paw upon it to pause you, "This mixture is unlike any normal fertilizer, when mixed with the seeds you have prepared to spread they will coax Eir forward." What Sweyn did not say was this very mixture was given to her by Uhma, the great beast had owed her a favor.

Hastily, you spread the mixture upon the crate of seeds and mix it gently. Once you nodded your head with approval everyfel began to grab a pawful as they dispersed in various directions to spread the unusual mixture of seeds and powder. The vibrant colors of the floral seeds and curious powder contrasted with the burnt and dormant ground below it, bringing to light just how blackened the charred earth had become. It was almost as if the powder was glimmering, reflecting from the rays of morning sun that sliced through the forest limbs above. You chose to go north and as you grab another pawful and begin to help, a single cerulean butterfly settled peacefully on your paw. You grow distracted by it as another butterfly of a similar shade breaks your curiosity by landing directly on your ear. You flick it in agitation as it tickled at you. A nearby crackle alerts allfel near you, including yourself. All eyes pull upwards as the scarce best moves towards you through the dead thicket. With every timid step that he takes, plants sprout in place of hoof prints. He is nervous, but his curiosity of you and attraction to Sweyn's curious concoction are far too tempting for him to ignore. foliage spirals outwards like a fork of lightning, an abundance of flora sprouting with every step he takes. The forest surrounding his figure bursts back to life right before your eyes. Butterflies dance and land upon him trustingly as they follow in his wake, settling on the delicate petals of the new life that Eir had brought forth. Pausing a few paces from you, Eir shakes out his mighty form, casting clumps of moss off of his body, petals flutter from his regal figure as smoke pours from his nostrils now pride in his form. Where the foliage settled, life burst forward like a fountain, saplings sprouting upwards towards the sun.

Everyfel stands in disbelief as you bow your head before Eir to pay tribute to his aid in restoring the forest, the two of you never break eye contact. Eir breaks the silence with another deep exhale and brisk shake to release the tension his body held captive. Just as he finished the great beast leapt towards you and sliced through the sea of Felvargs behind you, leaving foliage in his departure as he bounded out of sight. What a moment to share with a fabled beast, and what campfire stories you now could tell just as the elders had once done for you.


Depict or write your Felvarg standing before Eir as the beast proudly presents himself to you. Foliage will be bursting from the great beast, taking hold of the nearby shrine in Ragnarok.


1x Badge, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Lilith's Satchel of Nature, 1x Fresh Fertilizer, 1x Liquid Fertilizer, 2x Mushroom, and 1x Moss
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September 04, 2023

Please put your paws together for Chamodile for winning last month's Potluck and taking home 1x Trait: Diver! Additionally, we would like to give a big round of howls for our very own Hight Queen Kit who made out like a bandit in Varglotto netting herself an impressive 23,000 Felcredits! Wanna win big? Join this months Potluck and Varglotto for a chance at some delicious goodies.  

Out with the surf and in with the turf! As Noah steps away from Sacred Offerings, everyfels favorite farmer fel Rhye steps up to the plate. His bag is stuffed to the brim with various items that you might find helpful in other areas of the group! You won't want to miss this month's Sacred Offering!

- Kiwi & Team Felvargs

September 01, 2023

We would like to take a moment to thank our Nitro Boosters for boosting the Felvargs Discord server for the month of August. The following rewards have been tucked away into your cache: 1x Waterlogged Goods, 2x Mushrooms, and 1000 FC. The winner to the Alpha Slot raffle is OllieBeanzz who scored a slot to the crafty and resourceful Rosewood 1788. Congratulation, we appreciate your continued support!

-Bird & Team Felvargs

September 01, 2023

Somehow summer went by faster than ever and September is officially upon us! We are happy to announce this month's Felvarg of the Month Lum 6789, owned by DingoEtc! Right after Lum took her first steps in Ulfrheim, she has gained the trust of many throughout the island. Lum keeps showing her trustworthiness by being the first one to volunteer to help on any matter and I'm sure we have a lot more to see of her adventures. Lets gather around for a ceremonial Awoo!

- Eerea & Team Felvargs

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