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01/13/2023 - 02/15/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Peril in Motion

Nightfall reigns terror on both Helvalla and Ulfrheim. Felvargs on both Islands are told to traverse carefully as neither Island is safe from her chaos. A raging cyclone pools within Hongerige, on a clear day it is said somefel can see it from the docks of Hearth. Boats have been urged to be anchored as locals speak of the dangers The Hungry Wolf holds. Ships have gone missing, rumored to have been consumed by the raging vortex. Whispers fill the streets of the many Villages both on Ulfrheim and Helvalla as everyone hunkers down in these dangerous and untold times. Stories are spun within every brothel and place of worship by those who have been unfortunate enough to meet the storms upon Hongerige’s waves when Nightfall stepped into Ulfrheim.

Fenrir and his most trusted followers can be seen meeting within Manavik Weave in Heidrun, every evening for the last week. Howls roar through the forest as Alphas everywhere can be seen spilling from Heidrun’s overgrown passages. The Spine of Odin quakes repeatedly over the space of 48 hours as crashing rocks tumble down upon its highest peaks. Overnight a set of three hulking runestones emerged from what appears to be thin air. Their glow is so intense that Felvargs can only describe standing before them almost unbearable to onefels vision. Uhma and Ursa seem most interested in the new peculiar monument as they can be seen visiting Nightfall’s Saprolite in the upper north most region of The Spine. Rocks swirl violently around the curious runestones as a soft hum can be felt by allfels who step upon The Spine of Odin.

Ylva, who was hurt while traveling through the portal of the Inbetween and back into Ulfrheim has been tucked within a healing hut in Hearth. You have been tasked with keeping a close eye on her and to report any changes of her stability directly to Fenrir. A week now the silver Female lay unconscious as you begin to lose hope in her recovery, that was until this day. Ylva groans as she shuffles softly in her sleep, you perk up almost immediately and rush to her side. A few soft blinks and a gentle cough emits from Ylva’s mouth as she attempts to focus on your figure, “You?” Ylva shuffles to a sit but it takes her a few moments to gain her balance, “You saved me?” Ylva seems to be under the impression she wouldn’t be alive today had you not saved her from her certain death, and when she comes to her senses she insists you take her to Fenrir.

Take her to Fenrir? She could barely walk. These were dangerous times to be traversing anywhere in Ulfrheim but she made it clear she is going with or without you. Even if you wanted to leave her to it Fenrir would have your head. With a sigh, and a twisting bad feeling in your gut you begrudgingly agree. The trek to Heidrun from Hearth is long, and with an injured Ylva it will prove rather difficult, but what choice do you have? You will need supplies to safely get both you and Ylva to Heridrun where Fenrir and his most faithful advisors stand at the ready in preparation for whatever Nightfall might be scheming.


Depict or write your Felvarg leading Ylva from Hearth to Heidrun where Fenrir waits for her in Manivik Weave. Your Felvarg will need to carry all of the provisions as Ylva will have a hard enough time carrying the weight of her own four paws. These are dangerous times to travel be on alert.

Storybook Requirements


1,000 Felcredits, 1x Black Market Map, 1x Chest of War, Peace, Power, Knowledge, 1x Mapleheart's Lost Satchel, 1x Basket of Cherries, 25% Chance for 1x Fjord Pony


Inclduing Ylva will increase the odds of you returning the bonus reward by 10%.
01/09/2022 - 02/05/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST

Ice and Easy Does It

The docks of Hearth this time of year are quieter than usual, this is no surprise to the many Felvargs that frequent them given Hongerige becomes very difficult to sail upon while the ice takes hold of the Island’s shallows. A quiet place to think? Where the silence can wrap itself around onefel and remind somefel to stop and breathe. Serene, where an enveloping mist swirls upon the mirror like iced layers of the Hungry Wolf. They captivate you, with little to no effort, almost bending your tail, nub, or stub in a way that forces you to appreciate its soothing aura.The market square is nothing like the docks, the frozen temperatures do nothing to stop the roaring activity that spills within the village streets. The silence called to you as you traversed closer to it and further from the chaos the city holds.

The northern part of the docks least used have completely frozen over, instead of the plates of ice drifting in motion with the oceans waves it grows with a furious hunger that threatens to consume Hongerige whole. You sit down calmly and close your eyes to inhale as deeply as you can. The smell of brine and roasted meat upon a fresh flame fill your nostrils. The soft caw of nearby birds break the silence but only for a moment. You lower your figure now to a lay as your front paws hang over the docks edge. What’s that?

Deep beneath the ice something glows a shade of red, against the shade of blue it stands out like a flopped ear and almost immediately it piques your interest. You retreat to the upper docks to safely descend upon the shores of Hearth. Cautiously you place one paw against the ice pressing your weight against it, as if to test its reliability. Reassurance follows in the shape of stability and silence as you place your second paw gently upon it. The ice holds your figure even still. The ice creaks softly as all fours now stand above the red glow below. With both paws and sheer accuracy you push against the ice creating a hole just above the enticing glow. Dare to dive in and capture whatever ruby treasures lie within?


Depict your Felvarg in the Docks of Hearth, observing the ruby glow beneath the sheet of ice laid upon Hongerige.


1,000FC, 1x Rusty Tacklebox, 1x Sunken Treasure, 50% Chance for 1x Rune of Rebirth
Beast Hunt
02/03/2023 - 03/02/2023 | 11:59:59PM IST


Greens burst through the once frozen forest floor, Heidrun takes a deep breath in preparation for spring. The once dull trees wake and take a drink from the Island as they welcome the warmer temperatures that will soon arrive. For the first time in weeks a mist of rain washes over the winding passages of Heidrun in waves with a hunger for heat.

You trot along the beaten path as the snap of a twig causes you to turn a shade of defensive. You gaze within the darkness of The Pass but see nothing. For days now you have felt as though somefel or something had been following you, yet even now you have yet to see any living breathing thing to determine just what pair of eyes were burning a hole through your back. You check for Freyja’s satchel within your own satchel to be reassured it still safely sits within it, and much to your relief it is there, right where you left it. Freyja has tasked you with delivering this very satchel to Ylva, who was meant to meet you in Hvalsey. What the satchel held was unknown however, a detail Freyja deemed need to know. What Freyja also failed to mention was Hvalsey stretched the entirety of Heidrun, and so this quick trip had turned into a week-long trek in search of Ylva.

You know all too well that reaching Heidrun’s meadow meant Hvalsey no longer carried on, and with only a few miles left you grow uncertain Ylva will show. With some thought you realize since entering Heidrun you had not seen another soul, and while these areas were usually scarce for travelers, it was odd to be entirely barren as it was. It was too late to turn around now, as Heidrun’s meadow broke into view up ahead. Your gallop roared to a halt, and with a spin back in the direction you came from, your concerns were made valid given Ylva was nowhere to be seen. What now?

Another snap of a twig behind you once more causes you to spin briskly, except this time when you do you're suddenly face to face with the revered Gullinbursti. The wild boar stands proudly, square before you. The flora and growths upon his back glow as steam can be seen rolling from his nostrils. His brute figure is surrounded by spring and where his hoofs were placed the snow had melted and within the melted patch flora burst to life. He clearly wants something, his eyes locked upon your satchel. Your eyes grow wide with concern, the last thing anyfel wanted was to engage in conflict with a worshiped beast such as Gullinbursti. It was a death sentence to attack back, even in self defense. Do you unveil Freyja’s satchel to Gullinbursti in an attempt to appease him? Or do you stick to your plan of delivery and instead try to calm the crazy that has filled the usually calm beast's eye.


Depict your Felvarg face to face with Gullinbursti as he proudly stands before you. The snow beneath him will be melted and filled with greens and floral, while snow still clutches onto the Island.


1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Badge, 2x Windrush Token, 5x Berries, 50% Chance for 1x Randomly Rolled Exclusive Totem
Recent News

February 02, 2023

Lets take a moment to tip our heads and howl as a thank you for our Nitro Booster's for boosting the Discord server for the month of January. We appreciate your continued support!  1000 Felcredits, 1x Fertility Potion, and 1x Stone of Unakite have made their way into your cache. The lucky winner of the Alpha Slot raffle is DexdFlowers who won a slot to the adventurous and creative Sol 2660. Congratulations!

Bird & Team Felvargs

February 01, 2023

Good Evening everyone! It's that time again to come and bring you all the winners of Group Games for last month! Congratulations Mechomask for having the winning ticket clutched in their very own paws netting them an amazing 34,500 Felcredits! Wow, that was a crazy high Varglotto, don't spend it all in one place! I would also like to congratulate our very own Kit who carried the winning ticket number for Potluck. Kit guides home her very own 1x Fjord Pony! Group Games has been flipped and is now ready for entries for the month of February! Who will win? I can not wait to find out!

The tiny little canoe, carrying a rather robust titan in it's belly, can barely be seen crossing the lake towards the Seat of the Alpha. The surface of the water laps at the boat's edges, threatening to sink it for good with every single wave. Although the canoe was seemingly fighting for it's life, the alpha inside seemed entirely unfazed. Either by magic or sheer dumb luck, the canoe reached the pier. As Vorn happily stepped out of the canoe, it launched upwards as if it were gasping for air. Vorn leaned over to the deck hand "Take good care of her, I've had her since puphood!" With that, Vorn approached the Sacred Offering Altar nestled snugly under the Seat of the Alpha.

 Kiwi & Team Felvargs

Exclusive: Eptara's Hidden Treasure - (Click Here to Read More!)

Purchase Eptara's Hidden Treasure during the month of Janurary and unveil a pawful of her most valuable treasures that her pack, Eostrilaris, tucked away. Note the group to claim your treasure.


2x Magmatic Crescent Thorn, 1x Import Background Set: Eptara's Way, 10x Cursed Idols, and $75 Worth of Relics!

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