Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

07-01-2021 - 07-29-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST

Despite the dry, hot summer, Skalaness' crops are doing better than ever. The harvest has been bountiful, and Felvarg's are gathering near and far to stock up on all their goods. The animals are flourishing as well, growing fat on the good yields of the field. Even though the village has places a ban on open fires, due to the lack of rain, some visitors couldn't help themselves. They grew careless, and one spark flew into a nearby field. It didn't take long for everything to go up in flames, the dry grasses and woods only fodder for the fire. In mere moments the whole field is set ablaze, waking up the villagers in the dead of night. Rhye rushes up to you, seeing you standing there with a bucket of water in your maw. "No, the fields are long gone. The animals, they are trapped in the barn!" He ushered you towards the structure, the fire dangerously close, where you can hear the bellow of distressed farm animals. If they didn't get let out soon, they would be quickly engulfed in flames...

Depict your Felvarg freeing the trapped farm animals amongst the blazing fields. How do you guide the panicked animals to safety? How do you set them free from the barn that is nearly on fire itself?

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Satchel of Fertility, and 50% Chance to return 1x Mini Pig.

Write or draw your Felvarg comforting the scared animals for a 50% chance at returning 1x Trait: Beast Tamer. The bonus must be the opposite of what your entry is, eg. Written if you drew your entry, or drawn if you wrote your entry. Drawn images must be lined and coloured, written entries must be at least 400 words.

07-14-2021 - 08-11-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST

The sun sets low over the horizon by the time that Odin and Aurora find you. They both dip their head in greeting, a somber look on both their faces. Odin is the first to speak, his low baritone rumbling your very soul. "Loki has harnessed the energy of Helvalla. This world exists on Fel magic, and he has corrupted it to make super soldiers," his whisper seemed delicate, and yet still enough power to make you quiver. Super soldiers? Fel magic? "He has turned this world's energy against us, and I fear his creations will answer only to him," Odin said, gazing at the dark cloud that only grows on the horizon. Aurora steps forward, her shoulders set. "Unless we can turn them and get them to pledge allegiance to the rebellion... well, we must be aware. Please, remain watch on this hill, and alert us at the first sign of movement."

Depict your Felvarg standing watch on the hill, awaiting the storm that is brewing on the horizon.


Loki gazes at you from where he made you pause, maw alight with all sorts of mischief. "They have no idea of what's to come, or that you have swapped sides. Quickly, return to Helvalla and alert me of the Rebellion's movements.".
Depict  your Felvarg spying on the Rebellion as they await the arrival of Loki's army. What side will you fight for?

1x Strange Potion, 1x Half-Blade, 1 Wishbone,5x Currency Dependant on Response. Please view the current weather bonus in the Reoccuring Activity Post.

Felvarg: Sherlock - 5847

Felvarg: Armenus - 5846

Felvarg: Leif - 5845

Felvarg: Jarvok - 5843

Felvarg: Shosanna - 5842
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