Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

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You trot into the safety of camp eagerly, Helvalla is no place for Felvargs to traverse alone after all. You saw no sign of Saga, even though the two of you traveled to the northern reaches of Helvalla together just as Fenrir had instructed. Equally no sign of Aurora and Loki, of whom both fled together after the violent quakes last night. Before you can even seek out Fenrir to tell him what had occurred, you are bombarded by nearly the entirety of camp, Fenrir included. Before you can answer anyone Fenrir demands everyone give you space, and once you explain what had happened, Fenrir’s eyes grow wide with acknowledgement, “It’s what I feared.” What did he fear? Fenrir leaps upon a nearby hut as it creaks from his sheer size and weight, “Silence!” The panicked wave of conversation is immediately halted before he spoke once more, “It’s just as Neebo said, how could we not make sense of it?” You frown curiously, the crowd equally confused as they looked to one another for guidance, “Aurora and Loki are fated, fated to one another.” What? Suddenly it’s clear why Aurora left with Loki as she did, her heartstrings pulling her within her chest. Gravitating her towards the love of her life. It didn’t make sense though? So what if Loki and Aurora were fated? As curious and peculiar as it may be, why would that cause the quakes upon the Islands and trigger the void to collapse and close?

The crowd dissipates quite quickly as Fenrir urges them not to panic, he and the Trinity ushered off to have their own meeting of sorts, you sneak up on them crouched within the brambles so you can overhear the conversation. Fenrir is planning to locate both Aurora and Loki and forcefully demand an explanation. You shake your head in agitation, it's a waste of time and it doesn't make sense. As you turn and storm out of camp and into the nearby bordering forest you angrily swat a rock sending it tumbling off into the distance. Immediately you are disrupted by a familiar yet sly voice, “Does the anger churn within you, Thinpelt?” you turn defensively to see two piercing blue eyes slicing out from the darkness, you request the shadowy figure reveal themselves, and when they do, you notice it’s Hel herself. She had not been sighted since the darkness over Ulfrheim.

Hel moved her body in a regal yet sly manner as she circled you boldly, “Afraid of a little quake are you?” The quake that had just dissipated unstabilized your four legs, it was as violent as ever, “Fear not sheep, soon the quakes will stop, and with it the void will close indefinitely, and I? I won’t be here to live in this…” Hel picked up one paw in disgust as she flicked it, “Hellhole.” You snap back at Hel defensively demanding she explain herself, and even though you didn’t expect her to, she did. “It’s a curse you fool!” Hel grew agitated as she roared, “It was supposed to be me. I opened the portal to this forsaken place, as I created it hundreds of years ago,” Hel’s voice turned scorned with hurt in her words, “I hired a shaman to curse the void! So when Loki and his true love shared this space the void would collapse, and for once he could end his obsession with that shrine hugging Island and exist with just me,” Hel turned her head in upset before it snapped back her words following a whine, “Me!” Suddenly, everything became clear. So long as Loki and his true love, which while Hel thought would be her, but is now Aurora, share the same plain the curse would close the void for good. Your eyes grow wide with worry as they explore the surrounding area deep in thought, “It’s too late,” Hel interrupted the silence, “I know what you’re thinking and it’s too late, you’ll never catch them in time. The void will close, and it will be over once and for all.”

Hel stood up on all fours and pinned her ears backwards with the heartbreak of a thousand losses yet no expression surfaced on her face, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a void to catch before it’s too late. I suggest you make your choice,” Hel began walking off into the distance before she turned her head back without making eye contact, “Well don’t just stand there halfway through Heidrun, Leadpaw,” and with that Hel disappeared into the darkness of the forest towards camp. Where she had waited for nightfall and stepped through the void into Ulfrheim, but not before giving it one last glance of hurt.

Depict your Felvarg making haste back to camp. Your Felvarg should appear to be panicked and in a rush. You’re within the forest that borders the lake next to camp.

Requirements for this final chapter phase have been slightly adjusted.

1,800+ Words
Images must be colored, shaded, show 90% of your Felvarg and your canvas no smaller than 600 (h) x 1000 (w) in landscape view.
This final chapter will be judged against your best literature and art examples within your gallery.

1,500 Felcredits, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Satchel of Peaks, 1x Essence of Trickery, 1x Rune of Bountiful Berries, 1x Fox Totem, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 5x Bloodsoaked Tokens, & 10% Chance to Return 1x Cursed Helscroll

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The endless storms rage on across Fenrir's Incisor, refusing to break. Thunder booms mightily, shaking the very roots of the mountain itself. The runaways from the danger lay safely tucked inside the Vale of Whispers with Sleipnir, but the fear has not died down. Rumors of Hellhounds and their infectious bites have spread like wildfire, panic ensuing of what would become of them if they were unleashed upon Ulfrheim. No one knows if this tale is true, but it strikes enough fear into the heart of all Felvargs. Everyfel who studies medicine have been fast at work to try to come up with a cure, to be one step ahead before this infection spreads - if it even does

Anduin makes himself known at these gatherings, all standing in awe that the forest spirit would ever leave his home. His face is set in a grim expression, and the crowds around the Vale fall silent at once. There is nofel out there that knows herbal remedies better than him, so his presence seems to bring an instant relief to the fear-striken bystanders. He marches into the middle of the make-shift village, and already a circle has begun to form around him. "That which you seek is not far from here, though the dangers of this trip are vast,", Anduin warned, casting his green gaze on all those around him. "Deep behind the waterfall of Sana's Grasp lays a series of twisting tunnels. They are damp from the spray of the falls, and open drop suddenly. At the end of these winding caves is a respite, a sheer rock wall with only a small opening. A tight squeeze is required to enter, but once you have made it through you’ll find yourselves gazing up at a glistening collection of stalactites and stalagmites that have formed from floor to ceiling at its edges. The rounded walls and solid surfaces hold the secret to the Echoing Chamber’s alias - for sound will bounce back at you tenfold." The crowd was on its toes, hanging onto his every word. The titan paused, taking a deep breath. "Here, within the depts of the chamber, fed by the mountain water, is what you are after. Mud," Everything was silent, but a few Felvarg's let out a muted chuckle. Anduin eyed them, taking a step as if to leave, but was stopped by a resounding "wait!" The alpha smiled softly, returning to his original position. "Yes, mud. This is what you seek, and will stop any affects that a Hellhound bite may have on us Felvargs. It can be found at the very bottom of the water filled pit, so be prepared to go diving. As I said before, collecting it is no easy task. The caverns are a dangerous place, and it is easy to get lost. Collect as much as you can and return it here, and I will aid in creating the remedy."

It didn't take long for Felvargs near and wide to spring into action, gathering all that they could and headed towards Sanna's Grasp. Already, several Felvargs had gathered, passing out bottles tied onto rope halters to be taken into the caves. There was rope and string to aid in finding your way home, and medical Felvargs at the attention. Nothing was spared for this venture, and it quickly became top priority.

Depict your Felvarg gathering mud within the waters of the Echoing Chambers, or else attempting to make their way down the dangerous cavern paths.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Healing Salve, 1x Geode, 2x Obsidian Fragments.


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As the days start to lengthen and the night grow warmer, the Felvargs of Ulfrheim celebrate by waiting till just after dusk to launch a barrage of fireworks into the sky. A massive gathering of Felvargs congregate in the outlying fields of Sandfell amidst the occasional firefly. Cheers could be heard in between each booming clap quickly followed by a beautiful display of showering lights overhead. Not all who bear witness to such a celebration seems happy about it however. Nearby a sleeping Himminsomr is startled awake. Dazed and confused by the chaos overhead she blindly lashes out on the unsuspecting audience in the fields. Abruptly, joy and celebration turned into fear and panic as the outline of Himinsomr, a gigantic boa backlit by a cluster of red, yellow, and blue fireworks towered overhead. Felvargs everywhere begin screaming and scattering, it’s up to you to be resourceful using whatever you have on had to calm Himminsomr and lull her back to sleep.

Depict your Felvarg using whatever they have on hand to calm Himinnsormr and lull her back to sleep.

1x BADGE, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Snake Eggs1x Geode, 1x Auroras Vial of Fortune, 2x Obsidian Fragments, Chance for 1x 
25% for a Crystal of Power
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