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Owned by: FaintSuzu
Group Games

Sacred Offering: Rhye (592)

Varglotto: 19500 Felcredits
02/21/2023 - 03/22/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Pneuma Effect

Hel is stood before you in Manavik Weave, Heidrun is curiously quiet. Under her breath the beast speaks an incantation before bolting off into the ticket. She left you standing there, dazed and confused. Something catches your eye off in the distance, it is rustling within the tall grass of Heidrun. Blue fiery flickers trickle up into the sky as it rummages about within the brambles. What is that? You cautiously take a few steps forward towards the mysterious creature. You have had enough jarring encounters for one day, and so you approach guarded. What in Fenrir’s name is that? The creature turns sharply to stand square before you, it sniffs the air in your direction before it baits you to follow it. The beast is in wisp form, and you feel oddly compelled to listen as it attempts to guide you somewhere. Its eyes glow a shade of white with golden flecks within it. Runes float around its small figure.

You recognise all of these features almost immediately. It appears as though the incantation Hel had spoken summoned a spirit beast of Saetta, you have heard of the rumors of The Shrine of Saetta in Helvalla and the beasts it holds, but you have yet to see a spirit beast from those parts in the flesh. Fabled stories say the beast you see will take the shape of your soul's spirit. It is also said most Felvargs will live an entire eternity without meeting their souls spirit. Those who have speak of it as an out of body experience.

The spirit freezes before you as it bows its head. You look left and right, should you bow back? The spirit holds the bow as its eyes shift up towards you. You lower your figure to meet the spirit in a bow and when you do the spirit turns and bolts off into Heidrun. It’s now or never, you choose to bolt after the spirit as it soars through the forest, weaving in and out of the many thicket trees. Before long you find yourself stood before a passage as it leads up towards The Spine of Odin. You skid to a halt as you observe your surroundings, the spirit also freezes as it turns to you, taunting you while standing before a crevice in Odin’s rockface. Why would the spirit beast lead you to The Spine of Odin? Why would Hel summon such a beast to guide you somewhere without warning? You have a decision to make and fast as the spirit loses patience and squeezes within the crack. You take one last look behind you before forcing your figure within the split. Unsure still of where the beast is leading you, you follow with a hope it is not to your end.


Depict or write your Felvarg seeing it's inner spirit beast in wisp form for the first time. What beast is it, and what was the encounter like?


1,000 Felcredits, 1x Geode, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Elixir of Time, 1x Rune of Bountiful Berries, 35% Chance for 1x Shrine


Depicting your spirit beast VISUALLY will provide a 25% chance to return 1x Kataja's Rune of Partnership
03/06/2022 - 04/05/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Pack your Poison

The last of the snow has finally melted away, and Spring has fully taken over Ulfrheim. Even with its bursting and inviting flora, there seemed to be a lingering feeling lurking in the shadows of the undergrowth. The world was still torn asunder by the recent happenings Nightfall raged upon it, but for once, Felvargs allowed themselves to take a deep breath of relief. You found yourself upon the docks of Reynir, spring meant a greater fishing haul, given the fish would all rise to the surface to nip at each raindrop as it hit Lake Reynir eagerly. The market on the docks held the most valuable treasures for some reason after these storms had reigned their terror. You browse through the many market stalls as a multitude of vendors shout you over to view their wares. Today appeared like any other spring day in these parts, or at least until what had happened next caught you by surprise.

You spin to turn towards a nearby tavern and crash into Uhma. The giant titan disregards you and breaks back into a thunderous trot towards the Drift n' Parcel. The Felvarg's on board the ship packed to the brim with packages to be delivered cannot hear her over the rustle and bustle of the market, "Wait!" Uhma stumbles as she drops a parcel and then picks it up once more in a panic, "Wait! Stop!" It's no use the ship had already been in motion and too far into Reynir to hear her cries. Earlier that very morning Uhma had prepared a very special healing vial for Fenrir himself, to be consumed by none other than Ylva, his first born daughter. She had succumbed grave injuries from previous happenings in The In-between and because of this she needed a 'special brew' to encourage healing along. Uhma had left the blue tinged vial laid upon some leather wraps as she too took advantage of the markets plunders, but while she was away gathering supplies somefel had snuck into her hut and replaced the vial with another vial. Despite the two vials appearing the same, one had been tainted with a poison so strong a mere sip could end the largest titans life.

How did Uhma discover this you ask? By locating the vial she had made, blue ribbon weaved around it as she had done so by her own paw, and on her work bench? A concoction of the most poisonous plants lay crumbled within a blue substance. One whiff and Uhma immediately understood what had happened. At this point Uhma turns to you her expression equally poisoned with worry. Before you can even ask her what was wrong she rushes up to you in desperation, "I have no time to explain, I need you to intercept a package meant for Fenrir, and exchange it with this one. I sent it off not too long ago through the Drift 'n' Parcel. If you make haste, you can cut them off at the bridge into Sandfel," she pressed out, nearly breathless. You try to question her, but she shakes her head in a great fluster and urgency. This was clearly important, and you were meant to set off now. With little else to say but yes, you take the package from her and sprint off towards the Drift 'n' Parcel. Did you manage to cut them off on the bridge as Uhma had suggested? Or did your task just become that much more difficult? Hopefully you weren't too late, as this was clearly a dire situation, Ylva's life resting within your paws, like it or not.


Depict your Felvarg intercepting the delivery and exchanging the packages for Fenrir.


1x Satchel of the Peaks, 1x Pack of Punches, 3x Pawful of Clovers (Four Leaf Clover), 50% Chance for 1x Loki's Flask of Nightmares
Beast Hunt
03/03/2023 - 04/02/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

The Trio

Spring begins to sweep the meadows around Ulfrheim. The deep violet flowers that blanket the floor of Freyja’s Inflorescence filling the air with the scent of pollen. A light mist recedes into the sky as the sun rises to welcome yet another beautiful day overlooking the Shrine of Freyja. Birds can be seen performing their spring dance overhead creating an orchestra with a their beautiful melody.

You slowly make your way through the abundant flora. Clusters of flowers sit at the statue’s base while thin slithering vines peppered with purple flowers crawl up the legs and onto the back. Each shrine looking just like the rest as you pass them, except one. You pause for a moment before deciding to approach the statue for a closer look. A thick layer of vines had clearly been peeled off the shrine with care and discarded at the base of the statue. Fresh candles have been placed around the flat surfaces of the statue to welcome those who come to view it. It appears as if somefel is out here cleaning the shrines. Before you could look around to find who it was, a shrill yelp rings in your ears, breaking the silence of the morning and sending the hair along your spine sky high. You quickly spin around to face the cry for help and notice Fawn.

Fawn stood with her back firmly pressed up against a statue. Her lantern lay broken by her side and a satchel of candles and coins were left splayed about the ground surrounding her. To her left was a greying fox crouched low and growling, to her right a brown fox baring its teeth, and before her stood the larger of the three, a bright orange fox quickly closing the gap between itself and the alpha. Fawn quickly looked up, meeting your eyes with hers and for a moment you could feel her fear in your bones before she quickly shut her eyes again, not wanting to face The Trio. “Please, please help me!” Her plea was barely a whisper in your ears but you heard it loud and clear. Lucky for you, The Trio had yet to notice your presence, leaving you open to get the jump on them. Do you dare take this opportunity to teach The Trio a lesson once and for all?


Depict your Felvarg charging the Trio from behind and taking them by surprise.


1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Badge, 1x Spiritmender's Satchel, 1x Coin Purse, 50% Chance for 1x Physical Mutation: Curled Tail
Scavenger Hunt: Clover Closure (Live)
"A breakthrough in medicinal happenings causes the many Villages of Ulfrheim to be in search of Four Leaf Clovers. All Clovers located during reward based activities will be added to an overall stock request. Returning the requested amount of Clovers prior to the events end will result in a group-wide giveaway of all participants, rewarding them 5 extremely green worthy applicators."
03/01/2023 - 04/17-2023
Clover Tally: 116/150 Clovers Located
Recent News

March 02, 2023

We would like to take a moment to give our Nitro Boosters a big thank for their continued support during the month of February! You will find that the following items have been dropped into your cache: 1000 Felcredits, 1x Fertility Potion, and 1x Love Potion. The lucky winner of our Alpha Slot raffle is Rivers-Of-Red who won a slot to the caring and selfless Siri 472! Congratulations!

- Bird & Team Felvargs

March 01, 2023

Does Team Felvargs ever sleep? No, not really....So anyway let's all have a late-night party for the winners of this month's Group Games! Congratulations OokamiDon0 for holding the single Varglotto ticket and netting yourself 17,000 FC which has been neatly tucked into your purse. Let's have other Congratulations to OllieBeanzz who cracks open the Potluck chest and pockets a beautiful Vale of Whispers background! I wonder who will win next month's Group Games? I think you all want to see what might be in Potluck this month...

From the quiet docks that were secretly tucked behind the Seat of the Alpha, Rhye steps off the boat. In his paws, he struggles to keep his goodies together as a flurry of flowers and leaves fall to the ground leaving a trail behind him. Rhye beacons you forward with a warm and welcoming smile!

 Kiwi & Team Felvargs

March 01, 2023

Today we bow in respect for March's Felvarg of the Month! Making his way into the limelight is Axe 6295 owned by FaintSuzu! This sweet and expressive Felvarg won't hesitate to lend anyfel a paw, there is no doubt that he wouldn't assisting even the most stubborn of Felvargs. His gentle demeanor has scored him some lovely friends that often accompany him during his adventures. Not only does Axe share in his adventures, but he shares a kindness to most anyfel to help protect and provide for them. For this, we tip our head and howl as we welcome Axe as Felvarg of the Month!

- Bird & Team Felvargs

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