Felvargs, Home of the Direwolf

10-01-2021 - 10-30-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST


Silence spreads across the land of Ulfrheim, not even the wind dared to rustle the autumn leaves. A thick covering of clouds rolled over the night sky, blocking out the silver hued light of the moon, plunging the island into darkness. It is in this cover of night that they strike. Grave robbers. Shiva is awoken from her slumber by the cries of the dead, the Alpha's of Old howling for her within their final resting place. She flies from her hut and races towards the Shrine of Ragnarok, completely aghast at what she finds there. The soil of the alpha's final resting place had been disturbed, strewn about in every which direction. Debris littered the otherwise spotless forest, broken splinters and torn papers from notes left by those who came to pay their respects. The ruined area felt like a stab to Shiva's own chest, who promptly collapsed to the ground. Gingerly, she touched the tossed dirt, hissing at the very pain she could feel from the earth itself. This was supposed to be hallowed grounds, a place of respect and care for those in their history. And now? Now it lay in absolute ruin. Shiva could almost feel the crackle of the grave robbers negative energy still lingering in the night air, poking and prodding at her form as she tried to piece herself together. The deceased Alpha's now spiteful souls whined their tales to her, and she knew what she had to do. She returned with haste to the village, her haunting howl summoning anyone to her aid. You find her in the middle of town square, sitting in a circle of lanterns. "Please," she begs as you near, her green eyes pleading. The soft light of the lanterns painted her form in a swath of orange light, only seeming to make her pain that much more apparent to you. You couldn't help but sit before her, feeling the weight of her grief on your own shoulders. "The Alpha's cannot rest until we find these grave robbers. They will strike again, I can feel it. You must camp out at the Shrine and find them, to put the Alpha's back to their slumber." Who would dare disturb the Alpha's of old? Only one way to find out...

Depict your Felvarg staking out the Shrine of Ragnarok in order to catch the grave robbers. Can you hear the haunted spirits as you wait?

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Shrine, 5x Candies, 1x Pile of Dirt


09-18-2021 - 10-16-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST


The earth cannot keep up with the amount of rain falling, turning all of Helvalla into a muddy swamp. Cries of war ring out, the battle waits no longer. The stench of blood is strong enough to be tasted over the dampness of the lands, tainting every breath you draw with its coppery scent. Loki's army collides with the rebellion, the Felvarg's around you turning into a blur as you try your best to focus on your own opponent. But in the mere blink of an eye, they are gone, and you stand alone in the very center of the once strong hold, watching it tumble down in ruins around you. Just off to your left, you see a flash of grey, and turn to see that Hakon is standing on the rise of the hill just beyond you. You try to focus on him, but the strength of the rain makes it impossible. However, the more you focus on him, the more you feel your mind tuning with his own. Suddenly, the battle fades away, and you find yourself standing beside him on the hill. The rain as stopped, and all is calm. You turn to look at Hakon in shock, only to see that he is facing you with an all-knowing smile. "Fear not, this will only take a moment of your time," he said, his voice sounding within your head instead of through your ears. "I am Vali," he said, though you knew that had to be a lie. You knew that this was Hakon, as he had introduced himself in the forest before the war broke out. You shake your head in denial, but he only nods in return. "Loki has trapped Hakon within me. Our two souls share this body. We are Hakon, and we are Vali. Listen closely, I don't have much time," You don't want to believe him, but you find yourself leaning closer. "Hakon is confused, and in that moment of weakness, Loki has brainwashed him and tricked him into being on his side. However, I want peace, and nothing of this war. Now quickly, tell Fenrir of my news!" Just as quickly as it had appeared, the dream melted away. You were once again being pelted by rain, your next opponent rising to face you. Now in the haze of your discovery, one last question remains. Will you side with Loki, warn him of Vali's betrayal and help him win the crescent throne? Or will you do as he heeds, and tell Fenrir of the news, and fight so that the rebellion may take it's place on the throne?

Depict your Felvarg making their choice and fighting for Loki, or Fenrir, amongst the raided camp.

1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Title: The Tenacious, 5x Felpoints, 5x Runecoins, 1x Eye Mutation Kit
If your Felvarg has completed every phase of this chapter, you will receive the following additional reward of:
2x Chest of War, 2x Chest of Power, 2x Chest of Knowledge, 2x Chest of Peace, 1x Rare Trait:  Venturesome, 1x Tiger's Eye
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Beast Hunt

10-05-2021 - 11-01-2021 | 11:59:59PM IST


The coming of Autumn speaks of the arrival of one very specific beast, and this year is no different. As the leaves of the Melrakki forest start to change, Hhrutr makes his descent to stock up on his most favorite thing; fallen leaves. They make the best bed in his mind, and there is no room for argument with this beast. And so he makes his way into the forest, his head low as he sniffs about for only the best of crunchy leaves. Distracted, he failed to notice a hanging clothesline that someone from the nearby village had put up to dry linens for the upcoming festival. Hhrutr was safe at first, but he raised his be-horned head just a little too soon, catching the line across his mighty rack. He ran to try to rid himself of this line, and as he dashed away, the clothes billowed out behind him. So, naturally in his mind, he was now being chased. It didn't seem to matter in which direction that the ram would flee, because the multi-hued fabric was right behind him at every twist and turn! He raced in a blind panic, unable to rid the foul thing that didn't cease its chase. As he bounded through Melrakki, spooked, all nearby wildlife joined in the panic, afraid of whatever it was that was chasing the mighty Hhrutr. It didn't take long for a stampede to form, everything fleeing in terror, all because a little line got tangled up in the poor things horns... However, Melrakki was no longer safe to enter as at any given moment a flock of frightened animals, with Hhrutr in the lead, could very well trample over you. A quick snip of the line should relieve the beast from the thing that chased it, but catching him is the main problem... If one listens carefully, the sound of panicked billows and stomping of hooves will lead them to the spooked Beast. But beware, as fear has taken over every animal's mind, making them unpredictable at best. If only you could tell them that it was a mere line of fabric that was "chasing" them.... Oh well!

Depict your Felvarg chasing after the terrified Hhrutr in an attempt to bring his panic to an end.

1x BADGE, 1x Long Lost Treasure, 1x Paracord Rope, 1x Headlamp, 5x Candies, and 50% Chance of 1x Trait: Beast Tamer.

Player Vs Player


September 20, 2021

Player vs. Player

Brawl my children!

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