Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

06-08-2021 - 06-29-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST

During their hunt for the great snake Himinnsormr, the beast hunter brothers stumbled upon a cavern full of her newly laid clutch. Patches of shed skin floated in the humid air, resting among the many would-be giants. In their excitement of their find, they raced to warn the others, but not before the contents of their satchel spilled over. Freshly collected dragon eggs rolled from their grasp, landing among the sea of other eggs. Suddenly, telling one from another was impossible, the clutches seeming to blend in with one another among the cavern floor.

The villages are amuck with the panic of Himinnsormr, chaos and fear thick in the air. As you make your way down the well worn path, you pause as someone calls out to you. “Wait, you there!” As you turn, you see three alphas making their way towards you, heads low as they cut through the crowd. Kiev, Raevier and Revikta, alphas and masters of beast hunting. It was no shock to see them here, but there was something amiss. They circle around you, voices still raised to be heard above the shouting. “We find ourselves in a predicament, more so than the rampaging snake…” All the brothers nod in unison, and you lean in closer. “There is a cave in Haldor’s Pass, Ormrhellir. It would seem that Himinnsomr had a clutch of eggs there, and in our haste to collect them, we… well, may have dropped something valuable among them. We need you to bring us back our dragon eggs, and best destroy the snake eggs before they hatch.”

Depict your Felvarg in the depths of Ormrhellir cave trying to sort the brothers’ dragon eggs from the snake eggs. Do you heed their warning and destroy the eggs, or keep them for yourself?

1x Strange Nordic Box, 3x Splinter of Opal50% chance to returnn 1x Magical Dragon Egg
Be mindful your reaction to the objective will trigger a mysterious reward.

Hand in a single Bear Trap to aid in the safety of the villages for a 25% chance to return 1x Import Background Set: Haldor’s Pass.

06-16-2021 - 07-07-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST

As Loki and his army flee, you turn towards Saga, who gives you a knowing look. Before she can say anything though, Aurora and Odin come to join you. You are dwarfed by the massive titan, who looks down at you with his blood red eyes. You cannot help but look away, intimidated by the sheer mass of this Felvarg. "I have heard much about you, little one. Thank you for your assistance, but this is far from over," he said, his very voice making the ground quake around you. You look towards Aurora, who nods along. "This battle is far from won. It is, in fact, only the beginning." You gaze in wonder at this Felvarg, wondering just how long he has been hiding here in Helvalla. How long have they been in this new world, waiting to rise up against Loki? So many questions swirl in your head, but before you can ask any, he moves on. "We need help now more than ever. You know the lands of Ulfrheim well. Go, seek out those you trust dearly, and tell them about us. Bring them here. Quickly, we don't have much time!" His booming commands send you running towards the portal, no hesitation in your steps. If a simple command like that can set you in motion, you didn't dare stick around to see what his anger could do.

Depict your Felvarg recruiting another Felvarg and bringing them to Helvalla. Be it another players Felvarg or your own, show how your Felvarg may convince them to join the rebellion.


As you sneak back through the portal and stop to catch your breath, you realize the information you have been given. You now know the camp, about Odin, and his plans. With a glance into the depths of Helheims Gate, a smile crossed your maw. Loki and his army set up headquarters there not to long ago, where you had spied his plans for the battle not too long ago. You could bring him this information, and join his army, betraying the rebellion.
Depict your Felvarg bringing this information to Loki and his army, joining forces with him and betraying Saga. What side will you fight for?

5x Felpoints, 5x Rune Coins, 3,000 Felcredits, 1x Strange Potion 1x Title Dependant on Response. Please view the current weather bonus in the Reoccuring Activity Post.

Felvarg: Urias - 5792

Felvarg: Belatrix - 5791

Felvarg: Ophelia - 5790

Felvarg: Nocturne - 5789

Felvarg: Argent - 5788
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Felvarg: Vorstag - 484
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Beast: Himinnsormr

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Pouch of Pearl Dust
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